This week my focus and intentions were to stay organized and on top of the daily routine because I knew it was going to be a busy week. Starting off with the Super Bowl, then Valentines Day the very next day, an anticipated snow and ice storm again, to parent teacher conferences. It was sure to be a busy week.

Sunday: Super Bowl Sunday. The day my husband has been waiting for. I know on big game days he doesn’t like to be interrupted and he stays glued to the T.V. The day started great with us doing our routine Sunday morning coffee at Dunn Bros. Then we went to the store to make sure we had what we wanted to eat for the big game. Side Note: So my husband doesn’t like to attend or host big game parties. He feels he can’t watch the game and hear everything if there is alot of people around. So we partied with the immediate family. Our menu stayed simple with burgers and salad. Baked a cake and some brownies, everyone was happy.

However, in early afternoon around 1:30 pm we experienced an unexpected power outage. This was not the day for it. It was nice and sunny outside so it was very confusing. Well, we figured out it was a neighborhood outage and it was estimated to restore around 5pm. Thankfully it was still sunny out and I used that time to repot my plants, the kids used the IPAD for entertainment, while my husband paced the floor. After all, it was restored within 2 hours and we had an amazing evening.

Monday: Happy Valentines Day!!!! ❤️ HOW DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF It’s love day, but we all still have to go to work and school. I knew I had a couple of coworkers who were single and didn’t have the best attitude towards today. So I stopped and got them some candies to cheer them up. Typically the hubs and I usually don’t make a big stink about Valentines Day, but we knew we wanted the kids to feel special. I decorated the house and got some flowers for the table. Then we chose to order in because every restaurant was booked. We enjoyed the evening and it was intimate with the kids. Lastly, we capped it off with some red velvet cake.

Tuesday: Had a really good day at the office. Successful in balancing some editing, contracts, and getting some good proposals out. This was a great day to go out and enjoy nature before the storm that is expected Thurdsay. Temps reached to near 70 and it was refreshing to be outside. The kids did their weekly Tuedsday trip to grandmas house, which gives me time to do what I need to do. I was able to get some cleaning done, a couple of laurndry loads, and workout.

Wednesday: Very quiet and peaceful day at the office. Because we’re expecting another storm I was a little busy ensuring that everything was up to date and clients had everthing they needed in the event they would close the office. Per usual, I went to the store to make sure we had more than enough. Snow days I love because I get to be home with the kids, working on my blog, freelancing, and just being available to my kids. We got the call kind of late in the evening that they were going to close everything. The kids were excited for another break.

Thursday: Snow Day as expected. We received freezing rain, then sleet, and lastly snow on top. Plus the temps dropped extremely low very quickly. Vast turn around from the 70 degrees on Tuesday. I spent this day relaxing and catching up on work. Because today I was supposed to have parent teacher conferences. I have 3 kids that go to 3 different schools (elementary, middle, and high school) I like to split the conferences between two days. Since this day was cancelled I know next week I will have all three on the same day. The kids and I were on edge all day because my husband had to make it to work and stayed all day and night because no one else could make it out. Thankfully he made it home safe.

Friday: They cancelled school again and I opted to work from home. I had a contract to negotiate and begin so it worked out for the best. My plans were to maintain my daily routine, get some contracts out and work done, all while enjoying my time with the kids. These snow days have been great mental health days for me. Due to the weather, our plans are to stay in and enjoy binge watching some old television shows. The kids have been loving us showing them the shows we watched when we were younger.

Saturday: The first thing on the agenda is to go get my daughters supplies for her Family and Consume Science class. She’s preparing to sew and make a pillow. Had a good day out after being snowed in for a couple days running errands. The rest of the day was spent tidying up, working out, and relaxing. After a couple of long days, my husband is off for much needed break.

Another week down and we’re already at the end of February. As you go through your daily life and weeks, it’s important to take time for self, family, and rest. Have a great week!!!!


Be you so you can be free.

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