I always knew I was an introverted person. There are some facts about introverts that you should know. Due to so many misunderstandings, as introverts we are often interpreted incorrectly. Here are some facts that I thought I’d share.

As an introvert

-We actually do like people and socializing. Just so happen we prefer a small select few to socialize with.

-We are very observant.

-Some great qualities introverts possess are great listening skills, they have a great respect for self, and they allow themselves to freely think.

-We truly do enjoy being alone and spending time with ourselves. Matter of factly, that will be our first choice is to do something in solitude.

-If we open up to you, know that we truly do value the relationship and you are special to us.

-Introverts like to process things in their head, in peace, and yes can be over thinkers.

-We absolutely don’t care for the small talk. A meaningful conversation with substance is more fulfilling.

-Chances of us having or wanting a lot of friends is very slim. We’d prefer a small circle of people to keep close.

-We aren’t shy, timid, or fearful. More on the reserved side.

-We aren’t stuck up or anti social.

-Most often introverts aren’t one to be attached to their phone. We just don’t see the need to constantly wonder what others are doing. Nor, do we care to post what we are doing.

-We won’t speak unless we have something to say. Not going to say anything just to fill the silence or be apart of a conversation.

-We enjoy going out, vacations, beach, walking, and being outdoorsy.

-There isn’t anything wrong with us we don’t need to be fixed.

-We aren’t rude.

-Introverts are not depressed, have anxiety, or low self esteem.

-Asking us “why you so quiet” isn’t something we respond to very well.

I’ve totally embraced and love being an introvert. I am me and it feels good. Embrace and love who you are. Don’t let the outside world make you feel like there is something wrong with you because you aren’t doing what the mass majority is doing.

There are many facts about introverts that you should know. We are all think, feel, and respond differently to certain situations.

BE YOU!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.

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