We have to motivate and believe in ourselves on a daily. We all have ups and downs. Hence, why daily motivation of some sort, is important for our wellbeing. Just like we have to bathe daily, eat daily, and work daily, we need to believe in ourselves on a daily.

This came to me in a recent conversation with someone who is absolutely amazing. They have worked hard to hold the top position at their company. They consistently educate themselves on how to get better and provide better service to their company. On the other hand, they are well respected, liked, and looked up to. Their opinion is valued. When they go to conferences or company wide gatherings, so many people are happy to finally put a face to all the good things they heard about this person.

Sounds good right?!

Well, said person has anxiety because they feel the need to live up to the others expectations. They feel they owe everyone extra work just becasue they were given a compliment. I said, ”you don’t owe anyone anything because they gave you a compliment.” They feel because they’ve received so much praise and admiration they owe someone something. Also, having the need to constantly receive a compliment or praise is something they look for.

We are never going to live up to others expectations and beliefs about us. Receiving compliments and admiration is great, but having our own expectations for ourselves is the only thing that matters.

I had to tell them, your hard work, respect, and work ethic is recognized. As it should be. Isn’t that why we work hard. Now that your hard work has been recognized, you don’t owe anyone anything. If you’d like to continue to challenge yourself and be better then do so, but not for everyone else. Be proud of your hard work. Many people don’t even get an oucne of recognition. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Know you are valuable. There is something that you bring that no one else does. Believe in your experience and knowledge. Others are supposed to notice and recognize the good in you.

However, it could be shouted down from the roof top about how good you are. But if you don’t believe in yourself, nothing they say will matter. You will constantly seek that admiration, compliment, and approval. Also don’t diminsh your accomplishments and hard work. 3 THINGS YOU CAN CONTROL

This had me thinking. Some of the most successful people in this world shows up and delivers, yet they feel like its not enough. You are enough. What you offer is enough. Believe in yourself and the talents God placed in you. You won’t have all the right answers or get everything right all the time, but what you do have, is enough.

Believe in yourself. Simply!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.

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