The one thing I do know is being grateful in the present will give you the comfort and peace you need to live with intention. I had to learn acknowledging, accepting, and trusting where I am in the now is the only way to live intentionally in the present. Not doing so will always have one desiring for more, leaving a feeling of never being satisfied. FINDING JOY IN THE LITTLE THINGS

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Have you ever had your eye on that one thing. Then you finally got it. Not too long after, you began thinking about something else, searching for that something else, and planning the time to get it. I’ll say it again, everything you have now is what you prayed or wanted for. Where you are is where you are supposed to be. When you conquer this level you’ll move up. In the meantime be grateful for the simple things and nurture it.

15 Random Simple Joys I’m Grateful For

-Without question, my mental awareness and state of mind
-My conversation with my older cousin the other day
-That bowl of cheddar broccoli soup
-Going to the dentist last week
-New level of growth my husband and I are on
-The activity of my limbs
-Waking up to sun shining through my window
-Being able to fix my kid’s breakfast every morning
-My home feels like home, safe
-Planning my Christmas decorations
-Enjoying breakfast and coffee with my oldest son while watching early football games
-Walking through Barnes and Noble with my husband
-Going for a walk
-Enjoying the new recipe I found on Pinterest
-Clarity and refresh after decluttering and cleaning out closets over the weekend

Those are 15 random things that brought me joy and I am grateful for. So often we think about health, home, car, life, and family. But focusing on the simple joys that may seem meaningless will provide us with more encouragement, confidence, and motivation to live intentionally in the moment.

Before you go to bed write down at least 10 joys.


Be you so you can be free.


“You’ve done what the Lord has asked us all to do. What someone does with your gift or what intentions they had isn’t for you to worry about.” Once again I perked up at my desk. When my antennas go up my mind, spirit, and heart is open to receive.

be a friend a friendship quotes

Monday morning I had an email that read “I’ll have to explain it to you in person.” Come to find out a couple approached a lady that came to visit church Sunday morning. At the end of service they approached and welcomed her. Upon approaching, we’re going to call her “Tina”, they noticed she didn’t look well. So they asked if they could help her with anything.

Tina only communicated through a notepad, had 4 large bags with her, and it was cold and rainy out. After limited communication, the couple decided to place her in a hotel for a couple of nights until she could get to a shelter. Well after some thought they had buyers remorse and felt like they had been scammed. 10 MENTAL HEALTH REMINDERS

Meeting with them and hearing Tina was dressed in beautiful trench coat, high heals, hair done, she wasn’t wet when she came in, didn’t have body odor, and her bags of stuff was nicely clean and organize they felt like they were scammed. This couple wasn’t asking for their money back, I think they just wanted to vent their frustration. Get some confirmation of their feelings and simply process the events.

In the meeting the Pastor explained you did what our boss, God, told us to do. We opened the doors of the church. We gave them coffee and a bite to eat. Placed them in a room for comfort. You did the right thing and what you were supposed to do. Thus, your spirits and conscious is free, clear, and open to receive blessings. What another person does with our gifts, generosity, and kindness isn’t for us to deal with. That is their payday.

I needed this because I had been battling myself on how to proceed with certain relationships in my family. I’ve felt duped and bamboozled by my aunt. Betrayed by my brother of him directing his anger at me. Hearing that message gave me confirmation on continuing to do the right thing. Throughout the week I read twice on different media, don’t stop doing the right things, just because the wrong people didn’t appreciate or receive it.

Is it hard. YES!!!! But be good to yourself and others. Don’t worry about their payday. As long as you make sure you get paid when it’s time. Being good to others is good for the soul.


Be you so you can be free.


After listening to many motivational videos, the one thing that was repeated consistently was exercising gratitude. No matter who was speaking or what they were speaking on, gratitude really does work and get you out of a funk instantly. This is something I had to work at and exercise in my daily life.

photograph of a person s hand holding a gift box

We get many examples of this in our daily life. There was a point of 2 months span, we had to get both our vehicles fixed. One vehicle we had to get fixed twice in one month. And the other vehicle once. Was it frustrating. ABSOLUTELY!!!! Did we have other plans we wanted to do. YUP. But I had to quickly remind my husband, let’s be grateful and thank God we had the ability and finances to get them fixed. Neither one of us had to miss work and we are still alive and breathing. What was supposed to happen, happened. How we respond is up to us. MENTAL HEALTH REMINDER: YOU CAN LOVE YOURSELF RIGHT NOW

But this thought of gratitude really working came to me when a woman, 92 years young, came to my office to have a thank you card published in the monthly newspaper. She had been in the hospital the previous week and she wanted to thank her family and friends for their well wishes, cards, visits, and prepped meals. However, repeatedly she kept saying how grateful she was to be alive. She really thought her time was up. She said being able to wake up in her home in her bed was the best gift God gave her to do again. All she wanted to do was give her thanks while she’s still here. Lastly, the best part she said , “you know He really didn’t have to save me”.

I froze at my desk. Ros what do you have to complain about? I responded to myself quickly, nothing at all. I have a home with air conditioning. There are people sleeping on the streets in this hot summer heat. I have food to eat. Many families are going to shelters and Salvation Army’s to get meals. I have a job. My husband has a job. We have vehicles to get to work. Our health is good. Our kids smiled today. I had a drink of clean water. Most importantly I have the ability to pass this on.

So if you’re unhappy about your current situation or going through anything, look around, write down 10 things that you are grateful for. Remember every situation is temporary. Learn what you need. That’s how we grow. We are forced out of our comfort zones when we’re stubborn. Each day practice gratitude. In order to increase and reach our full capacity we must be grateful now so we can appreciate more later. Be well!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


I saw this video where this girl discussed her pleasure and joy in having a Starbucks drink. How do you find joy in the little things. This young woman explained after having less than $2 in her bank account for a week, she decided on payday to get her a drink at Starbucks. Her Caption: “After surviving a week with $1.23 in my bank I decided to treat myself to a starbies drink.” As she took big gulps you can see the exhale and relief the drink was providing. As she sat in her car, gazing out the window, you can feel her joy and pleasure with the zen moment she was having.

shallow focus photo of coffee in a starbucks cup

5 Little Things I Enjoy

-Sheet Mask
-Going For A Walk
-Watching Football with my husband
-Listening to music
-Having a good cup of coffee

She had a mixed response. Some went the route of saying purchasing that coffee is the reason why she only had a dollar and change. She’s keeping herself broke while buying those kind of drinks. They have lots of calories anyway. While others understood her point, finding joy in the most simple things in life can bring you peace and comfort. It wasn’t about the money. After having an intense emotional rollercoaster of a week, she needed something to pickup herself up. She found it in a drink. It could have been found in something else worse.

But isn’t that what self care is about. When tough times approach you, how do you self soothe. What is the one thing you can do that gives you that instant boost of energy, courage, and motivation to tackle on the next week. The truth is we all have our vices. 10 DAILY SIMPLE SELF CARE ACTIVITIES THAT WORK

So often we look for the big house, Paris vacation, nice car, large diamonds, large closets, and more stuff to bring us joy and peace. When, if we paused for a moment it’s the most simple pleasures in life that brings the greatest amount joy. Finding joy in the smallest things will give you meaning, purpose, encouragement, inspiration, joy, happiness, confidence, and self worth.

Finding joy in the simple things allows you to experience the happiness guilt free. It doesn’t have any attachments. We’re in the month of November. Gratitude is the attitude. What are some simple things in life that brings you joy and happiness?


Be you so you can be free.


Life is going to life!!!!! I can’t control that nor can I control time. As my life and family evolves on this rollercoaster ride, that I do enjoy, it didn’t take me long to realize I had to shift, adjust, and hold on while taking this ride. The biggest reason we get overwhelmed, burnout, and anxiety is because we want to keep the same routine that we’ve had the last 10 years.


It wasn’t easy, but I’ve had to adapt and reprioritize certain duties and aspects of my life. Here are a couple things that helps me keep my sanity.

Simple Self Care Tips

-Don’t worry about money. I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous considering the state of the economy. However, one of my favorite financial gurus “Lynn Richardson” said it best, you make what you make. Until you make more, you have to make the best use of what you have. It’s tough I know. But I have a firm belief no matter what happens I’m going to be ok. Why? Because God never failed me and never will. He’s kept my family and I and he will continue to. FINANCIAL MINDSET: WHICH ONE ARE YOU?

“Do the right thing and everything else will fall into place.”-

-Entertain or engage with those who have their mind made up. It is pointless and a waste of time to speak, have a conversation, or understanding with someone who has their mind made up. Some people are just bent on seeing it how they see it and not opened to another perspective or point of view. In those instances you just have to let them be ok with being closed off and know no matter what you say it won’t make a difference. Save yourself the headache. SELF CARE IS A LIFESTYLE

-Know my limits. After taking a break and coming to some understanding about myself, I know what I am capable of handling. Carrying all those bricks on your shoulders doesn’t get you a Nobel Peace Prize. It tears you down in more ways than one. At home I no longer clean until my back hurts for 3 days. Each day I set a one hour timer. Whatever I get done, that is it until the next day. At work, when I’ve been busy all day, I won’t keep going. I create a stopping point. What can wait til the next day will. That’s not only for my sanity but work output production as well.

Those are my top 3 simple self care tips that keeps me sane. I go through my days based on how I want to feel. Will it require much from me physically, mentally, or emotionally. Depending on what state I’m in, I make my decisions. I don’t want to over extend myself and everyone gets cheated in the process. Take care of you. We live in a world where everything is instant and it’s all about consuming more and more. Be patient and kind to yourself .


Be you so you can be free.


As I’ve progressed in my self awareness journey I’ve mastered the skill of being present in the moment and able to receive the messages as they come. If I ever have to question what faith, hope, and belief look like I witnessed it first hand. And more importantly there was action behind the belief.

close up of hands

As I sit and listen to her answer the question “So how is your mom doing?”, her voice doesn’t quiver. She doesn’t hesitate to say “it’s not the absolute worst nor is it better.” She confessed her mother had several mini strokes which led to her dementia. Then she delivered what faith, hope, and belief looks like: She said, “My hope is that mom has a final stroke and she goes in her sleep.”

Now on the surface you would clutch your pearls. But when you believe and have faith, you know living with a loved one who has no quality of life, has pain around the clock, loss of appetite, loss of movement in limbs, lack of awareness of themselves and loved ones, that isn’t the life you’d hope for for them. Yes, we want them around but at some point it becomes selfish. In result, whenever they do transition, we are left with the pain of what their last days reflected. MENTAL NOTE OF THE DAY

As she describes the emotional and physical toll it takes to care for her aging mother that has dementia, she’s still very self aware of her own needs. She told her mom, I have to go out and see people. She refuses to give up her life. Her hobbies, craft and book club weekly meetings. As well as church.

As she was speaking I could’t help but reflect on the countless family members and friends that gave up their life taking care of their loved one. After my grandma transitioned, all the arrangements and services were done, my mom sat at the table and said, “I don’t know what to do everyday.” Why? Because for months she gave up her entire being to take care of grandma.

Even in the midst of grief, her ability to have self awareness, emotional wellness, and boundaries inspired me to continue. We’re going to experience some raw emotions and experiences, but all the while it’s still priority to put ourselves first. No matter what the situation is, we are left with ourselves to move on.

Have faith, hope, and belief. Believe you have the power and strength to do all things and over come all things. Just because you’re having a hiccup doesn’t mean to lack self care. If anything, ramp it up.


Be you so you can be free.


Most of us use the weekend for relaxation, reset, and rest. Throughout the week I had some light bulb moments, great conversations, and read some really great passages that I’d like to pass on. As you prepare for your weekend here are some self care reminders to get you jump started.

”Sleeping in on a Saturday always feels like a little bit of heaven. “-Carla Kringer

peaceful young ethnic lady resting near window and knitting
  1. It’s ok to have nothing to say. If you’re in a group or having a conversation, it’s ok to listen and not have a response to everything that is said. One piece of advice I received long ago, was to only answer the question that is asked. How many times do we answer and then give some extra sauce. Another thing I noticed is when it’s a silent moment or dead air, someone will say something to fill that silence. No need for that. Enjoy the mood and company. The conversation will naturally flow.
  2. Live in the now. Stop postponing your happiness. No I’m not talking about starting your business or moving. But how often have you or someone you know postpone everyday life things. When I get the money, then I’ll go to the doctor. I can’t do this until I finish this. When I finally get over this hump then I’ll be able to. Make your appointments. Do what you need to do. Once you get over one hump the next is waiting. My husband and I joke all the time about when we were little how often our parents must have said, “wait until next time.” Chile that next time never came. What are you actually waiting for? WEEKEND SELF CARE TO DO LIST
  3. Ask for what you need or want. This year for my birthday when my husband asked me what I wanted I gave him a list. Usually I’ll say it doesn’t matter, whatever you feel in your heart, or I’ll say nothing. Well, when my birthday arrived, I received what was on my list. In turn I was very happy and grateful. Which sparked another light bulb reminder. Don’t ever feel guilty for what you want. It’s perfectly ok to want things or to go somewhere. Especially when someone asks, tell them.

Those are my 3 self care reminders for the weekend. As you enjoy your time off remember to enjoy being in the moment, make sure what you say is meaningful and has a perspective, live for the now. You don’t have to wait for anything to be happy. Choose happiness now. Lastly, be clear on what you want, who you want, and what you need. Have a great weekend!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


It’s almost become a cliche when you hear “ you never know what people are going through “. We hear it so often, but how often do we think about it, exercise it, and give others grace. Although it’s probably an over used point, it still rings true. People only tell us what they want us to know. We only see what people want us to see especially on social media. Just think about your favorite celebrity, athlete, or influencer that have such a great presence but suffers from depression.

white printer paper with be kind text on plants

You never know what people are going through so be kind. That rung true and reminded me on my morning commute to work.

As I’m driving, I had to do a double take in my rear view mirror. A woman who also appears to be driving to work. She had on a nice ivory blouse. Beautiful jewelry and her long thick hair was bouncy with big curls. Yes, I saw all of this because I have great attention to detail and it was a beautiful sunny morning. Anyway, on my double take, I notice she’s wiping her eyes. Hmmmm. This wasn’t a typical I have allergies wipe or anything.

So I doubled back. This woman was sobbing. When I say sobbing, she’s doing the ugly cry. The light turns red. And I’m siting there contemplating getting her attention for her to pull over. Number one, we don’t want an accident. And number two, baby you need to let that cry out. But she took advantage of this red light because she sobbed, wiped her face, and fixed her banes. That’s my girl!!! So I opted not to get her attention. My heart just ached for her. Light turns green, she wipes her eyes, and hit a left turn while I keep straight.

I get to work and immediately thought you really never know what people are going through. My mind began thinking about her mental and emotional wellness throughout the day. She’s full of emotions, they’re all over the place and when she hits work, immediately shut them off. Hence her constantly fixing her banes and making sure she didn’t mess up all her makeup. Then pretending like everything is ok, try to be productive, and professional.

You know you’ll always have the coworker’s to ask are you ok. If you say yes, they may pressure because they can clearly see your face is flushed, swollen, and your demeanor isn’t the norm they are used to. On the other hand, you may have a coworker that think you’re having an attitude, not being polite, or great to work around that day. When all you’re trying to do is make it through the day without crying and do your job.

Then, when she gets off, whatever had her sobbing emerges to the front again and now she’s an emotional wreck all over again. Can you imagine the emotional roller coaster and the ride she’s taking? So when people say you never know what others are going through, BE KIND. Here’s a reminder. Even if she wasn’t going to work. The fact is we all have emotional roller coaster rides, act like nothing is going on, and then getting back on the ride.

Remember some handle the ride well and others take a while to calm down. You never know. Be well!!!


Be you so you can be free.


By definition harvest means the process or period of gathering crops. Through our daily habits, self care activities, and wellness journey we harvest confidence. Planting the proper seeds for our mental, emotional, and physical health will give us the strong confidence needed to sustain this thing called life. Harvesting and planting the proper seeds are important because confidence isn’t a one and done. Confidence is a muscle we must water and exercise daily.

brown pots with white seeds

Plant seeds of boundaries within you. I don’ t mean cutting people off. If that’s necessary then do so. But I’ve learned to tell people (meaning family members) don’t call me talking about another family member. When they text how is so and so doing, I don’t even respond to that text. Now, when they text me and ask me how the kids are doing I’ll respond. If someone needs a ride and I have plans, I’ll let them know I have plans I can take you when I’m done. It’s more about not stretching yourself thin to the point you’re burned out.

Another thing I do, throughout the day, take a break. Plant seeds of permission to yourself to take a break. Yes, a day off is good. Vacations are good. Lazy days are good. However, small breaks daily can become more beneficial and effective. During the day at work, if I notice I’ve been going since I sat down at the computer, I’ll stop, and give myself a mental break. Get up. Step outside. Go to the bathroom. Get a snack or something to drink. Most importantly I’ll read a good passage. My go to for this is Hallmarks mahogany.com. The community writing group is amazing.

Plant seeds of protection. If I don’t want to do something or go somewhere I’ll say no. I no longer do so just to keep the peace. So often I’d say yes because I didn’t want them to think I was an ungrateful person or rejecting them by rejecting their invitation.

A great seed to plant is a cutoff seed. Sometimes I can go all day and not realize I haven’t sat down or watched a program on TV. After several loads of laundry, cooking, and taking care of my family, I’ll tell them I’m done for the day. I’m going to do something for me. This prevents me feeling overwhelmed and burned out. 15 DAILY AFFIRMATIONS TO BOOST CONFIDENCE

Lastly, seeds of investing in self. My night time cap is very important to my mental health. It allows me to put a period on the day and have a clear mental space in the morning. Same with my morning routine. Getting ready, making sure I feel my best to present gives me confidence to walk in any room and offer my authentic self.

Harvesting and plating seeds to build confidence takes patience. Start within. What do you mentally and emotionally to feel confident. Most of the time once that happens it’ll spill to the outer.

This fall plant you some seeds of confidence. The confidence you build will give you the motivation and inspiration to go after what you’re afraid to do right now.


Be you so you can be free.


Yup, it’s September 1, 2023. Where has the time gone? For some September is about pumpkin spice latte’s, apple cider, fall festivals, pumpkin patch visits, and my favorite, decor. However, September is exciting because football is back, a plethora of new fall TV shows, and back to school. Lastly, who doesn’t love fall fashion? Fall can be the best time of year for fashion. You get to wear sweaters, boots, layer, and get creative.

stationery surrounded by dried flowers

While all of that is exciting and great entertainment, September reminds us that the end of the year is quickly approaching. Some stress over Christmas holiday shopping, have they reached their goals, and what are they going to before the clock strikes midnight on December 31. You’ll probably going to see an increase of content on what to do these last couple of months to achieve your goals. How to set yourself up for next year. Or, you should already be thinking about next year. Either way it can be stressful.

Please remember that it’s great content to keep you motivated, on track, and getting your juices flowing for your life. However, consuming the content without filters can cause some to feel like they aren’t doing enough, they have failed at their goals, it’s too late, times running out, or they aren’t working hard enough. When it comes to consuming that information, take the tips and tricks that apply to your lifestyle and create realistic systems and goals to live your life. Leave the rest.

As we say hello September, think about what you need to feel free and light. Just like the leaves fall for the season, what do you need to get rid of that isn’t serving you. If you’ve been stressing over the same thing for months, nothing has changed, let if fall with the leaves. You’ve tried something and it wasn’t what you thought, OH WELL, you tried. Take the good lessons you learned from it, and move on to something else. Get rid of what you need to sleep, rest, and have peace at the end of each day. 7 HEALING JOURNAL PROMPTS FOR A PEACEFUL WEEK

With our hello this month, we’re going to see some new colors bring life to nature. That’s our hint to add some color and life into our daily routine. If you haven’t been one to attend a fall festival find one close to you to visit. Have you been apple picking, to a pumpkin patch (yes we plan to go this year even though my kids are teenagers), or an hayride. The goal here is to find something local, free or close to free, do something that you never done, and explore.

This is a trick I started last year and have enjoyed. This summer we stopped by our local Ford Enthusiast festival that is held every year, but have never went. They had food, live bands, games, and endless Ford cars displayed for one weekend. We had a blast. All it takes is to try.

Say hello to September. Enjoy your lattes, soups, chili’s, and cobblers. Get comfy cozy in your favorite sweaters and live colorful. Your heart, mind, and body will reward you.


Be you so you can be free.