I finally found me a healthy snack with my “Two Good” yogurt. One of my favorite snacks is a DIY yogurt parfait. I’ve probably tried every yogurt on the market. But when I decided to give “Two Good” a try, I’m hooked.

Two good yogurt is great for a quick breakfast, snack, or I use it as a meal replacement, because of its 12g of protein. One cup is only 80 calories but with 2g of sugar and 3g of carbs. Perfect for our low carb and low sugar eaters. Two good yogurt comes in a array of flavors. Also you can find it at any grocery store.

Now yes, you heard me say I use it as a meal replacement. My healthy snack with two good yogurt consists of adding honey granola, dried cranberries, and a little drizzle of honey. The added cranberries and honey gives it a little more flavor and texture. A bowl of this coupled with my DIY Non Dairy Iced Coffee is perfect for a morning or lunch snack.

My Recipe is as follows:

-1 Cup of Two Good Yogurt (Flavor of your Choice)
-Hand Full of Dried Cranberries or Raisins
-Peeled and Cut Apple (Or any fruit of your choice, adding fruit is optional)
-1/2 Cup of Granola (Any Granola of your Choice)
-Drizzle of Honey

**Please note you can adjust the portion size to your liking. Most of the time I go off how hungry I am or my urge to indulge.


First scoop the cup of yogurt into a bowl. Then place your hand full of dried cranberries into yogurt. Next, dump your peeled apple or fruit of choice in bowl. Finally, add your honey granola and drizzle your honey.

Mix or stir to your liking and enjoy. The total prep time is 10 minutes. This is a great snack for all year round. Because this healthy snack is packed with good vitamins and nutrients its filling enough to replace as a small meal. DIY Cucumber Lemon Water GREAT REFRESHER

The endless opportunities you can create with this snack is awesome. Experiment with different flavors of yogurts, fruits, and other add ins. Snacks like this one is why I love DIY. You can create to your taste or what your diet needs are. A twist on any dish adds great variety and gives you a break from your routine.

If you needing to figure out ways to incorporate a small healthy snack or meal replacement give this DIY parfait a try. Experiment and have fun. The entire family can enjoy this snack and boredom from eating the same thing is gone.


Be you so you can be.

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