I had a light bulb moment when I was journaling this morning. That is, to learn your source of anger. As I was journaling about something that was bothering me, I wanted to figure out why. And as I kept writing, the “why” came to me.

It is very important that we learn the source of our anger. Why did something or someone cause our blood pressure to raise? Knowing why you were triggered by it, will give you everything needed to move forward. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to feel how you feel. But what it will do, is give you some understanding about the situation or person.

Learning your source of anger gives you insight on what you need to heal. It lets you know the areas of your life where you are stuck. Sometimes we think we are ok, and healed from childhood or other situations, but they can arise further in life. No matter what your background is or what you are going through you can heal and recover. Learn why you are hurt, upset, angry, and sad.

Knowing where the source of anger comes from gives you freedom from going back there. You know most times we get so upset because we find ourselves in the same situation again and again. Well, when we know better we can make better decisions.

In your quest to learn your source of anger, don’t hold back. In the process you have to be completely honest of what’s hurting you and why you feel hurt. The good news is only you know. So even if you are shame or embarrassed, it’s ok. The end result of you going through the healing process is just that rewarding. Remember how you feel, is perfectly valid. There isn’t a right or wrong way on feelings.

The easiest way I can tell you to begin to figure it out, is by journaling. Journaling For Mental Health, TRY ITThat is the one place you can be completely open, honest, and vulnerable. You can bounce around. It doesn’t has to make sense. And you can get out what you need. In all honesty, I went through this process in several different entries. Because I was trying to get over something, every time I went to write, it would be as if I picked right up in the middle of a conversation .

Another way of figuring out your source of anger, is by talking it out. You can choose someone you trust to talk it out. Or my fave, talk to yourself. Go for a walk with nature and God and just talk it out. You can do so in your head or aloud to yourself. The goal here is to sort it out, so you can get some answers.

As you heal, it will get easier for you to identify those triggers, and they won’t set you off as quickly. Sometimes it won’t set you off at all. It’s easy to point the fingers and blame others for “making us upset”, but there is some personal responsibility we must take.

No one likes to be triggered or upset. So learn the source of whatever emotion you are grappling with to begin your healing process.


Be you so you can be free.

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