Trying to lose weight and going on a diet is probably one of the biggest challenges many of us face. It seems like we’re on a roller coaster. We’ve all probably tried every diet and exercise program there is. But truth be told, the reasons our diet and weight lost goals doesn’t stick is because of non food reasons.

How many times have we set out on January 1 to get in shape and we don’t even make it a month. We would even spend money on workout clothes, shoes, and even gym memberships. After that, in our minds, or some, we think the weight is going to start shedding off.

However, there are some non food related points that we must tackle before thinking about “getting into shape.” Here are a couple of non food reasons why your diet and exercise goals aren’t sustainable.


    First, we go in thinking about dieting. That instantly put negative thoughts into our subconscious. We have to give up all the foods we enjoy. Our life is going to be dreadful while on a diet. Most often the “date” to start is pushed back many times because you want to enjoy certain holidays or meals. On the other hand, because we’re are saying “diet” it sounds as if it’s temporary. When you lose the 30lbs you are done and it supposed to magically stay off.

    In actuality, we should prepare our mental for a lifestyle change. This is the most important non food reason to focus on. We must get clear about why we are wanting or needing to lose some weight. Then be completely honest as to how we got to where we are. After that, we can make a plan on how to get better going forward. With understanding the how, what, and why’s, we know what not to do to get back to this point. We then, can create a lifestyle that fits around our daily schedule.

    The next non food reason our diet doesn’t workout, is because we haven’t properly prepared. When I say prepare, I mean looking at your schedule and strategically planning out your meals. Also knowing when you are going to workout and on what days. Before we begin we must know what our weaknesses are and what we have good will power in. Self Care Mental Health Tips

    From there, knowing what you’re going to eat before and after workouts is essential. Having a time of when you’re going to workout is also a must. Because you need to be able to have time to let your food settle and digest a bit before working out. Looking at your schedule daily or weekly will give you a good indication. For example, if I know my son has a meet on Thursday, then that will be my day off. However, I would plan to workout days prior. Next, I spend sometime on the weekend making sure I have what I need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also any ingredients needed for smoothies. Once again, it has to become a lifestyle and a part of who you are.

    Lastly, the non food reason we don’t reach our goals is because we are listening and doing what everyone else is doing or think we should be doing. What works for your friend or coworker might not work for your body. Remember your body, lifestyle, schedule, habits, and goals are different. We can listen to get inspiration. Along with listening to our friends, believing that some of these gimmicks and fad diets will get us to our goal in a week. If they do, its very unhealthy. Maintaining and sustaining your diet and weight loss goals is specific to you.

    Along the way you may have to add or delete something from your diet. The workouts you used to be able to do, you no longer can do. Also switching up workouts to shock your body to have continuous results is something you’ll have to tweak.

Focusing on the non food aspects of dieting and losing weight will help you better sustain whatever goals you’re trying to achieve. Gaining as much knowledge and education as possible will allow you to make the best informed decision for yourself. Take things slow, listen to your body, and of course seek professional assistance if necessary.


Be you so you can be free.

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