So I saw this post scrolling on Pinterest and it totally resonated with me so of course I had to read it. “Why I kept my blog a secret?” It seems like something you would want to shout to the world. Well not so much. And I’m not just talking about family. I still don’t discuss my blog with friends or coworkers.

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For me, one of the main reasons I kept it a secret was because my family thought I was wasting my time. It didn’t make me rich as soon as I clicked ”publish”. Because everyone else in my family was talking about starting their restaurants, t-shirt businesses, and makeup brand no one was interested in learning what a blog was. When I brought up my blog they completely ignored me and dismissed me.

Next, I kept my blog a secret because I just wanted to post and write what I wanted, how I wanted to express my feelings and thoughts. I literally thought, I could come on here write, and still be invisible. My goal was to be able to write, post, and publish without fear. Sometimes families can be more judgmental than friends or coworkers.

Another reason I kept my blog a secret was because I didn’t want to offend anyone. While I still want to love, respect, and protect my family, part of my journey is knowing where some of my thoughts, views, feelings, and emotions stem from. I didn’t want anyone to feel like I was pointing the fingers or blame. Sometimes people don’t understand or want to accept your experience of them.

Finally, I kept it a secret because I would get unwanted comments, suggestions, and advice on the topics I should write about. When I did bring up the idea of mental health, healing, and protecting your peace I knew by the comments and reactions they weren’t where I was emotionally. I got the hint to let it go and never push someone to look deeper internally. This was my journey, my truth, and my healing that I was sorting through. All while trying to help and motivate others.

I did end up telling like 3 people. But only one ended up being a family member. I’ve never been the type to like the spotlight, focus, and attention on me. Seems weird I know, to have a blog and be an introvert. FACTS ABOUT INTROVERTS YOU SHOULD KNOW But that’s the point, it’s my corner of the internet to motivate, encourage and inspire.

This journey for the last 2 years has taught me the importance to motivate and encourage yourself more than you can get from others.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.

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