I’ve reached chapter 40 and there are noticeable changes that happens to you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Based off some of the differences I’ve noticed there are a couple self care tips for mature women that goes beyond mani pedis and spa days.


Read More. Keeping the brain stimulated which helps with connectivity helps keeps focus and attention . The more we read the more we expand our vocabulary and comprehension. Reading more as mature women allows us to relax and take a moment for ourselves. Therefore, reducing our stress and blood pressure. Opting to read keeps our mind focus on positive thoughts and feelings.


Teach, Inspire, and Motivate. Lately I’ve had the urge to encourage and motivate the younger ladies. Because we have experienced life more and went through some storms, it’s important to educate the younger ladies on the obstacles they may face. Giving back with wisdom and lessons you learned on the way will be more appreciated than you expect. Motivate and inspire a younger lady to go after her dreams. Uplifting someone else is free to do with a priceless reward. 10 TIPS FOR YOUNGER WOMEN


Moisture, Moisture, Moisture. As we get older our skin loses it’s elasticity. Us mature women need to keep our hands, feet, face, and neck well moisturized. The most significant signs of aging are seen in our hands, around our eyes, and neck. Of course keeping your body moisturized is important as well.


Keep Moving. As we age and mature keeping those bones and joints moving will help slow down the aches and pains. Now I used to be able to do those high impact exercises. But not any more. You can do low impact exercises and have fun. Opting for yoga, pilates, swimming, biking, and of course a walk will help keep your body in shape. Also as women over 40, a good morning stretch helps awaken your body for the day. 3 NON FOOD REASONS YOUR DIET ISN’T WORKING


Matte Over Shimmer. When we do our makeup as mature women staying away from shimmer will helps us not look to shiny or greasy. The way shimmer shows up on younger ladies doesn’t show up on our skin the same. We want to look polished and highlight our best assets.


Occupy Your Mind. Along with tip#1, as we mature, keeping our mind occupied will eliminate boredom, anxiety, and depression. Because we’re getting older, probably empty nesters, or kids are out with their friends, we end up with a lot of downtime. Having a hobby like gardening, knitting, sewing, or anything that requires you to be focused will help with those emotions that may come.


Relax. Take a day off to do nothing. Sleep in. Binge watch something on television. Be a bum for a day. Allow yourself permission to just be. Relieve the mind and body sometimes to let it recuperate. Take a day off to reenergize so you can keep going.

As we mature and grow certain things just aren’t as important anymore. We become more calm, reserved, and life’s intangibles become a priority. Don’t look at maturing in a negative manner. Instead embrace it, have fun, and be grateful you made it thus far.


Be you so you can be free.

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