Happiness isn’t a destination. You can be happy in the midst of a storm. You can be happy with $100 in the bank or a million dollars. Happiness is ever evolving depending on the season you are in.

The first thing to do is stop saying ” I’ll be happy when…” That puts in your subconscious you can’t and won’t be happy until you fulfill a certain milestone. Then the goal post will shift on to the next milestone. Your happiness begins with your approach in life and what you believe about the current events you are experiencing.

Happiness is journey not a destination. You can absolutely be happy in an apartment. You don’t need a huge house to be happy. That huge house brings more bills, responsibility, care, and time. We must be careful putting a price on our happiness. KEY TO HAPPINESS: DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO

You know if I was making more money, I’ll be happier. No you won’t. The more money you make the more you spend. On things that aren’t needed or worth it. You know if I was in a bigger place then we’ll have the space we need. No, you’ll have more to clean. Get creative where you are. Furthermore, there are people on the lowest income bracket living in more peace than those that are in abundance. I’ve seen some amazing home decor in the smallest homes and apartments that looks and feels cozy. While those in a larger home isn’t happy with all that square footage.

Love being single. Will you get lonely sometimes. Absolutely!!!!!! But guess what, those in relationships and married get lonely sometimes as well. Your partner will come at the right time. Be happy with yourself first. Learn you. Love you. Know you. In the meantime, you’ll enter a partnership knowing your boundaries, needs, and wants.

No matter where you are, learn to be happy at that point. Yesterday is gone and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Alas, we don’t know what’s going to happen 2 hours from now. Just know wherever you are that’s where you are supposed to be. Enjoy the good in that moment. If you can be happy in the small place in your life, when God blesses you with a breakthrough you’’ll be able to handle it. #MondayMotivation

Have a great day everyone!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.

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