Self care is simple and can be done any moment of the day. In actuality, I find the more simple the activity the greater impact it have. It’s all about being mindful that you are doing something that feels good to you. Here are 10 simple activities that I intentionally attempt each day. 9 DAILY FEMININE SELF CARE HABITS TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD

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10 Everyday Simple Self Care Activities

  1. Stretch. As soon as I get out of bed I have to stretch. Not only does it awaken my body, but it gets the stiffness out, and provides me with a little boost of energy. Also before and after a workout I do a good stretch. It helps relaxes me and give me a feeling of being lose.
  2. Give Affection. I make it a point to give me kids hugs and affection from morning to night. I make sure to ask them how they are feeling when they wake up. I tell them I miss them when I pick them up for school. I think it’s missed on what a parents touch can do for a kid on a daily. I want my kids to know and feel my love.
  3. Make My Bed. This is the easiest and quickest self care activity. Making my bed instantly makes my room look and feel tidied up. In return I’m prepping my mental to be productive throughout the day. Focusing on the small task that builds up to something greater.
  4. Morning Coffee. Having a cup of coffee and taking my time drinking it, is one of my greatest forms of relaxation. I make sure to sit in silence and look out the window into the sunlight. I day dream, pray, meditate and just give myself a moment.
  5. Laugh. I have to find something to laugh about. It’s good for the soul. Either on television or just finding a quick video on YouTube. Seeking good humor allows me to let lose and not take everything too seriously.
  6. Listening to Music. In the car, at my desk, cleaning up, cooking, or working out I’m going to listen to some music. Getting in the groove helps loosen your body and give you a mental escape. If you’re having a hard time with negative thoughts put on some feel good music and escape.
  7. Eat Green. Getting in some good veggies is key to your entire wellbeing. Not just greens, but having many colors as possible in your meals will improve your mental and emotional wellbeing as well as physical. Eating in color is another simple self care activity that you sometimes do without thinking.
  8. Express Gratitude. Prayer is an important part my daily life. It just doesn’t have to be in a form of prayer. Having a conversation with someone about how grateful you are to just be able to talk is expressing gratitude. Telling the person ”thank you” in drive thru or at the checkout is expressing gratitude. The smallest act of kindness goes a long way.
  9. Taking Vitamins. Taking my morning vitamin is a part of continuing my healthy lifestyle. If you have to take medications ensure to be consistent and follow through. Making sure we are healthy on the inside comes before what we look like on the outer.
  10. Sleep. Your body needs sleep. The mind and brain needs sleep to function daily. The idea that you can live off little sleep is nonsense. Make sleep a priority. We can’t be as effective as we want to be if we aren’t recharging enough.

Those are just 10 simple daily self care activities that will help you feel good, be happier, and live intentionally. Your self care needs are for you. So in whatever order you need to practice self care, how often, and where, is totally up to you. Just do what you have to do to be at peace and live in peace.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.

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