Protect Your Peace And Energy

My friends it is very important that we reach a place in our mind, heart, body, soul, and spirit where we are at peace. I mean you have to get to a point where nothing or no one can shift or shake your mood, get you upset, and ruin your day.

P-Protect your mental and emotional wellbeing. Love from a distance. Forgive and move on. Create space if needed to. Make sure that you are putting yourself in positions to feed off positive energy and people.

E-Evolving into the person you want to become is a process. Enjoy the process. Evolving is great and we are going to constantly evolve as we age and grow.

A-Acknowledge vulnerability. Being vulnerable allows you to get to know yourself on an intimate level. Peeling back the layers and being free gives you a clear vision of yourself.

C-Cheer yourself up daily. If you do something good tell yourself that. If you feel like you look good that day, tell yourself that. Don’t be afraid to affirm and pat yourself on the back.

E-Expand your mind and heart to believe higher about yourself. God doesn’t have limits on us, so neither should we. Believe higher and better about yourself. Know you can do the impossible. Even if others doubt you or don’t believe in you. GOD IS A KEEPER

Please understand that you remaining calm, not responding verbally or non verbal, rejecting phone calls, not responding to text and taking your moment is OK to do. Anything negative or not in your best interest shall be dismissed or blocked.


Be you so you can be free.

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