My hope for you is that you find the strength, courage, and passion you desire to live the life you want. As I sit here and enjoy my day off on my birthday 🎉 , I wanted to encourage at least one person to be themselves freely. Do You Have A Vision For Your Life

There is nothing more fulfilling than to be able to wake up everyday and be excited. You are excited because you are grateful. My hope for you is that you are excited because you are going to the job of your dreams. I want you to have excitement because you have accomplished your weight loss goal. You should get excited about waking up, seeing the sunshine, being able to walk, and to have breath in your body.

I set out this last year to take risks, set boundaries, and be of service. I am very happy and grateful God has given me the Grace to do so. But I’m more excited because I’m learning and growing in what my purpose and mission is. I know what I want to offer and bring into every situation or person I encounter.

On this day or whatever day you are reading this, I hope you forgive and let go of whatever is holding you back from being free. Give yourself a gift of freedom and happiness. The best thing I heard this week was “If your life don’t turn out the way you want it to, then you are the only person that has to deal with it.”-MJ Harris.

In this one life, we don’t get do overs. No matter if you do what others want you to or do what you want, someone is going to always have something to say. So why not live for you anyway. You have nothing to lose.

My hope for you is that you take one small step of faith. What do you hope for? How do you envision yourself living? Whatever the answer to those questions are, make it a goal by your next birthday to have achieved the vision. Step out on faith and give yourself a gift on your next birthday. Make it realistic and obtainable.

Using your birthday as a goal date is a great way to self reflect. By each birthday we want to have grown, achieved, or made progress. This day you won’t forget. And because it is your birthday, you will be more inspired and motivated to achieve your goal.

Have a great day!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.

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