The More You Grow…Part II

We’re constantly evolving and growing. The more you grow and learn about yourself the better life you can have. Certain aspects of life are important to you and meaningful than before. So I’d thought I update a previous post from earlier. The More You Grow…

The More You Grow

First as your grow having a life insurance policy is IMPORTANT!!!!! This isn’t something we want to think about when we’re younger or even think is important. Well its very important for everyone, even the children in the family. Making sure your family is ok in the event of something happening will eliminate unwanted stress. You can go online and get a quote, and guess what its not even expensive. The only thing that’s guaranteed for all of us is death.

Next, maintaining your home and cars. I was very guilty of this when I was younger. Routine maintenance and checkups on your vehicles saves you money in the long run, keeps your return on your investment high, and provides a sense of security. Maintenance on your home is more essential to you mentally and emotionally. Home is where you go to rest, relax, and release. It’s the place you feel most comfortable. So to ensure it’s updated, maintained, and inviting, allows you to focus on yourself.

Keeping regular doctor and dental visits are primary health care habits. We can do everything right and if we don’t get checked out something can go wrong. However, thinking preventive will keep you inspired to stay ahead. Making sure we’re the most healthy is essential to self care.

Along with physical health having a good spiritual foundation is the one ingredient that can’t be missed. Having a sense of gratitude and knowing that there is a higher power, provides the hope and faith needed to know everything is going to be alright no matter what. Whatever you believe and how ever you believe is up to you, your business, and is for you alone.

black typewriter machine typing on white printer paper

As you become more seasoned, you know the importance of having a great understanding of your finances. Where they are, what you want, where you need to improve, and have a clear plan on how you’re going to get there. You no longer fly by the seat of your pants.

By this time you’ve lived and know the importance of having a great work life balance. So many of us in our early years work work work, and missed out on family time and milestones that we can’t get back. Furthermore, most of us don’t even enjoy the fruits of our labor. Now you know that taking time to breath, pat yourself on the back, and enjoy family and friends is priceless.

As we grow the relationships in our life is essential to our well being. Knowing what we need from each one and how we can reciprocate the love is clear. This is for your romantic, friendships, coworkers, family, and anyone else in your life. Long gone are the days of having 20 best friends. We keep a couple and throw the rest away.

When it comes to holidays, you really don’t need a gift. As long as you are around family and friends, good food, love, and laughter you are content and happy.

Avoiding people, places, and situations is essential to your mental health and you now know that. You no longer view it as running or punking out. Not putting yourself in uncomfortable situations or circumstances is smart and wise.

These are just some things I’ve picked up along the way and thought I’d share. Someone may feel the same way and not know what exactly is happening. It means you’re growing my love and becoming more aware of who you are. Don’t be afraid or run from it, embrace it because it’s going to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

The one thing that is constant is change. And while we’re on this journey of life, we’re going to forever grow. Let’s grow in the right direction.


Be you so you can be free.


Whatever fight you’re having, give it up. Give up the fight and free yourself. Constantly being in a battle or ready to battle is killing your soul and spirit. Not giving up the fight is hindering you from living and being free.

Give up the fight you’re having with yourself. The fight that’s in your head. Tell yourself you throw in the white flag and you’re done fighting. You too tired to do anything else because you’re always on defense and ready to fight.

Give up the fight with your spouse, friend, family, coworker, and money. The energy you’re exhausting to stay in the battle could be used to communicate, understand, and love. Instead, create new opportunities. Fight to open that new business. Fight to save for that new house. What are you even fighting for. To be right? To be heard? Vent your frustrations? All those reasons are valid. However, understand your feelings are valid. You don’t need anyone’s permission to feel how you feel.

At what point do you say I’m going to seek resolution or or be apart of the resolution? Going around in circles is making you dizzy. Let it go. MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH: 3 THINGS YOU CAN CONTROL

Do you even know what you’re fighting for? Sometimes we can be in a battle for so long that we forget what we were mad about. You can definitely get your point across, vent your feelings, and stand up for yourself without raising your blood pressure. We can eliminate stress by fighting smart. Pause and take a break. Don’t let your emotions take over.

It’s time to let go. Free yourself of the bricks on your shoulders. It’s too heavy to carry. It doesn’t mean you have to forget. Adapt, adjust, and move on. Stop letting the same things continuously hurt you over and over. If you’ve been repeating the same argument they are going to believe and feel what they want.

As we approach summer and the second half of this year, make a decision to not fight anymore. It doesn’t matter what kind of fight you’re having, seek some resolutions. You absolutely can demand your respect without being in fight. Think light, think positive, and think of being free.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


This week we are focusing on the end of the school year. What camps the kids are going to go to or if they want to go. Also because an agent left, I’m going to be working longer days until the new agent gets comfortable.

Sunday: Happy Easter!!!!!!! After getting in late last night from game night night, we showered and went to bed. My plans were to get up early and cook. I wanted to have dinner early and have a little time in the evening to relax before the work week. Because my kids are older some of the traditions we just don’t do anymore. I did get up early and have dinner ready by late afternoon early evening. We enjoyed more game night and then relaxed. The kids had a great time, enjoyed the food, and family. That is all that matters. We capped the evening off watching the NBA playoffs.

Monday: Finally a work day in which I don’t struggle to get up. Very brisk and cool this morning. Great start to a work week. Prepared to be at the office longer than usual this week. However, it made for a good day because I was busy all day. Dinner was simple because we had leftovers from Easter Sunday. After a long day and work out I was ready to turn in early.

Tuesday: I feel good this morning. I’m going to have a great day even though I will be at the office longer than usual. Had a good coffee date with the hubs this morning. And I had a chance to publish WHICH SELF CARE CATEGORIES ARE YOU DOING WELL IN?. It’s sunny but cool out. Until more storms tonight. Today we are planning our summer ”vacations”. We aren’t going to do a week long vacay anywhere. However, my family enjoys 3-4 day adventures to different cities and places. The kids have had a couple of request so we’re going to begin planning and prepping for that.

Wednesday: Cold rainy morning. Enjoyed coffee run with the hubs again, as we plan our son 16th birthday. Late last night we were successful in planning our summer plans and we wanted to begin the fall. Does anyone else do quarterly or seasonal planning? Sometimes we just like to have an idea or throw some things out there ahead of time. Couldn’t stay late at work today due to scheduling. Great evening with kids. It’s only 25 more school days and keeping them motivated is a challenge. But we’re getting through it.

Thursday: Very good journal writing session before heading off to work. I was feeling a little anxious. I have so much in my head I want to do or have started and exercising patience has been challenging. Even though I was very busy at the office today I was able to do some planning, create some ideas, and prepare for the second half of the year. After work, because it’s so beautiful out, I decided to walk outside. The calmness, clarity, and peace was amazing for me to have a great night in. Before bed, we finalized our plans for Mother’s Day.

Friday: Sort of busy this morning. With running errands and dropping off packages. Another long day at the office for me. Ready to check out for the weekend. Right now there isn’t too much planned for the weekend. I plan to do some work from home to get started on my summer goals and second half of the year goals. After work, which was a great day, my son tells me theres an event at his school he wants to go to. So now there is a wrench thrown in my plans. Also my aunt is leaving tomorrow so we were going to moms for the evening. WEEKLY BLOG: NEW PERFUME, DETOX, & VISIT FROM AUNT After dropping my son off, we headed to moms until the event was over.

Saturday: I have some plans to edit ideas and posts, as well as pictures for Poshmark. My aunt left early this morning and now I’m awaiting her safe call. It’s very nice outside so after work I plan to go out for a walk. Our Saturday was very chill relaxing. The hubs and I did some financial planning and discussed some things we wanted to do with the kids more. The kids opted to stay in and relax.

Have a great week everyone!!!!!

P.S. Weekly blog is designed to show the realistic life of a working mom balancing life, family, and myself.


Be you so you can be free.


Say what you mean and mean what you say. We’ve heard it a million times, but being honest about how we feel and expressing our emotions saves us from heartache. Many times we are afraid to express how we feel out of shame, guilt, or embarrassment. When in actuality, how you feel and your emotions are perfect the way they come.

Ironically this week, I’ve had conversation with two different women about this same topic in different scenarios. On one hand, Lady X puts up this harsh exterior and wall in an attempt to show she’s not ”weak”. She so desperately want her relationship to go to the next level, but is afraid to say that’s what she wants. Lady X can’t even admit she wants, yearns, and needs love and affection. In many of our conversations that is repeated ”I don’t like weak people.” Finally I stopped her and said, “it’s not that people are weak, they are willing to be vulnerable and express how they truly feel.”

Next, I told her, you’ve expressed to him you don’t want anything and he can’t do anything for you, when in actuality you do want a relationship. I said, be honest with your emotions and how you feel. Express what you truly want and desire. Everyone has needs and wants emotionally, you’re no different. At last, she confesses. SELF LOVE: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

”We destroy ourselves when we stop feeling. If you bury your feelings within you, you become a graveyard.”-Bernie S. Siegel

Now on to Lady Y. She’s upset because her ex-husband has passed away and feels left out of the plans for the final resting place. After she expressed how disrespected she felt and anger, I kindly reminded her of the instructions she gave when they divorced. She clearly made it known she didn’t want to talk about him, know anything about him, and dissolved mutual relationships. I said, if I recall, you made it very clear about your feelings. Yes, it’s your ex, but you expressed forcefully your boundaries. Now that they are being respected, it hurts your feelings.

Again, I had to explain, whatever your honest feelings are, say it. If you want people to genuinely love, care, and have concern you have to be honest with yourself first and then others about your feelings. You can’t trick people into reading your mind, or expect them to already know.

Sometimes we find ourselves getting frustrated because our emotional needs aren’t being met. Ask yourself, ”am I being honest about how I’m feeling?” Then go from there. In order to heal, grow, love, and be loved, we have to acknowledge to ourselves first and then express to others our true feelings.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


Physical self care and emotional self care I am doing well in. No one is ever a 100% all the time. However, maintaining balance in my physical and emotional health helps me manage all other areas of self care. In actuality, all the self care categories are related.

Without question my physical activity is the center prong of my self care. When I’m feeling sad, angry, or overwhelmed I turn to walking. Even when I’m excited or received good news, walking calms me. You know when you get those jitters and you don’t know what to do, walking brings me back down. Walking is my meditation. When I walk I can sort my thoughts, answer questions, and regain focus. The best part is doing so without judgement or input from others. It allows me to literally and figuratively cleanse the negative energy.

Another form of physical activity that helps with managing my self care is cleaning. When I get in a mood, I put in my ear buds and get lost in cleaning products. This is a form of therapy for me. From top to bottom and front to back I do a physical cleanse as well as a mental while cleaning. It’s almost like disinfecting the negative energy, thoughts, and emotions away. After cleaning I always take a long shower or bath. In result I feel like I’ve had a therapy session with an actual counselor.

Yes, I reap benefits physically keeping my body in shape. But now, I more so do physical activity to keep my mind clear and focused. Whenever you are feeling over whelmed, too many negative thoughts, or in a state of confusion, do some kind of physical activity. Physical self care or activities gives you a moment to turn your attention to something else. By the time you’re done you’ll have the strength and courage to move forward. HOLDING THAT GRUDGE IS ONLY HURTING YOU, LET IT GO

My second self care category I’m doing well at is emotional. Keeping my emotional health in check helps me communicate my needs and wants. Allows me to give myself permission to be happy and doing so guilt free. Not being to quick to respond. Not taking things personally. Being grateful in good and bad times. Allowing myself to have a moment. Acknowledging I am having a moment. Then tackling what caused me to have a moment.

Also part of my emotional health is giving myself a break. Saying I need time off. Lastly a huge part of my emotional health is positive self talk and journaling. Writing is very cathartic. Getting out your feelings and emotions is important to your overall health. Good and bad. All in turn has allowed me to even keep my mental health in balance. I realized leading with emotion or making emotional decisions can make situations worse.

What self care category or categories are you doing well in? We are so quick to point out areas we need to work on. Exercise some good emotional habits and point out what you are doing good in.

Have a great day!!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


This is going to be a short week for work and school. Because of Easter Sunday coming, I’m off work on Friday and the kids get out of school. We’re trying to figure out ways to spruce things up and do something different.

Sunday: Great morning with sunshine coming through just how I like it. It’s finally nice to have temps back into spring like weather. After breakfast I finished the final edits and published WEEKLY BLOG: BACK TO SCHOOL, LOTS OF CATCHING UP, SONIC MOVIE. I finished some notes and planned more post. I think we plan to enjoy the day before the work week begin. I’m focusing on me this afternoon, doing my hair and nails. The only thing on my agenda is to workout. Later in the evening I was able to have some ”me” time and relax.

Monday: Great start to a rainy morning. My plan for today is to work while I’m at work. I have some goals in mind that I’m trying to reach. After drop off, I had a little motivation so I published HAPPINESS ISN’T A DESTINATION. Work was very quiet and peaceful today. Later on in the evening I was still battling a headache that just wouldn’t go away. So I decided to cook dinner and turn in early. I understand when my body and mind says to sit down, that I will do. Tomorrow will be another long day because we have an event to go to in the evening.

Tuesday: Morning allergies is getting to my son again. But he was able to get up and get off to school ok. Office was kind of slow, but we’re in our final stages of transitioning another agent so it makes it better. Had plans to do some errands after work due to an event we’re supposed to go to. Yup, it’s Tuesday so we always go to my moms to set out her trash. Needless to say we’re in a pinch because we have less than an hour. After the event we stop by the store and headed home. I was in a mood and did a late night cleaning session. Afterwards, I did my night routine and headed off to bed.

Wednesday: Very gloomy morning. We’re under tornado and hail storm warning. I hate this weather. I don’t know what’s worse, snow and ice or rain and thunder. After drop off and before heading to the office there are some packages I need to drop at the post office. I plan to do some notes, proposals, and listings today. After dinner, in the evening I was debating on some contracts to accept, doing some research, and other work. Headed off to bed feeling very productive and sticking to my plan.

Thursday: Very emotional morning. There are some childhood emotional traumas that I’ve been tackling. It’s very hard, scary, and gut wrenching. However, I know I need to address this. After dropping the kids off, I literally took a moment for myself before heading to the office. Well, that didn’t go well. Maybe 20minutes into arriving I was still not doing well. I had to quickly gather my things and tell them I had to leave. I just had to let it out. I was literally crying as if I heard some tragic news. I came home jumped under the blanket and let myself go. I realized I needed to give myself permission to let it out. Afterwards I knew I had to collect myself in time to pick up the kids. I journaled and let every emotion out. I prayed. Then gave myself a quick ”girl get your ish together.” Later in the evening after dinner I got in a good workout and put myself to bed.

Friday: Good Friday!!!!!!! I am off today. The kids have a half day of school. My plans are to have coffee, enjoy a program, and handle a couple of task while I’m at home alone. I’m feeling a lot better today and ready to get into gear. Late afternoon I have an spa appointment and we’ll probably go have dinner out. The kids said they didn’t want to do too much. In my time alone, I was able to post ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA APPS DELETED. (No my emotional breakdown isn’t related to me deleting my social media apps.) Get some mail shredded and a couple loads of laundry. The weather wasn’t too friendly out, so we enjoyed our evening in.

Saturday: Cold brisk morning. Couldn’t sleep in too much. There were plenty errands to take care of before tomorrow, Easter Sunday. I decided to do a quick workout as soon as I got up. My son and husband went to the barber shop and then errands of their own. After working out we finished up errands before heading to game night. The kids wanted to have family game night at my moms. She and my aunt, who’s here visiting, WEEKLY BLOG: NEW PERFUME, DETOX, & VISIT FROM AUNT cooked and planned a great evening. Later after all my Easter Sunday prep was done, we headed over. Family game night was fun and lasted very late.

Have a great week everyone!!!!!

Weekly blog is designed to show the realistic life of a working mom, while balancing life, family, and myself.


Be you so you can be free.


YUP, you read that right. I deleted all my social media apps. I had been contemplating this for a while. There isn’t any incident or specific reasoning. In my gut I knew this was a challenge I wanted to tackle and knew it would be beneficial. For starters, I was never a fan of social media. I am one who feels the less you know about me, the better. Also people share too much now days. And to be perfectly honest, I’m lazy. It takes a lot of time, work, effort, and patience to engage in so many apps.

I wouldn’t say I was addicted to it, but it was a great way for me to ”pass time”. You know, in the doctors office, car rider line at school, or when the commercials come on TV. Even though I only used Instagram to promote my blog and spread motivation, I deleted the app. I knew it was the right thing because I wasn’t consistent, no matter how much people say I need it to promote my blog. I’d rather it gain traction organically and the person who needs motivation will find it. It wasn’t my passion or something I enjoyed so I rarely posted on Instagram.

On the other hand, I absolutely enjoyed reading and listening to others encouraging words and motivation. That is something I enjoyed having at my finger tips. Knowing the courage, confidence, and conviction so many have to want better, get better, and be better. In the end, I know I will still be able to engage and encourage.

Pinterest was my favorite app to be on. The endless inspiration can be addicting. From home decor, to hair, to nails, and holiday decor I loved. My absolute favorite was the quotes I could have at any moment for any emotion. I knew in an instant I could get a quick pick me up or reminder. HAPPINESS ISN’T A DESTINATION

Lastly, I only had TikTok to keep up with my daughter. She enjoys sharing her artwork on that app. However, because of her age, I still periodically check her phone. Also my husband has the app downloaded. Therefore, it was a no brainer I deleted it. I never had a Facebook or the desire to. Never had a Snapchat or whatever else is out there.

The other apps I deleted were gaming apps that I either don’t play or never played. Once again I am trying to get to a place of being present and using my time. To prevent having an urge, I place the phone in another room when I’m watching TV. That way I can enjoy the program and not have to shift my focus. I began picking up a book and reading it. I have so many books that I’ve purchased and never read. Getting back into reading is very important for my mental health. Finally, I purchased some crossword and sodoku puzzles.

As a surprise I don’t feel like I’m missing out. Nor do I have the urge to pick up my phone. I’ve been enjoying reading and doing puzzles. If you are wanting a change or need a break I encourage you to delete your social media apps. If you can’t, give yourself a time limit. You’ll feel more encouraged to be creative and productive.


Be you so you can be free.


It took me a while to learn my skin and create a regimen. However, there are some non product beauty tips for clear skin that I’ve adopted to help keep my skin clear. 5 NON BEAUTY RELATED SKIN CARE TIPS The first thing to do is learn your skin type, then learn what products work for you, and lastly, be consistent. You must be consistent to achieve results.

Tip#1-Limit Alcohol
If you want to dry your skin out, drink excessive amounts of alcohol. Too much consumption, dehydrates the skin, thus leaving the skin to begin sagging, creating wrinkles, and causes breakouts. Also the lack of hydration causes your skin to look dull, grey, and lifeless. Notice I said too much. An occasional drink here and there is ok. If you do have a drink, drink double the amount of water to flush out your system. Another good way to flush out the system is to sweat it out. So a good workout to get you sweaty will help.

Tip#2-Don’t Touch Your Face
This one was hard for me. For someone who works in an office it’s very easy to rest your face in your hands. This causes all the natural oils from your hands and bacteria to soak into the skin. Not only touching your face with hands, make sure to wipe your phone often because it rest on the skin while talking, and don’t let others touch your face.

Tip#3-Keep Hair Out of Face
We use a lot of product in our hair. I know for me, any kind of hair on my face I will immediately breakout. The hair sprays, oils, and serums can effect our skin if we consistently allow our hair to rest on our face.

Tip#4-Change Your Pillow Case Often
I’ve heard some women say they sleep on their back to keep their face off the pillow. But at some point our face will touch the pillow. I’m personally a side sleeper, so inevitably my face will touch the pillow. Once again, the oils from the hair and product will transfer onto the skin. Changing as often as you can, will help eliminate unwanted breakouts.

Tip#5-Limit Sugar and Dairy
This is personal for me. Once I eliminated sugary drinks and dairy from my diet I noticed a huge difference in my skin. Lots of soda, candy, dairy, and sweets can cause breakouts that leave scars and discoloration. Remember whatever we put into our body comes out in our skin. That is with the good and bad.

Tip#6-Don’t Stress and Worry
Yes, I know this is very difficult to do. But stress and worry wears on our skin worse than makeup. Sometimes we can stress so bad, it wears on our pores, saggy skin, redness, dark circles, breakouts, lines, wrinkles, and even swelling. When faced with difficult times it’s most important to focus on our self care more. Spending extra time on ourselves in challenging times, refocus our attention on something we can control.

In addition to these tips keep your regimen simple and listen to your skin. It will tell you what you need. Good all round skin care is in our daily habits.


Be you so you can be free.


Happiness isn’t a destination. You can be happy in the midst of a storm. You can be happy with $100 in the bank or a million dollars. Happiness is ever evolving depending on the season you are in.

The first thing to do is stop saying ” I’ll be happy when…” That puts in your subconscious you can’t and won’t be happy until you fulfill a certain milestone. Then the goal post will shift on to the next milestone. Your happiness begins with your approach in life and what you believe about the current events you are experiencing.

Happiness is journey not a destination. You can absolutely be happy in an apartment. You don’t need a huge house to be happy. That huge house brings more bills, responsibility, care, and time. We must be careful putting a price on our happiness. KEY TO HAPPINESS: DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO

You know if I was making more money, I’ll be happier. No you won’t. The more money you make the more you spend. On things that aren’t needed or worth it. You know if I was in a bigger place then we’ll have the space we need. No, you’ll have more to clean. Get creative where you are. Furthermore, there are people on the lowest income bracket living in more peace than those that are in abundance. I’ve seen some amazing home decor in the smallest homes and apartments that looks and feels cozy. While those in a larger home isn’t happy with all that square footage.

Love being single. Will you get lonely sometimes. Absolutely!!!!!! But guess what, those in relationships and married get lonely sometimes as well. Your partner will come at the right time. Be happy with yourself first. Learn you. Love you. Know you. In the meantime, you’ll enter a partnership knowing your boundaries, needs, and wants.

No matter where you are, learn to be happy at that point. Yesterday is gone and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Alas, we don’t know what’s going to happen 2 hours from now. Just know wherever you are that’s where you are supposed to be. Enjoy the good in that moment. If you can be happy in the small place in your life, when God blesses you with a breakthrough you’’ll be able to handle it. #MondayMotivation

Have a great day everyone!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


”Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which ones to surf.”-Jonatan Martensson

This week I’m am focused on catching up with some contracts, proposals, and listings. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been emotionally drained. My mother had an out patient procedure done. She’s home and recovering well. So now I’m jumping back into the sack and plus the kids were on spring break last week.

Sunday: Night 2 of Wrestlemania. My son and husband are huge wrestling fans. Wrestlemania is always a big deal in our home. Because we stayed up late for night 1, we slept in. As usual, have a big family breakfast, I worked out early, and got the kids ready. The pre-show started at 5p.m. After working out, we opted for a finger food dinner and watched Wrestlemania until late night. We enjoyed the show and headed off to bed afterwards.

Monday: Back to business. It’s always hard getting the kids back into gear after a long week of staying up and sleeping in. But the morning went off without a hitch. Work is a roller coaster because we have a agent that’s leaving. The plus side is we’re slow right now so the transition is going ok. After school we had dinner early and the kids relaxed. Because it was so pretty out, I had to go for a walk. We wanted to turn in early because the NCAA championship game was coming on. Late into the evening we stayed up until the game went off.

Tuesday: Staying up late the last two nights has me very sluggish in the morning. But I’ll take the moments when I can. It’s ACT testing day and my son is headed off and ready to go. The morning routine went well even though it was rainy and dreary out. Work was steady and peaceful. The quiet time at the office I’ve been using to send out proposals and manage my listings on Poshmark. The rain subsided, so the day turned out to be nice and breezy. Although I said I was going to give my legs a break I’m going to head for a quick walk. Capped the evening off with posting more listings on Poshmark.

Wednesday: I had a little interruption in my morning routine. My annual wellness visit to the doctor was rescheduled for 8am today. Handle Your Business…Go To The Doctor So the hubs and I had to split drop off. The doc visit went very well and glad I was able to get it over with. Heading to the office it’s very windy and cool out. I wasn’t busy at all today which left me time to work on scheduling interviews for some freelance contracts. (This is how you work a side hustle. Use your time wisely. It can be done.) I decided to take the evening off and give my body a break from working out. The evening was very chill. After dinner I worked a little bit, had a cup of tea, and channel surfed. We will have a long day tomorrow because we’re catching an early screening of the new Sonic movie. My son is a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog.

You Deserve A Moment

Thursday: MOVIE NIGHT!!!!!! My son is super excited to go to this Sonic movie. But business is first. Morning routine went off great. My hubs went in later in the morning so he was able to join me on the drop off. Of course, we stopped at our favorite cafe to have coffee and a quick bite to eat before we head off to work. However, I made a pit stop home to do some final edits and publish 3 NEWLYWED SELF CARE MISTAKES I MADE real quick. After work we had dinner and only 2hours before heading out to the movies. The movie was amazing. We all loved it. Afterwards grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed home. Everyone was ready to shower and go to bed. My daughter has art club in the morning so we have to wake up extra early.

Friday: We made it another week. The morning started extra early because we had to get to art club before school. Stayed up kinda late doing some contracts and more proposals. I said I wanted to get more listings posted on Poshmark and send out as many proposals as possible, and I’ve accomplished both. It’s kinda of cold and dreary this morning. What do you know, we woke up to a little snow. But it quickly subsided. There really isn’t much planned for this weekend. Relax and resetting. The evening turned out quiet, slow, and peaceful. We all came in got comfy and relaxed.

Saturday: This was a great Saturday as my husband says. We had breakfast and literally relaxed the rest of the day. Although it was sunny out, it was still quite cool. None of us wanted to go out. My husband had to go to his store for a couple hours. After that, he joined me in Netflix and chill. I found a good show to binge watch and enjoy. Late night, I did a quick tidy up before showering and bed. I was happy to relax and reset. I accomplished what I wanted in pumping our proposal’s and contracts.

Have a great week everyone.

P.S. Weekly blog is designed to show the realistic life of a working mom, balancing life, family, and myself.


Be you so you can be free.