I have a love hate relationship with my natural hair. It took me a while to admit it, but it’s true. I can’t deny the love and hate that exists at the same time with my natural hair.

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For starters, about 13 years ago I accidentally began my natural hair journey. After the birth of my daughter, like everyone else, I lost a ton of hair. I got mixed reviews of it’s just your hormones, breastfeeding, and lack of nutrients. I was told to continue my prenatal vitamins, keep the hair manipulation to a minimum, and maintain a healthy diet. Lastly, I was advised to trim it a little shorter. In which, I took all the advice above.

After a couple of months, my hair was still shedding terribly. I was once again told it was due to me breastfeeding. That’s when I made the decision to see what I can do on my own to help it stop shedding and begin growing back.

The first choice I made was to not perm or relax (chemically straighten) it again. I figured eliminating as much chemicals as possible was important to stopping the shedding. Along with that, limiting the amount of heat styling was essential to growing it back as well. That’s when I began researching styles to maintain that was low manipulation. Also what I can do to manage my hair in my everyday lifestyle without putting heat to it daily.

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In come the thousands of hours spent on YouTube learning about products, styles, hair terms, routines, and maintenance of natural hair. I thoroughly was intrigued and excited to begin ”my journey”. I realized I was transitioning (naturally let the relaxed hair grow out) and that would take my hair a little longer to be completely natural. Although, I did do a nice trim as suggested, all my relaxed hair hadn’t grown out yet.

Over the years I eventually became completely natural. The last time I relaxed my hair was when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and she’s now 13 years old.

I dived in with both feet spending endless amount of dollars on products. Something I know all naturals can relate to. The amount of time I spent on hairstyles and maintenance I can’t even begin to think about.

The versatility I loved. Flat hair has always been boring to me. The curls and different styles provided personality and fun for me.

However, taking care of natural hair is a lot of work and time. Because it’s in it’s fragile state constantly, maintaining the health is around the clock. I had long thick hair that required patience. Making sure it was moisturized and prepped before bed was a task. Maintaining the styles for a workout required time and effort. After a workout it was another task. In the morning, that was a whole other ball game.

plastic bottles on shelf

For me I would always love the first couple of days. After that my styles never lasted or looked presentable enough to my liking. That meant I had to spend time restyling and moisturizing all over again. Too much product was always a problem.

Another problem I constantly ran into was having wet hair. If I washed, styled, and prepped the night before I was going to sleep with wet hair. Yes, I could have sat under a dryer but that would have taken my long thick hair 2 hours to dry. Plus, I was avoiding heat at all cost to get my hair to grow back.

Even after a long day at work, by 5p.m. my hair was still damp in the middle. I just didn’t like that feeling. I knew my hair constantly being wet wasn’t a good thing. In addition, my hair never turned out how it did on the YouTube videos or the Pinterest photos. I eventually learned it never would.

No matter what I tried, how short I cut it, maintaining my natural curls wasn’t giving me what I wanted it to give. I would always find myself blow drying and flat ironing again. When I would blow it out, I found I had less hair shedding, I was able to keep my fingers out of my hair, I spent less time and product on it, and it looked healthier, felt better, and I felt good.

Lastly, the comments I received from coworkers when I did where my natural hair didn’t make me feel good. I don’t want to repeat them here, but I knew how they felt about it. There were times I was told not to attend a meeting because of my ”look”. It was perceived as nasty, unclean, and unprofessional. 5 REASONS VULNERABILITY IS STRENGTH

I know I shouldn’t never let anyone make me feel a certain way. But picking up and finding another job making the money you’re making, having the flexibility you have, and position you worked hard for isn’t easy.

I would begin to where my natural on the weekend and then blow it back out for work. But the curls I get from my blowout, still give me volume, texture, and personality. All while easy to maintain on daily and keep up.

Will I ever try this natural thing again, probably so. I guess that’s the love hate part of this relationship.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


Who doesn’t love to be pampered and get pampered? We all deserve the pleasures of feeling good and looking good. However, having treatments done head to toe can get expensive. Here are some simple things you can do to have a spa day at home. Feeling good and looking good can be achieved everyday.

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Set The Mood
Before beginning to pamper yourself, you must make sure your space is free and clear. Clean and tidy your home. Declutter, dust, and disinfect your space or home. Now that your physical is clean, set the mood with an aroma or scent of your choice. Candles are great options and provide aroma that will last and cover a large area of your home. You can opt for calming scents like Lavender or Vanilla. However, I love a good clean fresh scent that isn’t too harsh or loud, like fresh linen. Lastly, to set the mood, get you a beverage of choice and music. Wine, tea, coffee, water, or whatever you enjoy to make you feel good. A good choice of music, something soothing and slow. Jazz is always a good option.

Everything begins with hair, right? If we are having a bad hair day, then the entire day is off. Prep your hair routine by mixing your deep conditioner first. I have a bowl purchased from the dollar store specifically for this. Get your favorite deep conditioner or regular conditioner and mix in some of your favorite oils into the bowl. I’ve found using a drugstore deep conditioner mixed with oils is a better treatment than going to the salon. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it will be more effective. Then you’re ready to wash, condition, and deep condition. After placing the deep condition onto the hair and combing through, place a shower cap on for heat activation or reuse an old plastic grocery bag. It works the same. Most of the time I allow my deep condition to set for an hour.

a woman in the shower

First figure out what your face and neck needs. Are you feeling dry? Do you see alot of dead skin cells and need to exfoliate? Are you experiencing large pores? What kind of facial mask do you need? I begin with removing unwanted cheek hair, chin hairs, and upper lip hairs. From cheek bones down I epilate to get rid of any unwanted tiny hairs that may have popped up. Next, cleanse with a good oil cleanser to remove dirt, makeup, and sweat. Follow up with a double cleanse to remove any impurities that the oil cleanser didn’t get. After that you may follow with a mask for moisture, tighten pores, or anti aging. My favorite is a good clay mask. Self Care Beauty Routine Final step after rinsing is to treat and moisturize.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to scrub your lips of dead skin and moisturize. You can purchase a lip scrub for under $5, use a toothbrush and vaseline, or just a little of your facial scrub will work as well.

Here you have a choice of hot shower or bubble bath. Because I have a hair mask on my hair as well as a facial mask, I’ll probably opt to hit the hot shower. Here again, what does your body need? Are you experiencing dry skin? Does your body need a good exfoliation? Using your favorite soap bar, body wash, or cleanser give your body a good lather. Tip: Between washes, because we’re going to wash up twice in the shower. Rinse your hair mask out and then your facial mask off. After that, wash up again. Because you don’t want the oils and conditioner that ran down your back to give you acne. Once out the shower, moisturize and put on something cute and comfy.

person polishing its foot nails using red polisher

Bonus Tip: If you go to a spa or salon to groom yourself and do hair removal perfect. But, if you don’t, use this time to do an at home wax, use hair removal cream, epilate, or shave if you have to.

If you are one who treat yourself to a mani/pedi weekly or biweekly, you are awesome. For my ladies that don’t, you can definetly experience it at home. Using a rubber dish tote for under $5, warm water, and foot soak you can give yourself a great pedicure. A good foot pumice stone is $3 and you can get rid of dead skin on your feet. Lastly, don’t forget to moisturize and lock in the moisture with some cute fuzzy socks. You can opt to polish your toe nails or leave them clean after shaping and filing them. As for your hands, clean, exfoliate, and moisturize. Keep your nails filed and shaped.

There you have it. An at home spa day that didn’t cost you a car payment. You can get your money worth and use the products again. Furthermore, the amount of me time you’ve experienced with yourself is priceless and will be forever rewarding. If you are feeling like you need a pick me up, plan yourself an at home spa day to get back in tuned with yourself.

You deserve it!!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


It took me a while to learn my skin and create a regimen. However, there are some non product beauty tips for clear skin that I’ve adopted to help keep my skin clear. 5 NON BEAUTY RELATED SKIN CARE TIPS The first thing to do is learn your skin type, then learn what products work for you, and lastly, be consistent. You must be consistent to achieve results.

Tip#1-Limit Alcohol
If you want to dry your skin out, drink excessive amounts of alcohol. Too much consumption, dehydrates the skin, thus leaving the skin to begin sagging, creating wrinkles, and causes breakouts. Also the lack of hydration causes your skin to look dull, grey, and lifeless. Notice I said too much. An occasional drink here and there is ok. If you do have a drink, drink double the amount of water to flush out your system. Another good way to flush out the system is to sweat it out. So a good workout to get you sweaty will help.

Tip#2-Don’t Touch Your Face
This one was hard for me. For someone who works in an office it’s very easy to rest your face in your hands. This causes all the natural oils from your hands and bacteria to soak into the skin. Not only touching your face with hands, make sure to wipe your phone often because it rest on the skin while talking, and don’t let others touch your face.

Tip#3-Keep Hair Out of Face
We use a lot of product in our hair. I know for me, any kind of hair on my face I will immediately breakout. The hair sprays, oils, and serums can effect our skin if we consistently allow our hair to rest on our face.

Tip#4-Change Your Pillow Case Often
I’ve heard some women say they sleep on their back to keep their face off the pillow. But at some point our face will touch the pillow. I’m personally a side sleeper, so inevitably my face will touch the pillow. Once again, the oils from the hair and product will transfer onto the skin. Changing as often as you can, will help eliminate unwanted breakouts.

Tip#5-Limit Sugar and Dairy
This is personal for me. Once I eliminated sugary drinks and dairy from my diet I noticed a huge difference in my skin. Lots of soda, candy, dairy, and sweets can cause breakouts that leave scars and discoloration. Remember whatever we put into our body comes out in our skin. That is with the good and bad.

Tip#6-Don’t Stress and Worry
Yes, I know this is very difficult to do. But stress and worry wears on our skin worse than makeup. Sometimes we can stress so bad, it wears on our pores, saggy skin, redness, dark circles, breakouts, lines, wrinkles, and even swelling. When faced with difficult times it’s most important to focus on our self care more. Spending extra time on ourselves in challenging times, refocus our attention on something we can control.

In addition to these tips keep your regimen simple and listen to your skin. It will tell you what you need. Good all round skin care is in our daily habits.


Be you so you can be free.


Whether we want to believe it or not, there is someone out there we all inspire. You could be going through the toughest of times, but someone is watching you in awe. I know it’s hard to believe. The saying is so cliche but it’s true.

The last couple of months I’ve noticed the smallest influence I had on my daughter. I began to notice every time I repainted my nails or did my manicure, within a day or so, she would change her nail color to match mine. Again on Sunday I decided to do my weekly manicure, and last night she did hers, and without fail, she came downstairs matching me.

Some may think it’s not a big deal. However, even the smallest thing you do, someone is watching. Others would say that is what she’s suppose to do. And they are right in a sense. Of course, I want to inspire her and give her the best example.

But guess what, she’s just not watching me change a nail color. She’s watching my daily routine. How I show up as a woman. My daughter listens and watches how I handle business. Let’s go a step further. She has a front row seat on how I interact with her dad. How I show up as a woman in my marriage with her dad. The way I resolve conflict, how I handle pain, mentally, physically and emotionally, if I process my feelings, and how I communicate. HOW DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF

No matter what you are doing or where you are working someone is out there inspiring to be like you and mimic how you go about your life. You may feel less than your best, or you don’t have anything to offer. But you do. You have so much to offer. There is a special gift that was specifically created for you. The smallest gesture will have the greatest impact.

Someone out there is watching and inspired by your story. That coworker that you think is rude to you or doesn’t like you, they are inspired by you. That lady at the coffee shop sees your strength and light. The grocery store worker that bags your groceries is inspired by you. How you show up and smile everyday for your children is an inspiration. Family members are in awe of your inner beauty and wisdom.

If you’re out there working and grinding yourself to exhaustion but feel like you should give up, please don’t. You are an inspiration to yourself and someone else. You may not know it now, but you are a light for someone. So keep shining bright and being the best version of you. The greatest free gift you can give to someone is hope.

Happy International Women’s Day!!!! Have a great day!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


After many years of breakouts and product trials I’m finally comfortable in my “skin”. Just like everyone else, I researched how to get glowing skin a million times. For me, what I figured out was it’s in the non beauty product related details that helps you achieve your goals.

  1. Your diet plays a huge role in how your skin looks. You can have the most expensive products, but if you don’t take care of your skin from within then you’re wasting your money. Having a colorful diet, lots of water, and natural vitamins comes through the skin.
  2. Having the proper amounts of sleep helps you achieve your glowing skin goals. Just like our bodies, our skin is rejuvenated nightly. That night cream won’t work if you don’t sleep. Not to mention, lack of sleep creates puffiness, dark circles, and redness to begin with.
  3. Stress contributes to the breakdown in our skin. The more we stress, the more breakouts we are going to have. When we stressed, we aren’t sleeping, eating right, or keeping up with our routine like we should. Don’t wear the worry and stress on your face. Let things go. Happy Sunday AND LET GO
  4. Using too many products can cause a reaction. Just because every influencer says you need a certain product doesn’t mean its going to work for you. Create a routine for you. What works for your friend may not work for you.
  5. Along with using too many products, using the wrong products can drastically damage your skin. For instance, I thought I had oily acne prone skin. In actuality, my skin is dry. Because I wasn’t moisturizing enough and properly, I was causing my skin to produce more sebum. Also I was using drying products to combat the oiliness, which only made my skin worse. AFFORDABLE BEAUTY PRODUCTS I’M LOVING RIGHT NOW
  6. Lastly, exercise and sweat those toxins out. Sweating out toxins is good for our skin. Let those pores open and release all the dirt, oil, and sweat.

The key here is to learn your skin. Start with a mild cleanser and see how it reacts. Then slowly incorporate another product. When we use too many products we can’t tell which one is causing the reaction. As your lifestyle changes so will your skin. Even from season to season, our skin changes. Having a clear understanding of your skin, will help you adjust accordingly.


Be you so you can be free.


It’s hot outside and there are some summer beauty self care practices that I like to do to help me get through to the next season. In no particular order, here are some of my tips, tricks, and essentials.SPRING SELF CARE TIPS YOU CAN DO NOW

  1. Exfoliation-Of course we all know the benefits of exfoliation and removing dead skin cells. For me, exfoliating my face at least 3x a week and my body everyday almost is essential for my skin. Because I love to take a walk 🧘🏾‍♀️ outside and get some natural vitamin d, the sweat, grime, and environment gets into my skin. I don’t stop there, because I do workout and sweat more in the summer, it’s essential for me to do a scalp exfoliation. Literally from head to toe exfoliation is important.
  2. Moisturize-I know this seems completely against the norm, but even in the warm months moisturizer🧴 is an important summer beauty self care habit. Especially after tip #1 in exfoliating, moisturizing afterwards plumps your skin back up. Opt for a light water gel moisturizer for your face, a light body moisturizer that isn’t too heavy, or you can use those in shower moisturizers. Moisture is key for youthful looking skin from head to toe.
  3. Fragrance-We all still want to smell good. We are going lighter on the products as well as clothing. Go for a mild fragrance the last all day. I am a huge fan of Philosophy Pure Grace. This is a classic and timeless fragrance that walks with you all day. Also one thing about Pure Grace is you can layer it with other light fragrances.
  4. Colorful Diet-Lots of fruits, veggies, 🥗and water. You can go for fruit salads. Play around with many different kinds of green salads. Also a great refresher is fruit infused water. DIY Cucumber Lemon Water GREAT REFRESHERStaying hydrated often and daily is important to your summer self care. Not to mention, the more colorful your palette, the more vitamins and nutrients help with your skin and hair.
  5. Sunscreen-Please do not skip out on the sunscreen. Make sure to keep it on your hands while you’re driving. Also on your arm that sits under the window while you’re driving. Of course face and neck while exposed. If it’s quite hot, opt to not go out in the peak hours .
  6. Mani & Pedi-Have fun with your mani and pedi. 💅🏾Play with colors, patterns, and designs. Keep them fresh and show your personality through your mani and pedi. Going back to tip #1, always keep a pumice stone in the shower to ensure your feet stay smooth all summer long.
  7. Minimal Makeup-Keep your 💄 routine light and simple. Let your natural glow and skin come through. After moisturizer and sunscreen, enhance you beauty with a few products. Brow gel, mascara, primer that blurs, and a nice hot pink lipstick. Or shade of your choice. In the summer I always love to go bold on the lipstick.
  8. Fun-Enjoy your summer and have fun. 🤽🏾‍♀️No matter if you’re hanging out in the backyard or going on a vacation elsewhere. Soak up the sun and enjoy your life. You only get one. You’re not going to get summer 2021 back again. There aren’t any redo’s.

That’s all for my summer beauty self care essentials tips and tricks. As always, take care of yourself mentally and emotionally first. Then let the beauty on the inside shine through and glow on the outside. Have a great summer. Be safe!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.

Makeup Free For A Year And Loving It

So I never thought I would get to a point of not wanting to put on makeup. But, I’ve been makeup free for a year and loving it. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge product junkie and love to play in makeup but I also love my skin and believe in giving it a break. In actuality, I love my bare unfiltered skin more and more everyday.

It started a couple years ago, where due to a tornado that damaged my office, our office became anywhere we can find space, so we were going to work very casually. It was hot and humid, and we were working with what we had left from the damage.

I began to feel like, you know what, I don’t want to be walking out here in 100 degree weather. Worried about if it’s sweating off, disappearing, and yes oil blotting like crazy. But I had this huge fear of not looking put together, professional, or like I cared about myself if I didn’t put on something.

I was having all these emotions because I wanted to give my skin a break and I wanted to feel free. I was conflicted because some in my office thought makeup was an essential to come to work. On the other hand, I didn’t want to be so dependent on makeup. Also, I know for a fact makeup doesn’t have any reflection on work performance.

So when the tornado hit, it kicked that feeling of wanting to be free in overdrive and I felt like it was the right opportunity for me to break free.

But one of the biggest obstacles, was yes I wanted to be free, but I didn’t want to look oily or greasy all day. Um, yeah I’m one of those girls who have oily skin and I love my oily skin. The benefits of having oily skin helps with my anti aging, but that’s for another post. Anyway, I began to play around with products and minimizing my routine as much much as possible. I settled on a primer to keep the oil at bay and it blurs my skin as well, apply two coats of mascara, brow gel, and some lipgloss. I felt like hey, it doesn’t look like I just rolled out of bed and no one will be able to fry eggs on my face. That was cool but I still didn’t feel “free”.

Fast forward to quarantine and that desire arose again. Yes, I was going to the office but, it was for a couple of hours and I was alone with the door locked while I was there. So you guessed it, I felt no need to get up extra early to apply makeup 💄 .

I have been literally makeup free and loving it for a year now. I don’t even do the primer, mascara, and lipgloss. Actually, Carmex has been my go to lip moisturizer because I will not have crusty lips. And I feel good and it feels good to show up bare face as myself, without a “mask”. I no longer care if others feel like it isn’t professional and I no longer feel like I’m not put together. Me going to work, grocery store, or wherever else without makeup has nothing to do with what I have to offer or my performance. In fact, I feel more comfortable, at peace, and free.

Now I didn’t set out to be makeup free with a certain time frame. It just happened that I love being free so much that I haven’t went back. Of, course I still play in makeup when I have free time. It’s still a hobby of mine and a way for me to have my “me time”. Self Care Beauty Routine

Going out bare skin, has given me so much more free time in the morning. Here’s a big one, I don’t go down the makeup aisles as much anymore. First I’m not using as much so I don’t need to replenish. Because the desire isn’t there daily I no longer feel like I have to try everything that has launched. So yes I’ve saved a lot of money being makeup free. I stick to my skin care regimen and keep that simple as well. I’ve been thankful to find products that I can wear that doesn’t give me the greasy look and still keep me moisturized.

I’ve noticed how much more confident I am when I go out. It’s so ironic, because you would think that the makeup will give me that boost. But me showing up bare and myself has mentally and emotionally been beneficial. I’m loving my natural glow and wouldn’t trade it for a highlighter.

If you’ve been struggling with skin issues, time in the morning, confidence, or feeling trapped by always having to be made up, then I encourage you to show up and bare it all. There is a liberating feeling that you’ll receive. Think of it as taking the mask off, many of us hide behind masks of all sorts. Removing the mask will set you free.


Be you so you can be free.


I’m back at it again. Rotating some oldie but goodie and affordable beauty products I’m loving right now is my thing. These are some products that I’ve decided to give another try. Also there are some that I picked up on a whim because they were on sale. 5 THINGS I’M LOVING RIGHT NOW

Freeman Deep Clearing Manuka Honey & Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask +Cleanser.
This is my first time trying this cleanser/mask and its AMAZING!!!!!! I picked it up for $3.99 and its worth the price of a luxury beauty mask. My preference is to use it as a mask at least 3x a week. I apply it to clean damp skin and let it set for about 15 minutes. Upon rinsing with warm water my skin is soft, pore less, blemish free, breakout free, and hydrated. If you are wanting a cleanser that is a 2-n-1, helps with breakouts, dryness, clogged pores, texture, or blemishes, give this a try.

Freeman Deep Clearing Manuka Honey & Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask +Cleanser

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Exfoliating Cleanser
This is my second time trying this exfoliating cleanser. I must say I’ve been successful this go around. Before when I purchased it, I had experienced dryness and burning of the eyes. After about two weeks of using this in morning, I love how glowy and soft my skin is in the morning. I don’t have problems with the dryness or burning of the eyes. The exfoliation is small enough to where it doesn’t irritate my skin or cause redness. However, I will say I use this about every other morning. Side Note: On the days I don’t use this I use the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleansing Gel. Once again for under $10, if you want soft, supple, and exfoliated skin, give this a try.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Exfoliating Cleanser

No.7 Resurfacing Peel.
For some time now I’ve been realizing I need to incorporate some treatments to my skin care routine. I’ve been a lover of No.7 already so I got this Resurfacing Peel in a goodie bag. This is a bonus booster to my routine. This helps my everyday products work better and how they are supposed to. My skin appears more soft, dewy, and my dark spots has drastically faded. I use this once a week, coupled with my other skin care. This peel is on the pricey side of drugstore, at $32.99 at Target. However, this will last you a while especially if you only use it once or twice a week.

No.7 Resurfacing Peel

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Shea Butter Soap
Little fact about me, is that I’ve moved back to bar soaps. They are mild, last a long time, and have an endless supply of scents. This has been my all time favorite bar soap. Your skin is clean, fresh, and doesn’t feel dry. Furthermore, for only $5 you can have this bar for a while.

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Shea Butter Soap

Dickinsons Hydrating Toner with Rosewater
So this is another product I revisited. The first time around I didn’t see any results and felt that it dried my skin. However, after looking at it in my cabinet, I decided to give it another try. Well, I’m in love with it. I’ve noticed a difference in my pores being smaller. My skin doesn’t have texture, and I feel it helps my serums, mists, and moisturizer work better. I use it morning and night for the best results. I haven’t experienced any dryness or burning. This toner will definitely be repurchased. As you can see in the photo I’m just about done with this bottle.

Dickinsons Hydrating Toner with Rosewater

The last month or so I noticed a difference in my skin and I had to think of what I was doing differently. I always love trying new products, revisiting some old ones, and adding to my routine to give my skin a boost. Especially as seasons change. If you are needing some extra TLC or just want a boost in your routine, give these products a try. I’m a firm believer in you don’t have to spend a lot of money on beauty products to get amazing results. These are just some of my affordable beauty products I’m loving right now, if you have any more suggestions please let me know.


Be you so you can be free.


My product spotlight for the week is almond oil. Yes, I’m still a beauty junkie and continue to experiment with products. Product spotlight, almond oil has been giving me everything for the last couple of weeks.

Around February, I was experiencing unusual dry skin. My skin is already on the dry side but for some reason it was a little more dry than normal. Whenever I have a hiccup in my skin, I know its time for me to rotate some products or try another technique. Self Care Beauty Routine

Of course, I’m aware of the elements in the air can have an effect on your skin. The changing of seasons can also cause skin not to react to its normal routine. Your diet, stress, and everyday life can cause the skin to react.

My initial thoughts were to try oil cleansing. I wanted to see if I could get my skin back on track the ole fashion way. My usual go to is a cold cream and I didn’t want to use any (Ponds Cold Cream is my fave) or any other balm to put moisture back into my skin. I used to love coconut oil but as many esthetician’s have told me that is the worst oil to put on your face.

After much research and just having a knack to try something new, I thought about almond oil. I knew it to be a light weight oil with many benefits. The thought of seasons changes was a great consideration. I didn’t want anything to heavy or greasy feeling. I wanted something that could sink in. Also I knew I was going to use it for more than one beauty purpose.

Beauty Benefits of Almond Oil

-Prevents water loss from skin
-Great for sensitive skin
-Rich in vitamin E
-Helps protect skin from sun damage
-Reduces redness and itching
-Improves skin complexion
-Natural moisturizer for skin and hair
-Effective makeup remover
-Tame Frizz and relieves dry scalp

How I Use Almond Oil

First, I use it as the first step in my cleansing routine, at night. The smallest amount goes along way. Almond oil is light enough to blend effortlessly. It sinks into the skin without clogging pores. When rinsed away with warm water and a microfiber towel, your skin is left feeling soft, smooth to touch, glowing, and clean. Within a week my skin was back to normal but with a healthy inner glow.

Next, I add a couple of drops to my night moisturizer. I love the way it made my skin feel after oil cleansing. So I thought why not add a couple drops to my moisturizer and help the dryness. In the morning I noticed my skin was still moisturized and glowing.

However, in my morning routine I don’t oil cleanse with almond oil. But after I do wash and pat my face dry, I add a drop to my moisturizer, with SPF of course. For a couple of weeks now my skin has stayed moisturized without feeling greasy or even getting oily throughout the day. I’ve been going without makeup as well. That is how much I’ve really been enjoying the glow this almond oil has been giving.

Another way I use almond oil is for my hair care. This oil is perfect for split ends. I use it on my scalp and it doesn’t weigh my hair down. I add it to my shampoo to give my hair natural moisture and shine. Also I apply it to my conditioner and my hair mask. Mixing it with my hair mask gives me the hot oil treatment moisture and shine.

Lastly I’ve used it as a eye cream/moisturizer. Just a dab on the finger and rub it around the entire eye area brightens and lifts your entire face. I was able to see (You know when you use oil on your face sometimes it gets on you eyelids and then you can’t see.) and my face wasn’t greasy. The oil didn’t rub off on any of my pillows, blankets or sheets.

My final recap of my product spotlight almond oil is its a must try if you haven’t. I purchased my bottle off Amazon( )and the 16oz bottle last forever. The multipurpose beauty benefits you receive are instant and amazing. This oil is perfect for the warmer months and effective enough for cold weather months.

Oils are a natural way to add variety to your beauty routine without the harsh chemicals. If you haven’t already I encourage you to give almond oil a try.


Be you so you can be free.

What’s On My Beauty Wish List!!!!

Yes, I love all things beauty, but I know and understand that you can enhance the beauty you already have on a budget or if you’re able to you can splurge a little. Here’s a couple of beauty items on wish list.

Tatcha Treasures for Poreless Skin Care Set. Hydrating and Cleansing 3 Piece Set Including The Water Cream, Satin Skin Mist, and The Deep Cleanse. $74.00

Mario Badescu Mini Mist Facial Spray Collection $17

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Mini Gloss Set $49.99

OPI Hello Kitty Nail Polish Collection Trio Gift Set $31.50

Philosophy Hope Is In Your Hands Hand Cream and Cuticle Set $29.99

EOS Lip Balm, Hand and Body Lotioin Skin Care Gift Set $18.97

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Women 2PC Gift Set $77.83

These are just a few items on my wish list this year. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and may your holidays be full of joy.


Be you so you can be free.