Give yourself permission to have at least one day to be free of worry. Yes, times are challenging but I want to challenge you to take one day and worry about nothing. Don’t think about bills, work, back to school, groceries, gas, and any other thing that has you worried. In the end, it will all workout. How do I know? Because it always does. LIFE DOESN’T HAPPEN TO US…IT’S HOW WE PLAY THE CARDS WE’RE DEALT

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Worrying everyday about everything is stopping you from enjoying that day. Every minute is spent contemplating your next move or next step. You aren’t having fun, doing fun activities, enjoying time with family, or just being in the moment. Furthermore, if you are engaging, it’s probably spent talking about what you’re worried about.

It’s equally important to have someone or something to take your mind off the negative. I’m very grateful that I have friends that send me positive messages only. I don’t share negative content or engage in it, therefore I don’t receive anything back. If you have a circle of people that consistently send you negative stories about what’s going on in the world or negative videos. It’s time to rethink some things.

Having a day to be worry free came to me the other day when my husband said ”We have 2 backpacks ordered, just need for Aiden (our son) to tell us which one he wants.” Something just came over me and I said “I can’t think about that right now.” All I want to do is take a bath, relax, and prepare to have fun at the County Fair tomorrow.

Trust me I know there is a million to do things on my list and I just wanted to focus on having fun at the fair the next day. I knew the kids was excited. I was too. And I just wanted a time and day to not think about back to school, doctor appointments, work schedule, or anything else. Everyday can’t be just about responsibilities.

How I choose to have a stress free day? Plan an activity like going to the County Fair. Make it seem as big as possible even though it may be something small. Put my phone on silent and don’t touch it. If I choose to stay home, then I’ll find something to binge on Netflix, HULU, or Peacock.

It doesn’t have to be anything grand. Just make sure to be intentional about seeking positive thoughts and energy only. RANDOM Thoughts of encouragement

So I challenge you, one day this week, to NOT worry, stress, or think about anything. I know it’s hard. However, you’ll feel recharged and pumped to proceed the rest of the week. Make it a point to say today is all about fun, laughter, and just being.

Happy SundayFunday!!!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.

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