Give yourself permission to have at least one day to be free of worry. Yes, times are challenging but I want to challenge you to take one day and worry about nothing. Don’t think about bills, work, back to school, groceries, gas, and any other thing that has you worried. In the end, it will all workout. How do I know? Because it always does. LIFE DOESN’T HAPPEN TO US…IT’S HOW WE PLAY THE CARDS WE’RE DEALT

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Worrying everyday about everything is stopping you from enjoying that day. Every minute is spent contemplating your next move or next step. You aren’t having fun, doing fun activities, enjoying time with family, or just being in the moment. Furthermore, if you are engaging, it’s probably spent talking about what you’re worried about.

It’s equally important to have someone or something to take your mind off the negative. I’m very grateful that I have friends that send me positive messages only. I don’t share negative content or engage in it, therefore I don’t receive anything back. If you have a circle of people that consistently send you negative stories about what’s going on in the world or negative videos. It’s time to rethink some things.

Having a day to be worry free came to me the other day when my husband said ”We have 2 backpacks ordered, just need for Aiden (our son) to tell us which one he wants.” Something just came over me and I said “I can’t think about that right now.” All I want to do is take a bath, relax, and prepare to have fun at the County Fair tomorrow.

Trust me I know there is a million to do things on my list and I just wanted to focus on having fun at the fair the next day. I knew the kids was excited. I was too. And I just wanted a time and day to not think about back to school, doctor appointments, work schedule, or anything else. Everyday can’t be just about responsibilities.

How I choose to have a stress free day? Plan an activity like going to the County Fair. Make it seem as big as possible even though it may be something small. Put my phone on silent and don’t touch it. If I choose to stay home, then I’ll find something to binge on Netflix, HULU, or Peacock.

It doesn’t have to be anything grand. Just make sure to be intentional about seeking positive thoughts and energy only. RANDOM Thoughts of encouragement

So I challenge you, one day this week, to NOT worry, stress, or think about anything. I know it’s hard. However, you’ll feel recharged and pumped to proceed the rest of the week. Make it a point to say today is all about fun, laughter, and just being.

Happy SundayFunday!!!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


Self care is simple and can be done any moment of the day. In actuality, I find the more simple the activity the greater impact it have. It’s all about being mindful that you are doing something that feels good to you. Here are 10 simple activities that I intentionally attempt each day. 9 DAILY FEMININE SELF CARE HABITS TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD

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10 Everyday Simple Self Care Activities

  1. Stretch. As soon as I get out of bed I have to stretch. Not only does it awaken my body, but it gets the stiffness out, and provides me with a little boost of energy. Also before and after a workout I do a good stretch. It helps relaxes me and give me a feeling of being lose.
  2. Give Affection. I make it a point to give me kids hugs and affection from morning to night. I make sure to ask them how they are feeling when they wake up. I tell them I miss them when I pick them up for school. I think it’s missed on what a parents touch can do for a kid on a daily. I want my kids to know and feel my love.
  3. Make My Bed. This is the easiest and quickest self care activity. Making my bed instantly makes my room look and feel tidied up. In return I’m prepping my mental to be productive throughout the day. Focusing on the small task that builds up to something greater.
  4. Morning Coffee. Having a cup of coffee and taking my time drinking it, is one of my greatest forms of relaxation. I make sure to sit in silence and look out the window into the sunlight. I day dream, pray, meditate and just give myself a moment.
  5. Laugh. I have to find something to laugh about. It’s good for the soul. Either on television or just finding a quick video on YouTube. Seeking good humor allows me to let lose and not take everything too seriously.
  6. Listening to Music. In the car, at my desk, cleaning up, cooking, or working out I’m going to listen to some music. Getting in the groove helps loosen your body and give you a mental escape. If you’re having a hard time with negative thoughts put on some feel good music and escape.
  7. Eat Green. Getting in some good veggies is key to your entire wellbeing. Not just greens, but having many colors as possible in your meals will improve your mental and emotional wellbeing as well as physical. Eating in color is another simple self care activity that you sometimes do without thinking.
  8. Express Gratitude. Prayer is an important part my daily life. It just doesn’t have to be in a form of prayer. Having a conversation with someone about how grateful you are to just be able to talk is expressing gratitude. Telling the person ”thank you” in drive thru or at the checkout is expressing gratitude. The smallest act of kindness goes a long way.
  9. Taking Vitamins. Taking my morning vitamin is a part of continuing my healthy lifestyle. If you have to take medications ensure to be consistent and follow through. Making sure we are healthy on the inside comes before what we look like on the outer.
  10. Sleep. Your body needs sleep. The mind and brain needs sleep to function daily. The idea that you can live off little sleep is nonsense. Make sleep a priority. We can’t be as effective as we want to be if we aren’t recharging enough.

Those are just 10 simple daily self care activities that will help you feel good, be happier, and live intentionally. Your self care needs are for you. So in whatever order you need to practice self care, how often, and where, is totally up to you. Just do what you have to do to be at peace and live in peace.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


One of the things that has helped me remain emotionally well is to never match someone else’s negative energy. You used to hear all the time, ”I give them the same energy they giving me.” Well that’s not such a good idea. That means channelling negative thoughts, words, tone, and actions.

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First if you choose to not respond, walk away, or just let them have their tantrum eventually they’ll stop. They won’t have anything to feed off of. The moment you try to chime in or explain yourself it will light fire to the gas that’s already burning.

On the other hand, you not responding is going to effect them more. They didn’t get the reaction they were looking for. In turn, they don’t know what you’re thinking or how you feel. And you took their power away from them.

Remaining calm allows you to be the level headed one. Remain in control of your reaction, or lack there of. Because you can only control you. Also you won’t feel bad for allowing someone to take you to that point.

I’m a firm believer, that most of the time when the dust settles, we’re mostly angry that we allowed someone to have that much power over us. MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH: 3 THINGS YOU CAN CONTROL Most of the time when it goes too far, someone is trying to get a reaction out of you. To either prove their point or emotionally manipulate you.

To remain emotionally sound and not match negative energy knowing your triggers is important. Next, understanding who you’re engaging with and the first sign of distress it’s time to cut the conversation short.

Thirdly, what someone says about you, to you, or their feelings toward you has nothing to do with you. Remember people project their insecurities off on to others. Know that what they are dealing with internally has nothing to do with you. You aren’t responsible for anyone else’s happiness.

The next time you find yourself upset and wanting to snap back, don’t do it. Don’t give in and stoop to their level.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


Worrying is a major cause of stress and anxiety. Most of the time what we’re worried about isn’t even a ”thing”. Here are 6 things to stop worrying about that’s stopping you from being happy.

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  1. Other’s Opinions
    Everyone has an opinion and that’s something we can’t stop. No matter what you say or do you can’t change someone else’s opinion. Trying to, will negatively effect your mental health and the relationship. What someone else’s opinion of you is, is none of your business. It has nothing to do with you. 5 REMINDERS ABOUT SELF LOVE
  2. The Past
    What has happened, happened. It can be changed or have a redo. Dwelling on it, replaying it over and over again, is stressing you out and robbing you of your happiness. Take the good from it, learn from the mistakes, and grow through it. Leave it in the past, it’s back there for a reason.
  3. The Future
    On the other hand, worrying about next month, next year, or 10 years from now is useless. That means you aren’t living in the moment and enjoying what you have now. Tomorrow isn’t promised. I know in the past, I’ve made plans, and when that time came, life happened and my plans went out the window. I’ve learned we can hope, pray, and prepare. But to worry is pointless.
  4. What Others Are Doing or What They Have
    Worrying about what others have, how much they have, where they are going, and what they are doing is taking time away from you. Focusing on what others have going on directly effects your mental health. You are in a constant state of comparing yourself and striving for something someone else have. It’s robbing you of your happiness and time.
  5. Failure
    Worrying about ”failing” is preventing you from living in your authentic self. The fear of failure stops you from starting your business, dating who you want, or moving where you want. The more you worry about failure the more you are going to focus on failing thus bringing your fears true. What we focus on is what we become. Focus on what you’re good at and ask for help in other areas.
  6. Mistakes
    Never be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes is how we learn. It’s actually the best education. Once you learn, what not to do you’ll become a master of that thing. Your confidence is instantly boosted. We all are going to make mistakes in life.

Those are just six things that we are worrying about that’s stopping us from being happy. Make a conscious effort to be present in the moment, be grateful for what you have now, and grow in the process. With each step you’ll find yourself being happier more each day.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


Happiness is a choice and journey. Therefore there are many ways we can live more happier. Here is a list of 10 things you can do to live happier. KEY TO HAPPINESS: DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO

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10 Ways to Live Happier

  1. Stop Overthinking.
    We all are guilty of this. Over thinking is rehashing the past or certain situations that we wish would have went differently, or have anxiety about a situation coming up. Overthinking stops us from recognizing our blessings, talents, and gifts that we do have. Thus halting our happiness.
  2. Take a risk.
    Most of the time we are unhappy because the one thing that we want to do, fear has trapped us from doing. When you ask an older person the one thing they regret, most of the time it’s not taking a risk on something. No matter what it is, take a risk. You never know what direction your life will turn.
  3. Run Towards What Makes You Happy.
    Whatever that one thing is that makes you happy and feel the most alive, don’t stop feeding it. Don’t let other’s opinions stop you. The lack of money. Fear of rejection. That one thing that keeps your heart fluttering will lead you down your path of true happiness.
  4. Create Memories.
    Have fun and let lose. It’s ok to poke fun of yourself, not be serious, and laugh. Take pictures, document, and create memories. It doesn’t have to be on a holiday, it could be any day of the year. Give yourself something to look back on.
  5. Reinvent Yourself.
    You don’t have to stay the same or do the same thing. You are supposed to grow and evolve. Change your look, the way you dress, redecorate you home, and work station. A new perspective instantly boosts confidence, self esteem, and happiness.
  6. Learn From the Setback.
    Don’t run from rejection, setbacks, and mistakes. SETBACKS, REJECTIONS, AND STUMBLING BLOCKS ARE NECESSARY FOR GROWTH Those moments are when we’re supposed to be open minded the most. Each ”negative” is teaching us an essential piece of wisdom needed to move forward. Embrace them and grow through them.
  7. Invest in Yourself.
    You are the constant in your life. Invest in yourself often. Be the best you and invest in your appearance. So when you go out, to wherever, you look good and feel good. Invest in your career, home, family, life, and health. You matter as well as your happiness.
  8. Be comfortable now.
    Yes we want more, and want to grow. But be comfortable with what you have now. Accept, love, and cherish the now so when greater come you’re able to value it like you should. When it’s time for us to have more, that blessing will come. Until then, show God you’re grateful for what he has given you so far.
  9. Give Back.
    No matter what your family situation is, give back. Whatever your financial situations is, give back. If you’re not feeling great, give back. The love, compassion, empathy, time, and money we give can save someone’s life. In return when we show support our mood and spirits are filled with gratitude. In result, more happiness.
  10. Enjoy family and friends.
    Unfortunately, there are people who still think they can live in this world alone. Even when the relationships aren’t the best, take the good and leave the rest. We all need community support.

Those are 10 things that makes us live more happier. Start here, be consistent, and watch your happiness grow. Enjoy the journey and healing process.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


Journal writing isn’t all about sadness and pouring out your tears. Journal writing is a good way for you to navigate your way to happiness. I did a fun list of 25 favorites that helped me learn a little bit more about me. What your favorites are when you’re a kid is different from when you’re an teenager, adult, or parent. Even life circumstances shapes and shifts your perspective.

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If you’re looking for a fun writing challenge, try doing this list of 25 favorites. Pay attention to what comes easy for you, which ones may have you think a little harder, and also the ones where you may have more than one potentially. 10 JOURNAL PROMPTS TO A BETTER YOU

What is your favorite…

  1. Color?
  2. T.V. Show?
  3. Movie?
  4. Car?
  5. Food?
  6. Restaurant?
  7. Vacation Spot?
  8. Ice Cream?
  9. Season?
  10. Sport?
  11. Kind of Cake?
  12. Song?
  13. Music group?
  14. Flower?
  15. Subject?
  16. Book?
  17. Shoes,shirt,pants?
  18. Breakfast, lunch, dinner?
  19. Gum/candy?
  20. Store?
  21. Scent?
  22. Soap/Lotion?
  23. Drink?
  24. Candle?
  25. Animal?

Have fun, get creative, and if you think of more, list more. https://amzn.to/3P5m49U Was this list of 25 fun? In the end, what did you learn about yourself? Is there anything that stood out to you or surprised you? What has changed from the past and why do you think so?

Happy Writing!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


This week is a typical mid summer July week. With schedules, activities, and memos coming in for back to school making appointments and setting calendar reminders are my goal. Outside of that we don’t have much going on except staying cool in this triple digit weather.

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Sunday: All I wanted to do today was relax and just be. My son had to go to work and that left the younger two with me and the hubs. I got laundry done and a little tidying done. After words I spent time bing watching ”See No Evil” on ID Discovery. Lastly, after an early dinner, I decided to go out and walk in nature. It was refreshing, cleansing, and sticky all at the same time. I obtained my goal in primarily staying off my phone this weekend. I intentionally left it on the counter and didn’t have the urge to pick it up.

Monday: Oh the work week has started. I’m feeling good this morning and ready to be productive. My hope is when I get to the office I’m able to have emails and voicemails to take care of. Well….my hope for a little business today went out the window really quickly. But I ended up having a great day at work with it just being the 2 of us (another agent). The importance of having adult woman conversations can’t be valued enough. After work I plan to wash my hair, again. Do a little housework and then relax.

Tuesday: I had a good morning and afternoon to start the day. Left the office early to get my younger 2 so my oldest can head off to work. After running some errands, I got into a mood and cleaned house, changed linen, and did some laundry. Before working out, I made some plans for back to school since we’re beginning to get notifications and emails regarding sports physicals, supply list, and fundraisers. Later in the evening I had time to manage some Poshmark listings, go over some edits, and finally went outside for a walk. Stayed up pretty late since my son didn’t get off until 11p.m.

Wednesday: Starting the morning early with breakfast and coffee with the hubs. Was able to listen, read, and watch content to help me get through some emotional healing with my mother. However, the information rec’d was very informative, helpful, and gave me the motivation needed to move forward. (I haven’t spoken on the relationship with my mother and I much, however when I find the right words I’m sure it will come out. It’s very difficult for some to understand because it’s mostly emotional trauma.) Later in the evening I decided to do a midweek clean, laundry, and take some notes.

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Thursday: It’s hot and humid out. Spent the day working on calendar stuff and schedule as I begin to get in school schedules, activites, and calendar memos. With the 3 kids, keeping up is a task in itself. Along with my son being ”safety kid” this year. My son had to work this evening so we baked cookies and relaxed until the evening. Had a really good workout today. I’m proud of myself for the last couple weeks been sticking to no sugar, carbs, or alcohol. I’ve noticed a difference in my energy, skin, and body.

Friday: Good start to the morning. Made a couple of errands before heading off to work. It was a little eventful at office. But I was able to get the kids sports physical scheduled. I’ve been coming in all week cleaning and doing laundry. So tonight I think I’m going to find something to binge watch and relax. However, before I do, I did have a chance to publish MY NATURAL HAIR LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP. I will probably still decided to go out for a walk and get a good release in mentally and emotionally.

Saturday: A typical sleep in morning for me. Had an amazing conversation with my brother and nephew this morning. Off to a great non eventful Saturday. Spent time daydreaming, enjoying my coffee, and then eventually binging on Netflix. Later in the evening we’re headed out to do some errands and grab a couple of items. Finally, the hubs and I had a great conversation outlining how we’re going to proceed with back to school, upcoming fall season, and goals for the second half of the year.

Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!

P.S. Weekly blog is designed to show the realistic life of a working mom, balancing life, family, career, and herself.


Be you so you can be free.


I have a love hate relationship with my natural hair. It took me a while to admit it, but it’s true. I can’t deny the love and hate that exists at the same time with my natural hair.

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For starters, about 13 years ago I accidentally began my natural hair journey. After the birth of my daughter, like everyone else, I lost a ton of hair. I got mixed reviews of it’s just your hormones, breastfeeding, and lack of nutrients. I was told to continue my prenatal vitamins, keep the hair manipulation to a minimum, and maintain a healthy diet. Lastly, I was advised to trim it a little shorter. In which, I took all the advice above.

After a couple of months, my hair was still shedding terribly. I was once again told it was due to me breastfeeding. That’s when I made the decision to see what I can do on my own to help it stop shedding and begin growing back.

The first choice I made was to not perm or relax (chemically straighten) it again. I figured eliminating as much chemicals as possible was important to stopping the shedding. Along with that, limiting the amount of heat styling was essential to growing it back as well. That’s when I began researching styles to maintain that was low manipulation. Also what I can do to manage my hair in my everyday lifestyle without putting heat to it daily.

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In come the thousands of hours spent on YouTube learning about products, styles, hair terms, routines, and maintenance of natural hair. I thoroughly was intrigued and excited to begin ”my journey”. I realized I was transitioning (naturally let the relaxed hair grow out) and that would take my hair a little longer to be completely natural. Although, I did do a nice trim as suggested, all my relaxed hair hadn’t grown out yet.

Over the years I eventually became completely natural. The last time I relaxed my hair was when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and she’s now 13 years old.

I dived in with both feet spending endless amount of dollars on products. Something I know all naturals can relate to. The amount of time I spent on hairstyles and maintenance I can’t even begin to think about.

The versatility I loved. Flat hair has always been boring to me. The curls and different styles provided personality and fun for me.

However, taking care of natural hair is a lot of work and time. Because it’s in it’s fragile state constantly, maintaining the health is around the clock. I had long thick hair that required patience. Making sure it was moisturized and prepped before bed was a task. Maintaining the styles for a workout required time and effort. After a workout it was another task. In the morning, that was a whole other ball game.

plastic bottles on shelf

For me I would always love the first couple of days. After that my styles never lasted or looked presentable enough to my liking. That meant I had to spend time restyling and moisturizing all over again. Too much product was always a problem.

Another problem I constantly ran into was having wet hair. If I washed, styled, and prepped the night before I was going to sleep with wet hair. Yes, I could have sat under a dryer but that would have taken my long thick hair 2 hours to dry. Plus, I was avoiding heat at all cost to get my hair to grow back.

Even after a long day at work, by 5p.m. my hair was still damp in the middle. I just didn’t like that feeling. I knew my hair constantly being wet wasn’t a good thing. In addition, my hair never turned out how it did on the YouTube videos or the Pinterest photos. I eventually learned it never would.

No matter what I tried, how short I cut it, maintaining my natural curls wasn’t giving me what I wanted it to give. I would always find myself blow drying and flat ironing again. When I would blow it out, I found I had less hair shedding, I was able to keep my fingers out of my hair, I spent less time and product on it, and it looked healthier, felt better, and I felt good.

Lastly, the comments I received from coworkers when I did where my natural hair didn’t make me feel good. I don’t want to repeat them here, but I knew how they felt about it. There were times I was told not to attend a meeting because of my ”look”. It was perceived as nasty, unclean, and unprofessional. 5 REASONS VULNERABILITY IS STRENGTH

I know I shouldn’t never let anyone make me feel a certain way. But picking up and finding another job making the money you’re making, having the flexibility you have, and position you worked hard for isn’t easy.

I would begin to where my natural on the weekend and then blow it back out for work. But the curls I get from my blowout, still give me volume, texture, and personality. All while easy to maintain on daily and keep up.

Will I ever try this natural thing again, probably so. I guess that’s the love hate part of this relationship.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


So I saw this post scrolling on Pinterest and it totally resonated with me so of course I had to read it. “Why I kept my blog a secret?” It seems like something you would want to shout to the world. Well not so much. And I’m not just talking about family. I still don’t discuss my blog with friends or coworkers.

macbook air flower bouquet and magazines on white table

For me, one of the main reasons I kept it a secret was because my family thought I was wasting my time. It didn’t make me rich as soon as I clicked ”publish”. Because everyone else in my family was talking about starting their restaurants, t-shirt businesses, and makeup brand no one was interested in learning what a blog was. When I brought up my blog they completely ignored me and dismissed me.

Next, I kept my blog a secret because I just wanted to post and write what I wanted, how I wanted to express my feelings and thoughts. I literally thought, I could come on here write, and still be invisible. My goal was to be able to write, post, and publish without fear. Sometimes families can be more judgmental than friends or coworkers.

Another reason I kept my blog a secret was because I didn’t want to offend anyone. While I still want to love, respect, and protect my family, part of my journey is knowing where some of my thoughts, views, feelings, and emotions stem from. I didn’t want anyone to feel like I was pointing the fingers or blame. Sometimes people don’t understand or want to accept your experience of them.

Finally, I kept it a secret because I would get unwanted comments, suggestions, and advice on the topics I should write about. When I did bring up the idea of mental health, healing, and protecting your peace I knew by the comments and reactions they weren’t where I was emotionally. I got the hint to let it go and never push someone to look deeper internally. This was my journey, my truth, and my healing that I was sorting through. All while trying to help and motivate others.

I did end up telling like 3 people. But only one ended up being a family member. I’ve never been the type to like the spotlight, focus, and attention on me. Seems weird I know, to have a blog and be an introvert. FACTS ABOUT INTROVERTS YOU SHOULD KNOW But that’s the point, it’s my corner of the internet to motivate, encourage and inspire.

This journey for the last 2 years has taught me the importance to motivate and encourage yourself more than you can get from others.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


We are very capable of reciting all the bad things that took place in our week. I wanted to do something fun and talk about my 5 wins of the week. At the end of the week it’s good to reflect on the good and positive that came out of the week. They could be small or grand, either way a win is a win.

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Wins of the Week

  1. Took a lot of really good notes on ideas and topics. Because we are very slow at the office I’m able to use that time brainstorming, researching, and taking notes on potential blog posts. I have quiet in the office, free from distractions, and I can be free in my thoughts.
  2. Maintained my cool with my mother. It’s no secret if you didn’t know that I’m in a toxic emotional abusive relationship with my mother. Most of my tears comes from her not acknowledging me and giving me the same love and attention she does my brother. But in a phone conversation this week, she was sarcastic and passive aggressive. I just let it role and didn’t say anything. I knew that would start an argument.
  3. Hair deep condition of the week turned out amazing. I used a new conditioner (at least new to me) that I’ve never used before. It was the Garnier Whole Blends Restoring Conditioner Maple Remedy. (https://amzn.to/3IrO8le) I always would see it on the shelf and never picked it up. Well it was on sale and I was amazed at the results. Would definitely try it again.
  4. Had a really good conversation with my brother. We both left motivated and encouraged. I had him on my mind to tell him some things. It turned out to be better for the both of us. Daily Self Care Habits To Boost Your Mental Health
  5. Amazing time with the family this week. Starting with the fourth of July celebration to the ice cream splash on Friday. Keeping my committment to enjoy local festivities has been fun.

Those are my 5 wins of the week. Each week will be different and have peaks and valleys. But focus on the good and try to repeat it again each week. Before we head into this new week, take a moment and reflect on your wins. What would you like to take with you into next week?

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.