We are very capable of reciting all the bad things that took place in our week. I wanted to do something fun and talk about my 5 wins of the week. At the end of the week it’s good to reflect on the good and positive that came out of the week. They could be small or grand, either way a win is a win.

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Wins of the Week

  1. Took a lot of really good notes on ideas and topics. Because we are very slow at the office I’m able to use that time brainstorming, researching, and taking notes on potential blog posts. I have quiet in the office, free from distractions, and I can be free in my thoughts.
  2. Maintained my cool with my mother. It’s no secret if you didn’t know that I’m in a toxic emotional abusive relationship with my mother. Most of my tears comes from her not acknowledging me and giving me the same love and attention she does my brother. But in a phone conversation this week, she was sarcastic and passive aggressive. I just let it role and didn’t say anything. I knew that would start an argument.
  3. Hair deep condition of the week turned out amazing. I used a new conditioner (at least new to me) that I’ve never used before. It was the Garnier Whole Blends Restoring Conditioner Maple Remedy. (https://amzn.to/3IrO8le) I always would see it on the shelf and never picked it up. Well it was on sale and I was amazed at the results. Would definitely try it again.
  4. Had a really good conversation with my brother. We both left motivated and encouraged. I had him on my mind to tell him some things. It turned out to be better for the both of us. Daily Self Care Habits To Boost Your Mental Health
  5. Amazing time with the family this week. Starting with the fourth of July celebration to the ice cream splash on Friday. Keeping my committment to enjoy local festivities has been fun.

Those are my 5 wins of the week. Each week will be different and have peaks and valleys. But focus on the good and try to repeat it again each week. Before we head into this new week, take a moment and reflect on your wins. What would you like to take with you into next week?

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.

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