Dear People Pleasers,

You are special and perfect the way God made you. You are responsible for yourself and your own happiness, no one else’s. Do not take on other’s problems thinking you are responsible to make sure their feeling are intact. Let them handle their own “stuff”. You can love and support them through their journey.

Please don’t feel guilty or feel you are being selfish by not fixing other people problems. Those are useless emotions that will drive you insane mentally and emotionally. Along with that, don’t let others make you feel guilty for not taking out their trash.

Hold people accountable for their own life. Let them figure their way out of things. If they get upset and don’t want to talk to you then that is your answer for how they truly feel about you.

Remember if they like you they will stay. If they don’t they will leave. Some people are only around for what they can get out of you or what you can do for them. Keep your eyes and ears open so you can notice the signs and get rid of those toxic people.

If you feel like you have to prove yourself and over extend then they aren’t worth it. People pleasing is a moving target and no matter what you do for some it will never be enough.

I know it could be easier said than done but taking small baby steps builds your confidence more and more. You’ll begin to feel good that you stuck up for yourself. Yes those who are use to you giving in will be angry but they’ll either respect you creating boundaries or move on. With that decision you’ll know if they were really there for a true relationship with you.


Be you so you can be free.

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