Mother’s Day is tomorrow. How will you celebrate Mother’s Day 2021? Last year we all had to rethink and come up with a way to honor our mommies. This year some of us are able to gather, while others, unfortunately aren’t able to. No matter if your mom is hear in the flesh or the spirit you can celebrate her.

If you are a mom yourself, please pat yourself on the back, TWICE!!!!!! You are doing an amazing job with your kids. As moms we make the best decisions possible with the information we have. We aren’t always going to get it right. But who said there was a book on being a parent. Also who said parents knew everything or was right all the time. That is the beauty in being a mom. We teach, love, inspire, motivate, and grow. And those are some of the best lessons we can teach our children.

What are your family traditions on Mother’s Day? Will you all do something differently in 2021 due to the circumstances? For me, I just like to enjoy my family intimately. I am not a fan of going out to restaurants or having some grand event. I’d prefer ordering out, because I don’t cook on Mother’s Day, and having a great time at my Moms house. So often when we decide to go out or have an event of some sort, we don’t get to enjoy it sometimes. Because we are so busy entertaining.

Everyone can have a great Mother’s Day 2021. Your circumstances or situation doesn’t define how you choose to enjoy the day. If you are a single mom you can enjoy the day. Mommies who are still nurturing their babies in the womb can celebrate. Bonus moms, surrogate mommies, mother figures who inspire others, and even aspiring moms can have a good day.

The word of the day is LOVE. Focus on giving and sharing love. The love your mother gave to you, that makes you feel good, show to someone else. The love that you hoped to receive, give away. Whatever you define or desire as a mothers love, spread, share, and give it away. But make sure you are the first person to show some love to.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!! Have a great amazing day.


Be you so you can be free.

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