A while ago I made the decision to stop doing 3 things. Little did I know these 3 things helped me greatly mentally and emotionally.

The first choice I made was to stop saying ”I’m tired.” For starters, when I would say I was tired, it would put me in a mental state of gloom. Whatever was in front of me to do, seemed out of reach. I felt the smallest tasks would take forever. I would begin putting tasks off. Which creates another snowball of negative effects. My mood would shift. The littlest things would set me off. My fuse became shorter.

I didn’t like that feeling. Because once I actually thought about it, I really wasn’t tired. I may have put too much on my plate that day. And because it was scheduled in, I felt the need to get all the tasks done. Saying I’m tired puts negative energy and mood in the atmosphere. FRIENDLY REMINDERS I TELL MYSELF When all I needed to do was relax, reschedule, and do something for me. I am very proud of myself for keeping this out of my vocabulary. Once I was aware of the mental and emotional effects of saying ”I’m tired” it was easy for me to remove. Even when my husband asks me am I tired, I quickly say NO!!!!!!!!

The next thing I got rid of that help me personally was complaining. Complaining not only effects you but those around you. Complaining isn’t going to change the situation. If you are late, you are late. It’s the small things we complain about that weighs us down. Traffic. Long lines at the grocery store. Paying bills. Going to work. Having a job. Having a family. Responsibilities.

We often don’t see it at as complaining but it is. We want that big promotion with the office window, but we complain about the work load that comes with it. The large house on the hill we want, but complain about the upkeep and maintenance it takes. The life long dream of having a family, God blesses us with it, but we complain about how hard and long our days are. We pile so much on our plate, literally and figuratively, but then complain about the weight we gain or how much we have to do.

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The last thing I got rid of that helped me personally was making excuses. When things don’t turn out right or go as planned I immediately check myself. I knew putting the blame on me and no one else allowed me to maintain authority over the situation. It would eliminate me getting anyone else in a bind. Or trouble at work if its work related. Also it would eliminate tension between me and others. I had to come to a point where I couldn’t worry about who was at fault. Or who didn’t play their role correctly. I only could worry about my role and how I eliminate the situation again. When we take ownership no one can manipulate, control, or make you feel a certain way.

Since I’ve eliminated those 3 things, I have been more relaxed, understanding, and less stressed. Being completely focused on me and my subconscious keeps me centered. You’ll find you won’t get agitated as easy. Things won’t bother you as much. And you are more productive, happy, and people want to be around you.


Be you so you can be free.

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