This is going to be a short week for work and school. Because of Easter Sunday coming, I’m off work on Friday and the kids get out of school. We’re trying to figure out ways to spruce things up and do something different.

Sunday: Great morning with sunshine coming through just how I like it. It’s finally nice to have temps back into spring like weather. After breakfast I finished the final edits and published WEEKLY BLOG: BACK TO SCHOOL, LOTS OF CATCHING UP, SONIC MOVIE. I finished some notes and planned more post. I think we plan to enjoy the day before the work week begin. I’m focusing on me this afternoon, doing my hair and nails. The only thing on my agenda is to workout. Later in the evening I was able to have some ”me” time and relax.

Monday: Great start to a rainy morning. My plan for today is to work while I’m at work. I have some goals in mind that I’m trying to reach. After drop off, I had a little motivation so I published HAPPINESS ISN’T A DESTINATION. Work was very quiet and peaceful today. Later on in the evening I was still battling a headache that just wouldn’t go away. So I decided to cook dinner and turn in early. I understand when my body and mind says to sit down, that I will do. Tomorrow will be another long day because we have an event to go to in the evening.

Tuesday: Morning allergies is getting to my son again. But he was able to get up and get off to school ok. Office was kind of slow, but we’re in our final stages of transitioning another agent so it makes it better. Had plans to do some errands after work due to an event we’re supposed to go to. Yup, it’s Tuesday so we always go to my moms to set out her trash. Needless to say we’re in a pinch because we have less than an hour. After the event we stop by the store and headed home. I was in a mood and did a late night cleaning session. Afterwards, I did my night routine and headed off to bed.

Wednesday: Very gloomy morning. We’re under tornado and hail storm warning. I hate this weather. I don’t know what’s worse, snow and ice or rain and thunder. After drop off and before heading to the office there are some packages I need to drop at the post office. I plan to do some notes, proposals, and listings today. After dinner, in the evening I was debating on some contracts to accept, doing some research, and other work. Headed off to bed feeling very productive and sticking to my plan.

Thursday: Very emotional morning. There are some childhood emotional traumas that I’ve been tackling. It’s very hard, scary, and gut wrenching. However, I know I need to address this. After dropping the kids off, I literally took a moment for myself before heading to the office. Well, that didn’t go well. Maybe 20minutes into arriving I was still not doing well. I had to quickly gather my things and tell them I had to leave. I just had to let it out. I was literally crying as if I heard some tragic news. I came home jumped under the blanket and let myself go. I realized I needed to give myself permission to let it out. Afterwards I knew I had to collect myself in time to pick up the kids. I journaled and let every emotion out. I prayed. Then gave myself a quick ”girl get your ish together.” Later in the evening after dinner I got in a good workout and put myself to bed.

Friday: Good Friday!!!!!!! I am off today. The kids have a half day of school. My plans are to have coffee, enjoy a program, and handle a couple of task while I’m at home alone. I’m feeling a lot better today and ready to get into gear. Late afternoon I have an spa appointment and we’ll probably go have dinner out. The kids said they didn’t want to do too much. In my time alone, I was able to post ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA APPS DELETED. (No my emotional breakdown isn’t related to me deleting my social media apps.) Get some mail shredded and a couple loads of laundry. The weather wasn’t too friendly out, so we enjoyed our evening in.

Saturday: Cold brisk morning. Couldn’t sleep in too much. There were plenty errands to take care of before tomorrow, Easter Sunday. I decided to do a quick workout as soon as I got up. My son and husband went to the barber shop and then errands of their own. After working out we finished up errands before heading to game night. The kids wanted to have family game night at my moms. She and my aunt, who’s here visiting, WEEKLY BLOG: NEW PERFUME, DETOX, & VISIT FROM AUNT cooked and planned a great evening. Later after all my Easter Sunday prep was done, we headed over. Family game night was fun and lasted very late.

Have a great week everyone!!!!!

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