This week my focus and intentions were to stay organized and on top of the daily routine because I knew it was going to be a busy week. Starting off with the Super Bowl, then Valentines Day the very next day, an anticipated snow and ice storm again, to parent teacher conferences. It was sure to be a busy week.

Sunday: Super Bowl Sunday. The day my husband has been waiting for. I know on big game days he doesn’t like to be interrupted and he stays glued to the T.V. The day started great with us doing our routine Sunday morning coffee at Dunn Bros. Then we went to the store to make sure we had what we wanted to eat for the big game. Side Note: So my husband doesn’t like to attend or host big game parties. He feels he can’t watch the game and hear everything if there is alot of people around. So we partied with the immediate family. Our menu stayed simple with burgers and salad. Baked a cake and some brownies, everyone was happy.

However, in early afternoon around 1:30 pm we experienced an unexpected power outage. This was not the day for it. It was nice and sunny outside so it was very confusing. Well, we figured out it was a neighborhood outage and it was estimated to restore around 5pm. Thankfully it was still sunny out and I used that time to repot my plants, the kids used the IPAD for entertainment, while my husband paced the floor. After all, it was restored within 2 hours and we had an amazing evening.

Monday: Happy Valentines Day!!!! ❤️ HOW DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF It’s love day, but we all still have to go to work and school. I knew I had a couple of coworkers who were single and didn’t have the best attitude towards today. So I stopped and got them some candies to cheer them up. Typically the hubs and I usually don’t make a big stink about Valentines Day, but we knew we wanted the kids to feel special. I decorated the house and got some flowers for the table. Then we chose to order in because every restaurant was booked. We enjoyed the evening and it was intimate with the kids. Lastly, we capped it off with some red velvet cake.

Tuesday: Had a really good day at the office. Successful in balancing some editing, contracts, and getting some good proposals out. This was a great day to go out and enjoy nature before the storm that is expected Thurdsay. Temps reached to near 70 and it was refreshing to be outside. The kids did their weekly Tuedsday trip to grandmas house, which gives me time to do what I need to do. I was able to get some cleaning done, a couple of laurndry loads, and workout.

Wednesday: Very quiet and peaceful day at the office. Because we’re expecting another storm I was a little busy ensuring that everything was up to date and clients had everthing they needed in the event they would close the office. Per usual, I went to the store to make sure we had more than enough. Snow days I love because I get to be home with the kids, working on my blog, freelancing, and just being available to my kids. We got the call kind of late in the evening that they were going to close everything. The kids were excited for another break.

Thursday: Snow Day as expected. We received freezing rain, then sleet, and lastly snow on top. Plus the temps dropped extremely low very quickly. Vast turn around from the 70 degrees on Tuesday. I spent this day relaxing and catching up on work. Because today I was supposed to have parent teacher conferences. I have 3 kids that go to 3 different schools (elementary, middle, and high school) I like to split the conferences between two days. Since this day was cancelled I know next week I will have all three on the same day. The kids and I were on edge all day because my husband had to make it to work and stayed all day and night because no one else could make it out. Thankfully he made it home safe.

Friday: They cancelled school again and I opted to work from home. I had a contract to negotiate and begin so it worked out for the best. My plans were to maintain my daily routine, get some contracts out and work done, all while enjoying my time with the kids. These snow days have been great mental health days for me. Due to the weather, our plans are to stay in and enjoy binge watching some old television shows. The kids have been loving us showing them the shows we watched when we were younger.

Saturday: The first thing on the agenda is to go get my daughters supplies for her Family and Consume Science class. She’s preparing to sew and make a pillow. Had a good day out after being snowed in for a couple days running errands. The rest of the day was spent tidying up, working out, and relaxing. After a couple of long days, my husband is off for much needed break.

Another week down and we’re already at the end of February. As you go through your daily life and weeks, it’s important to take time for self, family, and rest. Have a great week!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


To trust myself has been a very important part of me maintaining mental health. A great mental health reminder for us all is to trust ourselves. I’ve learned to trust instincts, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experience.

When you are faced with a decision, trust that first thought or instinct. That usually is the right one. Sometimes it may not be the best or easiest choice for you, but it’s the right one. Trusting our instincts prevents us from second guessing or questioning. Also it eliminates the Monday morning quarter back. You know, when you knew what choice you wanted to make but you backed out to make the easy one. Now in hindsight you wish you could reverse course. Listen to your instincts.

black typewriter machine typing on white printer paper

Trust your thoughts. Remember our thoughts controls us and leads to our actions. If you’re having good thoughts and thinking positive feed that. On the other hand, if you’re having negative thoughts quickly acknowledge the source of pain, hurt, or anger then correct the course and move forward. Either way our thoughts will tell us where we are headed. Be honest with yourself and trust yourself to get through it. MID WEEK MENTAL HEALTH REMINDERS

Trusting yourself and listening to your feelings and emotions will lead you on a great path to healing and understanding. Both our good and bad emotions shows us how we are being. Listen to them, ask yourself why am I having said feeling, and then you’ll be able to heal. Trusting your feelings and emotions will allow you to learn behaviors, triggers, and patterns about yourself.

We’ve all been in the low valleys and highest of the peaks. Trust your previous experiences and how you conquered the highs and lows. Rely on your experiences to pull yourself through and become better for yourself. Your experiences will help guide you mentally and emotionally. Finally trust yourself to be better for yourself.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


This week the intentions are to be productive and get back to business. After being snowed in for a couple of days we enjoyed the last day of mental rest. The kids were ready to go back to school and I was ready to head back to the office. I’m not going to lie though, I needed this break.

Sunday: My husband and I did our usual waking up early and having our coffee. Having breakfast and coffee at our favorite cafe, Dunn Bros., has become an unplanned ritual for us on Sundays. I knew I wanted to get as much done as possible early. My usual weekend routine of cleaning and organizing for the week I was able to get done early. SELF CARE HABITS: 6 WEEKEND HABITS FOR A GOOD WEEK I was able to have a great reset while still being able to rest most of the day for my mental.

Monday: Had a great day!!! Although I didn’t want to go to the office it was a very productive day and I enjoyed the sunlight coming through my window in the meantime. I was able to accomplish getting out some good proposals and can’t wait to see what kind of contracts come out of it. Had been in a really good mood and very grateful as of late. The kids enjoyed going back to school after having a couple of snow days. Of course, we capped the evening off with my daughter watching the Animal Planet Channel. It’s amazing as a mom, to see their interest expand and grow. It teaches me so much about life.

Tuesday: Extremely nice and sunny outside. Really enjoyed the sunshine and the warmth melting the mountains of snow. Every Tuesday my kids go to grandma house and help her do some chores and take out trash. So thankfully, my husband and I was able to get some alone time and go have a quick early dinner date. It was refreshing, out of schedule, and needed. It’s always good to do something different and go somewhere different. Even if its during the week or out of routine.

Wednesday: Today was a true mental health day. My husband and I both took off work to do nothing. We, of course, enjoyed breakfast and coffee at our favorite coffee shop. Mentally and emotionally I think we both are going through a transition. Although we don’t know where this journey is going to lead us but we both agree on what’s important and how we want to live our life. We also made the decision to make Valentines Day all about the kids. At this point, our goal is to create memories and experiences.

Thursday: This week has went by fast and I had to take a moment let it settle in. Impromptu date with hubs was refreshing and we’ve been trying to enjoy and live in the moment. So it’s been great because I’ve kept up on my daily cleaning so I don’t feel overwhelmed. Sometimes one day of cleaning and not doing laundry can set me back a bunch.

Friday: We made it to the end of the week. It was a fast productive week for all. My son was able to pick his classes for next semester and got what he wanted. We already can’t believe it’s the middle of February and the realization that time isn’t on our side hasn’t been more evident. Creating experiences, memories, and taking time for self is top priority. We’ve already begun thinking about Spring Break and what we can do with the kids for that week.

Saturday: I chose to relax and live in the moment on this day. Of course sleep in a little bit, repot my plants, and get ready for the Super Bowl. Had a really good week of balancing work and family. Keeping up with the housework as well.

Hope you all had a great week and weekend.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


Happy Valentines Day!!!!!! How do you love yourself today or any other day? Right now is the best time to show yourself some love before you shower others with love. Make sure your self love cup is filled first. Then let the over flow of love spill over to others in your life.

”If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else. Can I get a amen up in here?” -Rupaul

multicolor heart shaped candies

How are you going to love yourself today? If you are single, married, widowed, or going through a separation you are loved. Therefore, you should celebrate that. Even if you feel right now, you are alone or lonely, there is someone out there that admires you. For those that are married or in a relationship, don’t forget about yourself. So often those that aren’t single tend to forget about themselves in a relationship. Make yourself a priority today as well. SELF LOVE: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

I’m Going To Love Myself Today By:

-Glamming myself up before I go to work. I painted my nails red and have a special red lipstick for this day.
-Eating a healthy breakfast to start my day off right.
-Editing a blog post because it’s my hobby and something l like to do for me.
-Tidy up my home to ensure my space is free for me to be comfortable.
-Pray to make sure my spirit is filled and I don’t let any negativity stick to me.
-Workout to increase my overall health and wellness.
-Laugh because it’s good for the soul and it’s the best medicine.
-Tell myself I’m enough and I deserve everything my heart desire.
-Fix dinner for my family because I love being a mom and a wife.

Those are just a few things I will do today to show myself some love. I encourage everyone out there to show themselves some love. Whatever it is you want, feel you are missing, or need give it to yourself. Then you may spread the love around.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


I’ve read many stories and watched many videos on individuals trying to explain their encounters of people questioning if they are really depressed. There are many misconceptions on what depression looks and feel like.

I was reading a comment, forgive me I can’t remember which site, but she caught an Uber ride home. The driver naturally sparked a conversation and asked her about her day. She explained to him she was leaving her appointment with her therapist because she’s battling depression. His response was, ”you don’t look depressed.”

Of course, she felt the need to explain why she doesn’t look depressed. Furthermore, proceeded to briefly explain to him not everyone carry’s their depression on the outside.

That lead me to thinking. There are many people walking around dealing with depression and life and we have no clue. Depression isn’t always ugly, sleeping all day, crying, not eating, and withdrawn.

Depression Can Also Look Like:

The car pool mom that’s always smiling wishing the kids a great day and cheering them on, on the way to school.

That single mother working two jobs, making it look easy, and doing it with hair, nails, and makeup done.

That office worker who make sure the company doesn’t miss a beat. The go to person in the office that make sure everyone is ok.

That coach or teacher coming to school everyday giving all they have to ensure our kids has the best education and chance possible.

That waiter or waitress who is always smiling and looks happy to be at work serving your favorite dish.

The bus driver greeting you on the bus every morning, afternoon, or evening.

The kid that is the star athlete at their school.

The kid who has a 4.0 and makes it look effortless.

That stay at home mom that everyone wish they can have the life of.

And a million others out there, doing an amazing job hiding their depression.

The point is, just because someone isn’t crying, doesn’t mean they aren’t having dark thoughts and emotions. Usually, it’s the person we least expect. It’s important now more than ever to check up on your loved one’s, coworkers, and friends. WELLNESS: EVEN THE STRONGEST NEEDS A BREAK Unfortunately, what depression look like isn’t always the same.

To be clear, there are many forms of depression. If you or anyone you know are having dark feelings or thoughts and need to talk to someone please seek professional help. You are worth it. You are special and you matter.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be fee.


This mental health reminder is a tip for me and you. Opinions don’t define you. Someone’s opinion of you, what you are doing, and how you be doesn’t increase or decrease your value . Remember opinions, mostly negative, is a reflection of how they view themselves.

So often we get hurt and make decisions based off what another said or think. What did it get you? Absolutely nothing. They only found another thing to criticize you on and make you second guess or question yourself.

Just because someone doesn’t agree with the choices you make doesn’t decrease your paycheck when it hit the bank. When they make comments about your weight, eating habits, or anything fitness it won’t shed the pounds off. In the same token, them criticizing you for taking care of yourself doesn’t shed the weight off their body. When someone points out what you spend your money on, it doesn’t add money to their bank account. Lastly, their opinions doesn’t pay your bills.

Sure, we want the approval or high-five from the people we love, but even then we can’t depend or wait on their opinion. You define you. What your vision for you life is, no one else sees. MENTAL HEALTH WELLNESS TIP: ONE STEP AT A TIME

If you are trembling in fear, waiting on an approval, or debating what you should based off what someone will say or think, remember this, no matter what you do, everyone is going to have an opinion. You can go discover a cure for cancer, and someone is going to find something negative to say.

Opinions don’t tuck you in at night, they don’t cook your dinner, pay your bills, or work for you. So the the next time you find yourself questioning a decision based off an opinion, redirect course and make the decisions for you.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


The last two weeks my focus and intention has been calm and stillness. I knew and felt like there was so much going on in the world that I didn’t want it to suck me in. After a busy ending of January it was time for me to pause. Taking an occasional pause is very important.

Sunday: Was a reset day for me. I didn’t want to have the day filled with ”stuff” to do. My intentions were to let the day come naturally. I woke up by asking ”God what is it you want me to do today?” And I let Him guide me. It turned out to be a very chilled day. We enjoyed breakfast and coffee at our favorite coffee shop and lounged the rest of the day. One of our rule of thumbs, is to use Sundays as a mental health rest day. We know the importance of keeping a clear mind before our routine busy week with a family of five.

Monday: It’s always busy and back to business. Really had to drag myself to the office because we have been very slow and I would prefer to work from home and get more things done. I always have to quickly remind myself how fortunate and blessed I am to be able to manage my own schedule. Because my ultimate goal is to work for myself full time , any moment I may feel I can be working towards that gets me frustrated when I can’t. Monday evenings are always chill and light because we’re settling into our routine.

Tuesday: Was very busy as I finish up a contract and submit more proposals. Had a learning experience on what to look for when submitting proposals. This freelancer journey is teaching me a lot about business and people in a different way than corporate America. But I’m enjoying it. I had to finish things up at the office because we are expecting a snow storm and everything is going to shut down. After work I made sure we had everything we needed to be snowed in for a couple of days. Of course, my anxiety is up because no matter how much snow and ice we get, my husband has to go to work.

Wednesday: As expected we are snowed in, there’s no school, and my office is closed. I’m happy because I get to spend the day at home, with my kids, and have a mental break. WEEKLY BLOG: BALANCING EVERYDAY LIFE I enjoy waking up, still early, working on the things that make me happy, cooking breakfast, and of course baking a cake. I was able to maintain my midweek clean, relax, and make it a fun successful snow day. While still having my moments of calm and stillness.

Thursday: Another snow day. You better believe I’m loving it. I took advantage of these last two days by setting goals and intentions on how I plan to eventually be able to work for myself full time. Still loving being a mom, cooking, baking, and making sure we soak up every moment we have together. My kids usually love going to school being with their friends, but to my surprise, they are loving the snow days. Even as a mom, I am learning from my kids about life.

Friday: We weren’t sure, but they cancelled school again. I decided to stay home with the kids and work from home. Later on in the afternoon, we decided it was time to go out and play in the snow, shovel ourselves out, and get some fresh air. Although it was still brutally cold, we had fun. Finally the snow has stopped and everyone was ready to get out and breathe some fresh air. In the evening, we enjoyed the beginning event of the Winter Olympics. Just as the Summer Olympics, we love to hear the inspiring stories about the athletes and attempt to learn something from them.

Saturday: Was a much better day. The temps are up and the sun is shining bright. So that helps much of the snow and ice to melt. The kids were having cabin fever. Therefore we decided to go have lunch at Panera. It was a great, quiet, calm afternoon lunch. My husband and I were absolutely excited because the kids chose Panera. The rest of the day and evening enjoying each other, watching the Winter Olympics, and doing nothing. My husband and I use to always think on the weekends we had to go go go. We are more happy binging watching an old tv show from our childhood and drinking coffee.

When I was younger I wish the importance of peace, calm, and stillness was highlighted. Yeah, they tell you to rest, but at the time I was growing up, it was all about grinding and working yourself to exhaustion. If you work yourself into exhaustion, no one is going to benefit from you being in the hospital or having a nervous breakdown. Part of self care is finding that balance of work and stillness.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


We are a week into February and some may be feeling a little down on themselves. You made all these new years resolutions and they haven’t turned out exactly how you thought. Don’t give up, reset and keep going. KEEP GOING AND PUSH YOURSELF

I know there are many folks out there who set goals on January 1. Unfortunately, circumstances didn’t allow you to stay on track. For some reason finances got in the way of your goals. One slip up of getting off the diet and now you back to eating whatever you want. The weather prevented you from getting to the gym for a couple of days and now you feel like what’s the point of even going back.

Well all of those may be true. But you have the power to reset, adjust, and recharge. Don’t give up on your goals because life happen. Life is going to happen. You have to make a decision and choice to not let life get in your way. Don’t give up, reset and recharge to give yourself a chance.

Make the money saving goal a little smaller until you can save what you initially set out. Instead of setting a 20lb weight loss goal, reset it to 10lbs until you get back in gear. Ok, so what you ate that burger and fries, make it a point to play in the garden to get your eating habits back on track.

No matter what your resolution goals were, or how far you fell off. You can get back on track. Don’t give up on your goals. You can do this. We all fall off the wagon. That is being human. But what’s even more courageous, is not staying down.

Reset this month. Get your journal out and purge all your thoughts. Purge that guilt of eating fast food. Purge that shame of making excuses for not exercising. You spent the money, it’s not coming back, so free yourself of regret.

Next, go to the grocery store and get what you need to eat this week to stay on your good eating habits. Set your workout clothes out at night. Make a budget for you this week or do a little money challenge. Challenge yourself and do a no spend challenge this week.

Remember you can do it. Whatever that it is. Don’t give up. Reset and recharge.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


For the last couple of weeks I’ve really had to be intentional about pausing and taking a couple moments to gather myself. I thought I’d share some mid week mental health reminders that we all can use.

You Are Depending On You
  1. Relax. Seems simple enough right. When I say relax I don’t mean in literal since of laying down and going to bed. Whatever it is that has you worried, afraid, or anxious just breathe and let the circumstances play out. Worrying isn’t going to speed the time up. Getting anxious and pacing the floor isn’t going to change the outcome or determine the outcome. Instead, what I did was plop down on the couch and binge watch Law & Order. Then I decided to have a bowl of ice cream. TGIF: SELF CARE IS ALL AROUND YOU I even relaxed my mind by not even posting my weekly blog. I took a break and didn’t even do my routine laundry. And guess what, I was just fine. The world didn’t end or stop.
  2. Give Yourself Permission to Have a Bad Day. This may sound counter productive. But no one on this earth will have a great day everyday. We all will have a bad day and then some. It’s perfectly ok. Embrace that bad day. Don’t be afraid to admit you are in a mood, don’t want to wake up, don’t want to cook, clean, or go to work. Acknowledging we are having a bad day gives us the power and insight on where we need to show some love and care to ourselves. Not recognizing or denying ourselves a bad day will hinder our ability to point out triggers, insecurities, and unawareness. Once you admit you’re having a bad day, can identify why, then make it a point to make tomorrow a better day. SELF CARE HABITS: 8 DAILY HABITS TO FEEL YOUR BEST
  3. Accept What is the Now. Stop and be present in the moment. Don’t worry about what you have to do or want to do. Give yourself permission to be present, accept where you are and what you have, and learn how to be content and appreciative of that. If we are always wanting more, looking for more, then we’ll never be grateful and appreciative of what we have now. It’s great to have goals and plans, but what we have now we didn’t have before. So we are in an abundance.
  4. Embrace the Uncertainty. Especially right now we have no idea what our days are going to look like. We can plan and outline but if there is a detour you must take, don’t let it ruin your day or week. At a moments notice my kids can be in school, then have a day out, or do virtual learning for a couple of weeks. Or you may even have a snow day. I’ve learned to embrace what the day brings. The best way to do this is be present, make the decision that no matter what, you are going to embrace the moment. The idea I get to be home, cook, and spend time with my kids is a luxury. So for that I am grateful. I know there will come a point in time where my kids leave the nest. Whatever your uncertainty is, embrace it, because you can handle it.
  5. You Have Everything You Need. God has provided and equipped you with everything you need in this moment. If you needed more, right now you would have it. When it’s time for you to have more, then God will deliver. He’s always on time. He won’t leave you in lack or without. If you’re in a situation to where you don’t think so, then how are you reading this. God has never failed to deliver. Remember He is the source that uses resources. God is the source that uses your job as the resource. If you lost your job then God has another job (resource) that’s better waiting for you when you are ready to receive it. You are here today when you thought you wouldn’t make it, so He will continue to guide you. Trust Him.

As we go through life it’s not about what we are going through or what’s happening to us. But more of how we handle it, what we do with our time, and how we learn. So just know you are doing fine, you will be ok, you have the strength to overcome, tough times are temporary, and you were put here to be happy.

Have a great day!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.