**It is very easy for us to get discouraged and second guess certain decisions when we hit a bump in the road or face a set back. No matter what we must keep going and push ourselves. Whatever it is that you’re facing in your business, education, family, work, or finances its only temporary. Please know that when we make a decision to become a better version of ourselves thats when we really know who is in our corner cheering for us. As well as those who are sitting back watching waiting for us to fall. When you begin to face criticism, setbacks, and obstacles know that, that is a sign you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to. They wouldn’t fight you if you had nothing to lose and nothing to offer. Keep Going!!!!!

**However, during this time it is perfectly normal to question if you should have went back to school, started that business, or began a wellness journey to better yourself. You now question if its all worth it. On one hand you may begin to compare your process with someone else. No matter what keep going and push through. Next you may begin to feel like the whole world is against you. The support you thought you’d receive is far minimal than expected, and the feeling of being in over your head is all normal. But the key is to push through those thoughts and use the rejection, criticism, and obstacles as motivation. Tough times don’t last. You will get through. Keep going!!!!!!

**Push yourself through obstacles and challenges. No matter how high that mountain is in front of you or how deep you are in the water push through. You’re going to be challenged and want to give up, but Keep Going!!!!!!

**You’ve made it this far. Don’t waste the time, money, and resources you’ve put into it thus far. Keep going and fulfill whatever it is that’s in your heart. You’ve got what it takes. The hard part was getting over that fear and starting. Keep Going!!!!


Be you so you can be free.

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