Worrying is a major cause of stress and anxiety. Most of the time what we’re worried about isn’t even a ”thing”. Here are 6 things to stop worrying about that’s stopping you from being happy.

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  1. Other’s Opinions
    Everyone has an opinion and that’s something we can’t stop. No matter what you say or do you can’t change someone else’s opinion. Trying to, will negatively effect your mental health and the relationship. What someone else’s opinion of you is, is none of your business. It has nothing to do with you. 5 REMINDERS ABOUT SELF LOVE
  2. The Past
    What has happened, happened. It can be changed or have a redo. Dwelling on it, replaying it over and over again, is stressing you out and robbing you of your happiness. Take the good from it, learn from the mistakes, and grow through it. Leave it in the past, it’s back there for a reason.
  3. The Future
    On the other hand, worrying about next month, next year, or 10 years from now is useless. That means you aren’t living in the moment and enjoying what you have now. Tomorrow isn’t promised. I know in the past, I’ve made plans, and when that time came, life happened and my plans went out the window. I’ve learned we can hope, pray, and prepare. But to worry is pointless.
  4. What Others Are Doing or What They Have
    Worrying about what others have, how much they have, where they are going, and what they are doing is taking time away from you. Focusing on what others have going on directly effects your mental health. You are in a constant state of comparing yourself and striving for something someone else have. It’s robbing you of your happiness and time.
  5. Failure
    Worrying about ”failing” is preventing you from living in your authentic self. The fear of failure stops you from starting your business, dating who you want, or moving where you want. The more you worry about failure the more you are going to focus on failing thus bringing your fears true. What we focus on is what we become. Focus on what you’re good at and ask for help in other areas.
  6. Mistakes
    Never be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes is how we learn. It’s actually the best education. Once you learn, what not to do you’ll become a master of that thing. Your confidence is instantly boosted. We all are going to make mistakes in life.

Those are just six things that we are worrying about that’s stopping us from being happy. Make a conscious effort to be present in the moment, be grateful for what you have now, and grow in the process. With each step you’ll find yourself being happier more each day.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.

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