“We are born in 1 day. We die in 1 day. We can change in 1 day. We can fall in love in 1 day. Anything can happen in just 1 day.” – Gayle Forman

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I saw this and it immediately hit hard for me. Recently going through this transition with this position that I love but has a steep learning curve has tested me. Just yesterday I had a conversation with myself on how I was going to approach each day. How positive and motivated I go into each day. Has changed my perspective and outlook on my work day. No matter what’s going on in your life, a new day will come. You have the right and choice to make that day the best it can be. Each day is a fresh start. Along with that, each day will have it’s peaks and valleys. It’s how you handle the good and the bad. Sometimes how we handle the good can effect our mental and emotional health as well. 10 DAILY SIMPLE SELF CARE ACTIVITIES THAT WORK A good way to start each day is with great expectations of goodness. Being thankful that you do have another day to do this thing called life again. Choosing to do something different than you did yesterday that you didn’t like. Continuing to learn and grow with what you did enjoy about yesterday. Lastly, going to bed with a full light heart. Don’t leave anything undone to carry over into the next. Before you lay head to pillow, empty out the negative. All it takes is one day to redirect your life, thoughts, and happiness. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


It took me a while to learn my skin and create a regimen. However, there are some non product beauty tips for clear skin that I’ve adopted to help keep my skin clear. 5 NON BEAUTY RELATED SKIN CARE TIPS The first thing to do is learn your skin type, then learn what products work for you, and lastly, be consistent. You must be consistent to achieve results.

Tip#1-Limit Alcohol
If you want to dry your skin out, drink excessive amounts of alcohol. Too much consumption, dehydrates the skin, thus leaving the skin to begin sagging, creating wrinkles, and causes breakouts. Also the lack of hydration causes your skin to look dull, grey, and lifeless. Notice I said too much. An occasional drink here and there is ok. If you do have a drink, drink double the amount of water to flush out your system. Another good way to flush out the system is to sweat it out. So a good workout to get you sweaty will help.

Tip#2-Don’t Touch Your Face
This one was hard for me. For someone who works in an office it’s very easy to rest your face in your hands. This causes all the natural oils from your hands and bacteria to soak into the skin. Not only touching your face with hands, make sure to wipe your phone often because it rest on the skin while talking, and don’t let others touch your face.

Tip#3-Keep Hair Out of Face
We use a lot of product in our hair. I know for me, any kind of hair on my face I will immediately breakout. The hair sprays, oils, and serums can effect our skin if we consistently allow our hair to rest on our face.

Tip#4-Change Your Pillow Case Often
I’ve heard some women say they sleep on their back to keep their face off the pillow. But at some point our face will touch the pillow. I’m personally a side sleeper, so inevitably my face will touch the pillow. Once again, the oils from the hair and product will transfer onto the skin. Changing as often as you can, will help eliminate unwanted breakouts.

Tip#5-Limit Sugar and Dairy
This is personal for me. Once I eliminated sugary drinks and dairy from my diet I noticed a huge difference in my skin. Lots of soda, candy, dairy, and sweets can cause breakouts that leave scars and discoloration. Remember whatever we put into our body comes out in our skin. That is with the good and bad.

Tip#6-Don’t Stress and Worry
Yes, I know this is very difficult to do. But stress and worry wears on our skin worse than makeup. Sometimes we can stress so bad, it wears on our pores, saggy skin, redness, dark circles, breakouts, lines, wrinkles, and even swelling. When faced with difficult times it’s most important to focus on our self care more. Spending extra time on ourselves in challenging times, refocus our attention on something we can control.

In addition to these tips keep your regimen simple and listen to your skin. It will tell you what you need. Good all round skin care is in our daily habits.


Be you so you can be free.


So often we have this misconception that each day has to be filled with an event or something big happening. When in actuality, the simple days are the best days. As I’ve matured and go on this journey I love having a simple full productive day.

Expect To Have A Great Day

What Does That Look Like:

It starts off with me sleeping in with my husband. The both of us not getting up at 5a.m. and can lay there to watch the sun come through the window is peace, love, joy, and calmness. Hearing my kids gradually wakeup when they are ready instead of me waking them up to get ready for school I love hearing. To see their personalities and who likes to get up early and who likes to sleep in is amazing.

Next, it’s getting dressed in my comfortable lounge around house clothes, but still cute enough to go to the store. Having a moment getting showered, dressed, and ready for the day triggers the positive side of my brain. Doing my skincare routine and making sure I’m presentable and feel good about myself sets my mood.

After that, opening up blinds, curtains, and windows to let the natural sunlight and air come through. When you allow nature to come in, it opens your eyes, heart, and mind to a new spiritual realm. It makes you want to go out for a walk, lifts your spirits, and know darkness is only temporary. SELF CARE HABITS: 8 DAILY HABITS TO FEEL YOUR BEST

Fixing breakfast for my family and having the smell of coffee coming from the brewer makes me feel good and excites me. I love being a mom and wife. Taking care of my family is something I pride myself on. They are the air I breathe.

After everyone has had breakfast they break off and do whatever it is they heart desires. This is having a simple day that is the best. My daughter goes to draw and use her creativity. My sons and husband get in their time on the video game. While I, do laundry, edit blog post, post listings on Poshmark, do a quick tidy around the house, or go for a walk.

That may take a couple of hours and then my daughter and I will play in hair and makeup. She may want me to change her hairstyle while I go and play in new makeup I’ve purchased. Either way spending quality time with her is the best.

Well, now it’s early evening and we’re hungry. So we decide to go have dinner. Having dinner out is fun, great conversation with the kids, and good family time. The kids are talking without prompts and we’re all engaged because they aren’t distracted with their phones. After dinner we may go to the store and get ice cream or walk around because the kids just want to go buy ”something.”

Lastly, we go home unwind, shower, and wash the day off. Maybe watch some movie or find something to binge watch. Sometimes we get alone time because the kids are off doing their own thing and other times they may join us in whatever we watch.

The beauty of this simple day is that it was filled with love, family, gratitude, and variety. All while doing ”nothing” I was able to sleep in, spend time with my husband alone, have family time, get a little work done, and still have time to rest. I can’t ask for a better day.

Simple days are the best days. Don’t stress yourself out trying to ”make” the day fun or exciting. You are already fun and exciting. Focus on what you have and the small details and the best simple day will come to you. You don’t have to do anything extra to have a great day. When you wake up expect to have a great day no matter what.



Be you so you can be free.


For the last couple of weeks I’ve really had to be intentional about pausing and taking a couple moments to gather myself. I thought I’d share some mid week mental health reminders that we all can use.

You Are Depending On You
  1. Relax. Seems simple enough right. When I say relax I don’t mean in literal since of laying down and going to bed. Whatever it is that has you worried, afraid, or anxious just breathe and let the circumstances play out. Worrying isn’t going to speed the time up. Getting anxious and pacing the floor isn’t going to change the outcome or determine the outcome. Instead, what I did was plop down on the couch and binge watch Law & Order. Then I decided to have a bowl of ice cream. TGIF: SELF CARE IS ALL AROUND YOU I even relaxed my mind by not even posting my weekly blog. I took a break and didn’t even do my routine laundry. And guess what, I was just fine. The world didn’t end or stop.
  2. Give Yourself Permission to Have a Bad Day. This may sound counter productive. But no one on this earth will have a great day everyday. We all will have a bad day and then some. It’s perfectly ok. Embrace that bad day. Don’t be afraid to admit you are in a mood, don’t want to wake up, don’t want to cook, clean, or go to work. Acknowledging we are having a bad day gives us the power and insight on where we need to show some love and care to ourselves. Not recognizing or denying ourselves a bad day will hinder our ability to point out triggers, insecurities, and unawareness. Once you admit you’re having a bad day, can identify why, then make it a point to make tomorrow a better day. SELF CARE HABITS: 8 DAILY HABITS TO FEEL YOUR BEST
  3. Accept What is the Now. Stop and be present in the moment. Don’t worry about what you have to do or want to do. Give yourself permission to be present, accept where you are and what you have, and learn how to be content and appreciative of that. If we are always wanting more, looking for more, then we’ll never be grateful and appreciative of what we have now. It’s great to have goals and plans, but what we have now we didn’t have before. So we are in an abundance.
  4. Embrace the Uncertainty. Especially right now we have no idea what our days are going to look like. We can plan and outline but if there is a detour you must take, don’t let it ruin your day or week. At a moments notice my kids can be in school, then have a day out, or do virtual learning for a couple of weeks. Or you may even have a snow day. I’ve learned to embrace what the day brings. The best way to do this is be present, make the decision that no matter what, you are going to embrace the moment. The idea I get to be home, cook, and spend time with my kids is a luxury. So for that I am grateful. I know there will come a point in time where my kids leave the nest. Whatever your uncertainty is, embrace it, because you can handle it.
  5. You Have Everything You Need. God has provided and equipped you with everything you need in this moment. If you needed more, right now you would have it. When it’s time for you to have more, then God will deliver. He’s always on time. He won’t leave you in lack or without. If you’re in a situation to where you don’t think so, then how are you reading this. God has never failed to deliver. Remember He is the source that uses resources. God is the source that uses your job as the resource. If you lost your job then God has another job (resource) that’s better waiting for you when you are ready to receive it. You are here today when you thought you wouldn’t make it, so He will continue to guide you. Trust Him.

As we go through life it’s not about what we are going through or what’s happening to us. But more of how we handle it, what we do with our time, and how we learn. So just know you are doing fine, you will be ok, you have the strength to overcome, tough times are temporary, and you were put here to be happy.

Have a great day!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


As I’ve matured, I own and relish in the fact that I’m high maintenance. High maintenance in a good way. There are some feminine daily self care habits I do without even blinking. These habits make me feel good on the inside, keeps me motivated, and helps with my confidence as I tackle the day.

These 9 daily habits ensure I’m always ready no matter what happens, I’m presentable, yet comfortable, and I can put my best foot forward. In no particular order here are 9 daily feminine self care habits for a good day. Daily Self Care Habits To Boost Your Mental Health

Apply Perfume Daily
Now I used to be one that wasn’t a perfume girl. However, a couple spritz of perfume gives you the confidence to know you are smelling good all day. It wakens your senses and gives you confidence to stand in your sexiness.

Specifically body lotion. Without question after showering applying lotion is a must. I met many women who say they don’t do it everyday. Applying lotion not only keeps your skin moisturized, but it’s the number way to keep your skin youthful looking. Any kind of skin concerns, a good lotion will help. Having a nice soft body and skin, gives you permission to feel feminine and sexy.

Lip Gloss
Moisturize those lips. Keep those lips exfoliated and moisturized. Even if you don’t wear lip stick or lip gloss, chap stick is still a ladies essential. Moisturized lips keeps my lips plumped and adds shine to your smile.

Comb Your Hair Daily
Seems like a no brainer. But taking 5 minutes to brush your hair instantly boost your self esteem. You care enough about you, to say I’m going to brush my hair back. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but at least when UPS knocks, you look cute.

Clothes That Fit
Just because you aren’t going anywhere or its the weekend doesn’t mean you have to be in baggy clothes all day. There are some amazing brands that sell comfy clothes that accentuate your body. While lounging around, cooking, and cleaning give yourself permission to look sexy. It does something to us mentally when we are wearing our husbands hoodies all day. Every time you walk pass a mirror you feel like Blah. Thats not our goal or what we want.

Simple Piece of Dainty Jewelry
I’ve made it a habit to wear a piece of jewelry everyday. This took me a while, but the shine and sparkle it gives on your skin is another instant confidence booster. You look good and feel good at the same time. That will motivate you to do anything. Some small earrings of course. But add a dainty bracelet or necklace.

Matching Underwear
Now this is tricky. If you can’t match your underwear everyday, then make sure they are cute everyday. No matter what we do, everything starts behind the scenes or internal. You have every right to look good and feel sexy for yourself. If you don’t feel it, then no one else will.

Oral Hygiene
Make sure we are taking care of our teeth and gums. Floss and brushing at least twice a day. I’m late to the party but I’ve been loving this Water Pik. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my oral health since incorporating it into my routine. Having a good fresh mouth and clean teeth gives you confidence when you go out.

Focus on Your Hands
I have dry skin, so applying lotion to my hands is something I do all day. Keep your hands moisturize and skin plump. I know when I don’t, my fingers look like dried up french fries because my fingers are so skinny already. In the event you have a meeting or need to shake someone hand you can do so confidently.

These are just a couple of girly things I do to keep myself confident. There isn’t anything wrong with being high maintenance. It’s all about what you perceive as high maintenance. As long as whatever you do makes you feel good.

Your self care habits doesn’t have to take an hour. Before you begin your day just spend 15 minutes with yourself making sure you look and feel good about yourself. That will set you up to have a great day.


Be you so you can be free.


As the end of the year approaches many people are making their visions boards, setting goals, and making their new year resolutions. All of those are great to have and implement, however there are 10 self care habits that I do behind the scenes.

In no particular order, here are 10 self care habits I do before the start of the year. These habits help me clear my mind, spirit, and home for a fresh start.

  1. Laundry Clear Out
    This is something we did growing up. At the start of the new year we couldn’t have any dirty clothes in the home. On New Years Eve, all laundry was to be washed, folded, and put away. As a bonus tip, as you are washing clothes, throw out any items that are too little, old, or you haven’t worn in the last couple of months. It makes no sense to carry baggage into the new year. If you haven’t worn it in the last 3 months then you probably won’t be wearing it anytime soon. If the clothes are too little, we don’t save it for when we lose weight. Once you’ve lost weight it’s time to get some fresh new clothes that fits your new body.
  2. Rearrange Furniture
    To give you a new perspective visually rearrange your furniture. If you are able to do as many rooms as possible. This will give you a new spunk about starting the new year with a fresh outlook. Start in your living room, move to the bedrooms, and if you can do your kitchen or dining table. This also forces you to take a different route when walking through your home.
  3. Organize and Declutter
    When you begin to clean up those Christmas Decorations make sure everything has a place and there is a place for everything. When putting your home back together if there are some items that you don’t use or have a space for get rid of it. You can donate it, sell it, or trash the item. Decluttering is great way to get your mental into a space for new ideas, energy, and make room for something new.
  4. A Day of Good Hygiene
    Before the new year do a good day of self care. A nice long bath or shower. Wash and condition hair. Get a hair trim if you can. Don’t forget to shave, wax, or laser. Have yourself a good simple mani and pedi. The goal is from head to toe make sure you are clean, fresh, groomed, and feeling good to start the new year.
  5. Spring Clean Your Home
    Yeah, it seems weird to spring clean your home in the winter. But self care is taking care of your home. Before rearranging furniture, wash windows, vacuum, mop floors, wipe down everything, and add some fresh scent to your home. Open the windows, curtains, and blinds for some fresh air and sun light. Even if its cold where you live. Just for a few or as long as you can stand it, let some fresh air in and filter out all the bad.
  6. Keep $1 In Your Pocket
    This goes back to when I was a little kid. My family always stressed everyone having at least $1 in their pocket, savings, or bank account. The thought process was to never ring in the new year broke. Even if you had $1, you can turn that $1 into more through out the year.
  7. Get A New Plant
    Starting the new year with a new plant, gives you something to focus on. Even if you don’t have a green thumb. You have to repot it, water it, and keep it healthy through the year. As you learn and grow your plant, you have to refresh your soil throughout the year. So every time you walk past your plant think of yourself and take care of yourself through the year.
  8. Shred Old Mail
    This is apart of my weekend self care tips SELF CARE HABITS: 6 WEEKEND HABITS FOR A GOOD WEEK but go through your home and get rid of any old mail. Clear out your purse and wallet to make room for new blessings to come.
  9. Clean Fridge & Cabinets
    Start fresh by cleaning out your fridge and cabinets. So many have weight loss goals for the first of the year, however decluttering the fridge gets rid of temptations. Make room for the healthy food. You won’t feel like you can’t start your weight loss journey until that food has been eaten.
  10. Pray, Meditate, Cleanse Your Spirit
    Before we can start any kind of new journey we shall pray and meditate. Get your spirit ready to start fresh and anew. If we aren’t centered and have clear mental space then anything we try will seem difficult. Get into a space, vibe, and energy. That way your physical and emotional being will begin to align with whatever you are trying to do.

These are 10 self care habits that I do starting the week of New Years. I know it may seem like a lot. But starting at the beginning of the week prepares me mentally, emotionally, and physically. That way by the time the 31st rolls around I’m ready to continue. The process takes time, so after having 5-7 days of being in a new mental space it will be easier for me to continue. So often we make the mistake of starting on the 1st.

The goal is to get you prepared mentally, emotionally, and spiritually before you begin your goals. Having a good thorough cleanse makes us ready to receive new. Out with the old, and in with new.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!! Be Safe!!!!! Be Well!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


There are somethings that I do every weekend to help me jump start the week. Of course, our self care habits on the weekend looks different than the weekday habits. On the other hand, I’ve noticed, I have some self care weekend habits that I’ve been doing for years. These habits helps me mentally prepare for the week and keeps me organized.

  1. Change Linen. 🛌 Every Saturday or Sunday, I have to change the linen on everyone’s bed. This is something I did as a little girl growing up with my parents. So I guess I just kept that tradition going. But it’s not just changing sheets. It’s a symbolic way of leaving the week prior behind or throwing it away. Sort of like a spiritual cleansing. Not too mention, the cleanliness effect it has on keeping your home well kept.
  2. Shred Mail. 📨 To help keep the clutter at bay, I shred mail on the weekend. Organization, clutter, and chaos in the home is a reflection of your life. So I like to get rid of any old mail, bills that have been paid, and junk to keep it from piling up. This has been a huge boost for clarity and keeping up with important finances. Handle Your Business…Get Your Finances Together In the meantime, it’s a great confidence booster to your mental knowing you’re being responsible and handling business.
  3. Clean fridge. 🥡 After a long week of cooking and the kids placing half of a water bottle in the fridge, all week, I like to clean it out. This prevents me from spending money on things at the grocery that I already have. It’s always good to clean out and rotate any food to the front that needs to be used first. Also, I am able to figure out what I plan to cook for the week.
  4. Deep Condition Hair. 💇‍♀️ I do a good deep condition on my hair. After working out all week, I like to give my hair some TLC. I’m not one to go to the salon, I enjoy doing my hair myself. Once again, it’s how I love on myself. I challenge myself to learn and do it. The act and process of washing and conditioning boosts myself esteem. To know I’m taking time to make my hair healthy and feel good is a great confidence booster.
  5. Set Calendar. 📅 I go over everyone schedule and set the times and dates in my phone. This gives me an idea of how the week is going to go. I can plan meals, appointments, and other things around what we all have going on. However, I allow for adjustments and rescheduling. 📝 Nothing is ever set in stone. Sometimes it’s good to have an outline of the week. On one hand, you’re not going in blindly, but not bound either.
  6. Sleep In. 😴 After waking up at 5a.m. ⏱ during the week, I like to sleep in. Now my idea of sleeping in is to 7 or 8 in the morning. I can’t lay there for too long, as I’ve got older my body hurts. But I typically wake up earlier, I just tend to lay there and day dream for a while. It rejuvenates my body and give it the rest it needs. Self Care: Sleep Routine

The weekends are a time to relax and unwind. But we do have responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Therefore, our small weekend self care habits helps keeps us structured. I know there are many other weekend self care habits that we all do. As always, the goal is to help you have a easier life so you can enjoy your days.


Be you so you can be free.


There are simple easy self care habits you can do daily. There are little things I do on a daily that keeps me in a good mood. So often we think self care has to be expensive or on a grand scale. It’s the little daily things that gives me peace. In no particular order here are some daily self care tips that I do everyday.

  1. My night routine is very calming and soothing. 🛌 At first I didn’t realize it was a routine until I sat down to think about it. Before I begin, I make sure that I have done everything needed for the kids and my husband because once I start I don’t want to be interrupted. I pull my hair back and begin the process of removing makeup if I wore it that day. Makeup Free For A Year And Loving It 💄Then I take my time and wash my face. The process of getting rid of dirt, oil, and grime of the day makes me feel good. Next, I put on my facial mask. While my mask is drying I choose the soap or body wash of my choice. After that, I make sure to have my towel, robe, and slippers handy. All while doing this I’m praying and thanking God 🙏 for the day. Most of the time, I have some kind of music or YouTube video playing in the background. Finally, I hop in the shower and was the day away. This mentally, physically, and emotionally prepares me to get into sleep mode. My mind is clear and ready for the next day. The key to this is to take your time. When I get out I lotion 🧴 my body and put on a little perfume. Mental unwind.
  2. Everyday I give myself an hour to do nothing. 🧘🏾‍♀️This usually happens after I drop the kids off to school and my husband is off to work. I come home, sit on the couch and do nothing. No phone near by, not a television on in the home, and not a light on in the house. I sit, sometimes drink my ☕️coffee at this time, and day dream. Let my mind rest. Often times I pray, release emotions, and clear my spirit. This helps me maintain a sense of calm and peace. 🎆
  3. Take an hour to watch one program a day. 📺 After some reflection, I realized there were days where I hadn’t even looked at a TV. So I made it a point to take a moment and watch at least one hour of television a day. This is another way I decompress. Get my mind off everyday tasks and things I want to do. This forces me to take a break.
  4. Without question, I literally light a candle 🕯 everyday. This is something that soothes my sense of smell and gives a calming effect. It’s almost like the beginning of unwinding my day. Ok, I know I’m in for the day, so it’s time to begin calming the atmosphere.😌
  5. This comes as a no brainer, I always have a cup of coffee ☕️ or tea. Random Fun Fact About Me As a mug collector, the act of choosing my mug and getting myself into a mood sets the tone for the day. Once again, this is something that gives me 5 minutes ⏱of the day to be one with myself. Enjoy sipping and thinking about whatever I want is great for mental and emotional health.
  6. Walk 🚶‍♀️on the treadmill. Even when I’m tired and don’t feel like it, I will hop on and do a walk. This is my form of meditation. Once I put my ear buds in and listen to music, I have drifted off to never land. I can sweat and release all kinds of energy. Especially if I’m angry, upset, hurt, or overwhelmed, a good walk relaxes my mind and helps me to stop thinking about bad thoughts. 🙇‍♀️ Once I’m done, I feel lighter mostly mentally and emotionally.
  7. Read an article. 📰 I’ve committed myself to reading an article a day. Most often now, it’s reading another fellow bloggers posts. Sometimes I find great articles in magazines or just random one’s online. But I like to read some kind of article, particularly of an area that I have no interest in. This is to expand my mind, vocabulary, and exposure to other things. Forcing myself out of my comfort zone. My favorite time to do this is at work, to avoid any office drama. I can zone out and read. Self care habits are important to maintain at work as well.
  8. Without question I’m going to listen to some type of 🤲 motivational or inspirational message. I begin my day with a message and sense of gratitude. However, it’s common for me to listen or read more than once a day. I have to keep my spiritual gas tank full. That is my source of strength and fuel. Even when I’m having an amazing day, that is the best time to pour into your spiritual tank.

Those are just a couple of daily habits I noticed that keeps my mood uplifted. No matter how little or big a habit is, it’s how it makes you feel. The ultimate goal is to find daily habits that inspires, motivates, and uplift you either in good or bad times. You don’t have to feel anxious or depressed to engage in daily self care habits. I guarantee you, as I did, if you look at your daily lifestyle, there are somethings you do everyday without even knowing it. Those are your self care habits. Do whatever makes you feel good on the inside.


Be you so you can be free.

RANDOM Thoughts of encouragement

While making my coffee I had a few random thoughts of encouragement I wanted to share…There is more life for you to live. Things will get better. It won’t stay dark forever. Be patient until the light comes through for you. Be grateful that you are able to anticipate light and happiness again. Get your strength back while you wait. Figure out what role you played in dimming your light. Part of self care and growth is analyzing ones own behavior in the situation.

Believe in your abilities for yourself. Trust yourself to know you can do it. Forgive yourself. Everything starts with the mind. I didn’t understand this concept until I intentionally began to feed my mind with positivity. The moment you hear yourself saying something negative change that into something positive. Why Mindset Is Everything Stop yourself in mid sentence or mid thought and redirect the course. Whatever we tell our mind is the direction we will take.

I can honestly tell you the moment I decided not to complain and make excuses my mental thought process changed. Even if someone isn’t being the most kind. I do understand it has nothing to do with me. Please understand that was a work in progress for me. And it still is an ongoing process. The key is to consistently work at it. Just because you have a good mindset today doesn’t mean something won’t happen tomorrow that will get you off track.

Now don’t get me wrong I have had a bad day. I will have another bad day. But I know to leave it at that day and don’t carry it over into the next. You will have a bad day. Things will get off course. But the goal is to get your mindset and daily habits to a point where you know exactly how to get back on track. How To Boost Your Confidence With Daily Self Care You know from experience what works for you and how you need to get yourself together.

In the meantime, take care of yourself. Do what you have to do to make sure you’re not on edge. Give yourself time to rest. Furthermore, take the day off and do nothing. It’s ok to feel off, you not your normal self, and you really can’t put it into words. Let the spirit move in and through you. You will eventually figure it out. If you have so much going on in your head, talk it out to yourself or write them down. Your random thoughts will encourage and motivate you.

Well that is all for my random Friday thoughts of motivation and encouragement . I hope you enjoy your day, weekend, or week. Be well and be safe.


Be you so you can be free.


To all my single moms out there, you guys rock !!!!! However, single mom self care is vital to your well being. Yes, you can practice self care if you are a single mom. Furthermore, you deserve a moment, you are doing an amazing job, and single mom self care is possible, here are some easy and effective tips for you.

In No Particular Order…

  1. You already possess the time ⏰ needed to practice self care. Get rid of the idea that you don’t have time because you don’t have a partner. You just have to allocate your time differently. Believe and know you have what you need.
  2. Scheduling 📝 and using a calendar 📅 will make your life easier to manage. Use a calendar to keep up with activities 🤾🏽‍♂️, appointments, and other obligations. Be sure to adjust the time if the appointment changes. Schedule everything. Your hair 💇🏾‍♀️appointment. Nail 💅🏾 appointment. Spa appointment. Even schedule exercise.
  3. Piggy backing off of single mom self care tip # 2, exercise 🧘🏾‍♀️is a must for you. It’s more for your mental and emotional health than anything. Use this time to get creative and do different classes 🤽🏾‍♀️. There are many resources online to take advantage of and do with friends. That way you are exercising, having some time with friends, and getting a break from the kids at the same time.
  4. This probably should have been first, but wake 🛌 up before the kids 👩‍👧‍👦. Use the hour or two before they wake up to just sit and be. Shower and get ready for work in peace. Have a cup of coffee. Check emails in peace. Meditate. Read. Pray.
  5. Make plans to go out. Have a set time, rather it’s once a month 📅or weekly. Whatever you need to fulfill your need to socialize with adults, do so.
  6. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, get creative. Find a hobby🎨 or something that sparks your interest. Keep your mind going and have something substantial to occupy your time.
  7. Volunteer. Be of service👩🏾‍💻 to something or someone. While you’re lending a helping hand to someone else your spirit is being filled. On the plus side, you get to meet amazing new people.
  8. Have a date with the 👩‍👧‍👧kids. Get them out the house and do something fun. Learn their interest and what’s on their mind as they are growing. A different scenery🏖 for the family will open everyone up.
  9. Meal prep. Make your life easy with planning 🥗meals. This avoid eating out as well as keeping the family on a healthy lifestyle.
  10. Rest, relax, and 🛋take a day off. Give yourself some credit and plan a day off to do nothing. Do so while they are at school. You can binge watch all day in peace in quiet. How To Boost Your Confidence With Daily Self Care

Bonus Tip: Kiss the kids every night.

These are just a few quick and easy self care tips any single mom can do. It doesn’t matter what your budget is or where you live. Know that you worthy and deserving. You are an amazing parent. Most importantly your kids will benefit from you practicing self care. So go ahead do what you need to do to make yourself feel good.


Be you so you can be free.