Before I share how minimalism reduced my stress, I need to make it clear, I AM NOT A MINIMALIST!!!!!!!! There are certain areas of my life and lifestyle that I scaled back on to help me reduce stress and get some peace.

I wasn’t trying to become a minimalist or adopt that lifestyle. My goal was to create some free time, space, and energy for myself. After much research and watching many YouTube videos on minimalism, eliminating options was the most common piece of advice I heard. Having too many options creates chaos and stress, and a waste of time. You spend so much energy trying to choose.

The first thing I scaled back on was clothes and shoes. As someone who works in an office, meets with clients, and work downtown I always felt I had to be dressed up. I used to stress over work outfits. Having too many work clothes and shoes would guarantee me being almost late in the mornings. Even if I sat my outfit out at night, I would change it in the morning. Since scaling back and getting essential pieces that I can mix and match, I have so much more time in the morning. Also I’m more comfortable with not just the clothes but in my presentation.

Secondly I got rid of a lot of makeup. I came to a realization that I didn’t need 20 eyeshadow palettes. Having several foundations to choose from, blush, bronzers, and lipstick was very time consuming. Because I had so much makeup, I felt the need to rotate it and use because I’ve spent my money on it. Right now I haven’t even been wearing makeup. Makeup Free For A Year And Loving It But when I do need to or want to wear it, I have the basics to enhance the features I want to enhance.

The next thing I minimized to reduce stress was clearing my phone. Deleting photos and apps that I don’t use or need helped. I came to realize when you have so many apps on your phone, subconsciously you will feel the need to be on the phone more than usual. At first I tried to change my notifications but I still wanted more freedom to scale back. Having only the most important at my fingertips is all I need. Especially social media apps, if you spending too much idle time on the phone, delete some social media apps.

Lastly, my lifestyle and how I live. Keeping my home clean, fresh, inviting is my focus. Having the right cleaning products to keep my home clean at ease helps me stay stress free. Getting rid of useless items and knick knacks reduced a lot of stress. Another lifestyle change was my workouts, they have become more simple. Therefore, I am motivated and inspired to get it done.

Those are just a few things I did to help reduce my stress. Sometimes looking into our everyday life, and seeing what we can do to help ourselves out will eliminate much anxiety. No one needs too many options of anything. If you’re thinking about it too much, then it’s time to let it go or scale back.

If you are feeling a little stressed, declutter from the inside out and see how much lighter you begin to feel.


Be you so you can be free.

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