When I was younger my mom used to tell me “when you get older you’ll understand.” I think we all heard that growing up at some point. Because when we’re teenagers and in our 20’s we know everything right. Well it’s some things that I wished were spoken to me sooner or I’d known sooner. They seem so simple and basic, yet it would have helped eliminate much tension, stress, and anxiety.

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Things I Wish I Knew Sooner

-I will be ok and I will still live if no liked me
-It’s ok to say no to family and friends
-It’s ok to speak up, say how I feel, and express myself
-I am the only one in control of my life and career
-I control how my day goes
-Taking a break for myself and mental peace is essential
-Thoughts and attitude can change the course of your day and life
-Keeping my emotions intact and not reacting emotionally save heart ache
-I can start over as many times as I want
-I don’t have to be one thing, I can try and do everything that interest me
-Everything will work out
-No I could not have done more, I did what I was able to do with what I had
-You are suppose to enjoy life
-Sadness will come, bad days will happen, and I will get hurt
-I don’t need permission to feel how I feel
-Being different is good

Those are just a couple thoughts, feelings, and emotions I wish I knew sooner. Of course, when we get older and experience life certain things makes sense. Or, you’re more equipped mentally and emotionally to understand and process. Even now, that they are understood, doesn’t mean you may not have one of the above thoughts. That’s why life and happiness is a journey. HAPPINESS ISN’T A DESTINATION It’s how we handle the peaks and valleys of that journey. Don’t disturb your peace. Be patient, do what you can, and tomorrow is a new day to start fresh. Be well!!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


What is emotional wellness? Emotional wellness is the ability to navigate, overcome, and conquer the hurdles that life puts in our pathway. How well do you handle rejection? Do you adapt to change well? When the going gets tough, do you respond or react emotionally. Here are some tips to help you maintain emotional wellness and balance.

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The one thing that stays in the front of my mind, is to always be in control of your emotions. Our emotions can cause us to make a decision that will lead to a snowball of other hurdles. Remaining calm, staying true to who you are, and knowing who you are is a major key.

Tips For Emotional Balance

-Allow yourself the grace and give yourself permission to say I’m going through something right now. A change is happening or there is a speed bump ahead and I’m scared. You may not even know how or when you’re going to get over that bump, but the sheer acknowledgement gives a clear pathway.

-Don’t make any quick or rational decisions. If you can or have the opportunity to, take a moment, hour, or day before responding. Giving yourself some time to step away and clear the lens will allow for a better understanding and thought process.

-Do something for you. Find an activity or hobby to get your mind off of what is going on. Have a refocus and a distraction. Exercise is always a good distraction because you’re also releasing tension. Whatever makes you happy or laugh do it.

-Find a positive. There is something in every situation that is a positive. Find the lesson. What are you supposed to take away? That is going to be the greatest gift of all. 8 FEEL GOOD SELF CARE ACTIVITIES

-Have a good night routine to wash the day away. Cleanse your mind, body, and spirit. The most harmful we can do is to take the days events into the next.

-Finally change is good. Change is needed. Without change we would not grow. Embrace change. Going through change is a sign that bigger and better is on your way. Open your mind to new possibilities. The more we fight change the harder it will seem.

Those are just a couple of tips to help maintain an emotional stable balance daily. Take it one day at time. If you can’t do everything you’d like to do in a day, then don’t. Whatever your emotional tank allows you to do then do it and leave the rest for a better day. We only get so much emotional energy in a day. Use it wisely.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


There are many things that we hold on to, carry, and simmer in that is bad for our mental and emotional health. Getting rid of all the negative thoughts, opinions, and views that we place on ourselves or accepted from others will definitely get us on the right track.

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12 Things To Let Go

Fear. Most of the the time it’s fear of what others think. Or the fear of the unknown. Either way let it go. Others point of view and opinions doesn’t define you. In the same breath, fearing the unknown isn’t going to help your growth.

Anger. Holding on to anger causes wrinkles, heart attacks, stress, frown lines, loss of sleep, loss of appetite, weight gain on the other hand, and other fatigue that causes your entire wellness to deteriorate. While you’re holding on to that anger that situation is long gone, that person has slept peacefully, and you’ve lost time. Let it go for your mental sake.

Resentment. Resenting someone or something requires you to hold and relive the past. How is that helping you? It’s not. Forgive. Understand the why. Learn the lesson. Create space. Move on. Let it go. Resentment isn’t hurting the other person it’s hurting you. Don’t continue to hurt yourself trying to hurt someone else.

Guilt. Is a total waste of time. It isn’t going to change the past. Getting rid of guilt allows you to free yourself. A great reminder about feeling guilty is “you aren’t responsible for others happiness.” Let them carry their own weight. You can encourage them but not carry it for them.

Overthinking. Letting go of overthinking will free you to actually be productive. As long as you are thinking about all the “what ifs”, you’re not doing. Stop thinking about it, and do. If you’re worried about a situation let it play out how it suppose to. Most of the time what we want or think is best isn’t the best.

Low Self Esteem. If you aren’t feeling the most confident, then fake it until you make it. The more you act confident the more confident you’ll become. Confidence is a muscle that has to be exercised daily and consistently. MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH: 3 THINGS YOU CAN CONTROL

Toxic Relationships. This is a no brainer. You know who you need to get rid of. No one has to remind you or tell you who’s not good for you. If you hesitate to answer a certain person call, then it’s time to put distance in that relationship. Who ever makes your mood change when they come around requires distance. It’s perfectly ok to love from a distance.

Feeling of not being enough. You are perfectly you because God created you how He wanted. If God says you’re enough then no one on this earth can change that. Know it. Believe it. Feel it.

Trying to be perfect. Perfect is boring. Perfection doesn’t exist. You’re just going to be a hamster on wheel chasing something imaginary. Let go of the wanting or liking to be or appear perfect. Everyone on this earth has flaws and kinks about them.

Control. Trying to control everything and everyone is driving you crazy. You are losing sleep. Your focus and concentration is off. Wanting to have control is a sign of some internal healing that needs to take place. Ask yourself why do I feel the need to have control. That will lead you to the path of clarity.

Doubt. Just do it. Doubting yourself is wasting time. It isn’t going to effect the outcome one way or another. The only thing doubt does, is kill your confidence and self esteem. Get rid of the doubt and go for your dreams. You can plan everything down to the minute, but something always throws a wrench in our plans. Do your best and forget the rest.

The past. That’s long gone and ain’t coming back. (Yes I said ain’t.) The past isn’t going to change, won’t change, and doesn’t care about the now. Living in the past is stopping you from experiencing your life presently. Don’t rob yourself of happiness by reliving the past.

Those are 12 things you need to toss away to better your mental health. Yes, we’ve experienced some bad relationships and circumstances but most of our mental health issues comes from self inflicted pain. Don’t do others dirty work and constantly hurt yourself. Clean up those insecurities, bad habits, and negative ways of thinking to boost your mental and emotional wellness.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


”Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our troubles.”-Charlie Chaplin


The only thing that’s permanent is change. If we don’t learn to adapt and reset as our life evolve we will live in the past, and not live up to the life we should. You are stronger and tougher than any problem or situation you’re going through. Remember tough times don’t last, but tough people do. Yes, you get tired of being strong willed and pushing through, but you are built to outlast any obstacle or roadblock that comes your way. WELLNESS: EVEN THE STRONGEST NEEDS A BREAK At the end of every storm, a rainbow comes out. Then we pick up the pieces that lasted in the storm, leave behind what we don’t need or want, and move forward to the next destination in our journey. Through each challenge you may face, there is a piece of wisdom there. Pick up that piece of wisdom and move on to live the life you deserve. Enjoy the rest of you day!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


”Do not get upset with people or situations, both are powerless without your reaction.”Unknown

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Admittaly this one was the most gut wrenching for me. It pains me to allow others to get me to react emotionally. However, I’ve come to master the art of silence, walking away, ending conversations, and not giving in. Before someone can even finish what they are saying I’m already aware that they don’t deserve my emotional vulnerability. Whenever faced with a challenging situation remember you have the power and ability to be in control of your emotions. Don’t allow someone to drag you to the bottom and be their company. Politely end the conversation and walk away with your head held high. Leading with emotions will get us every time. Remember our emotions change on a daily. Even sometimes hourly depending on what life is handing us. So depending on emotions to lead us to the correct path isn’t a good idea. Learning to take how you “feel” out of the equation will allow you to be more level headed. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


”Motivation is what get’s you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”-@thewomenglow

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How many times have you started over? How many times have you started something new? Just think of every New Year, we have all these resolutions and goals. But it seems we don’t even make it through the first month. The first step is great. Having the will, motivation, and courage to want something new and different. QUICK MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATIONAL TIP The problem lies when we don’t become consistent and persistent on what we start. Creating small habits will enhance the motivation and keep your drive going. It’s perfectly normal and ok, to want to try many different things in life. We all are multifaceted. When engaging something new it’s important to understand and know your why. Then have a plan on how you’re going to navigate this new experience. Lastly, enjoy whatever this new experience offer and learn from the bumps in the road. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


”Suffering is not holding you, you are holding suffering.”-Buddha

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We always say we’re stuck. But are we really stuck? Being in the state of “stuck” is a mindset. Most of the time we’re still holding on to the pain when it has long left us. It’s hard to admit, but the lingering pain and trauma from events that has occurred in our life, is due to our own doing. We’re holding it hostage when it’s time to heal and grow. MOTIVATIONAL AND INSPIRATIONAL: JUST LET IT GO Let go of the pain, hurt, and anger to free yourself. You deserve to be free of pain and live in peace. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


One of the things that has helped me remain emotionally well is to never match someone else’s negative energy. You used to hear all the time, ”I give them the same energy they giving me.” Well that’s not such a good idea. That means channelling negative thoughts, words, tone, and actions.

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First if you choose to not respond, walk away, or just let them have their tantrum eventually they’ll stop. They won’t have anything to feed off of. The moment you try to chime in or explain yourself it will light fire to the gas that’s already burning.

On the other hand, you not responding is going to effect them more. They didn’t get the reaction they were looking for. In turn, they don’t know what you’re thinking or how you feel. And you took their power away from them.

Remaining calm allows you to be the level headed one. Remain in control of your reaction, or lack there of. Because you can only control you. Also you won’t feel bad for allowing someone to take you to that point.

I’m a firm believer, that most of the time when the dust settles, we’re mostly angry that we allowed someone to have that much power over us. MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH: 3 THINGS YOU CAN CONTROL Most of the time when it goes too far, someone is trying to get a reaction out of you. To either prove their point or emotionally manipulate you.

To remain emotionally sound and not match negative energy knowing your triggers is important. Next, understanding who you’re engaging with and the first sign of distress it’s time to cut the conversation short.

Thirdly, what someone says about you, to you, or their feelings toward you has nothing to do with you. Remember people project their insecurities off on to others. Know that what they are dealing with internally has nothing to do with you. You aren’t responsible for anyone else’s happiness.

The next time you find yourself upset and wanting to snap back, don’t do it. Don’t give in and stoop to their level.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


Happiness is a choice and journey. Therefore there are many ways we can live more happier. Here is a list of 10 things you can do to live happier. KEY TO HAPPINESS: DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO

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10 Ways to Live Happier

  1. Stop Overthinking.
    We all are guilty of this. Over thinking is rehashing the past or certain situations that we wish would have went differently, or have anxiety about a situation coming up. Overthinking stops us from recognizing our blessings, talents, and gifts that we do have. Thus halting our happiness.
  2. Take a risk.
    Most of the time we are unhappy because the one thing that we want to do, fear has trapped us from doing. When you ask an older person the one thing they regret, most of the time it’s not taking a risk on something. No matter what it is, take a risk. You never know what direction your life will turn.
  3. Run Towards What Makes You Happy.
    Whatever that one thing is that makes you happy and feel the most alive, don’t stop feeding it. Don’t let other’s opinions stop you. The lack of money. Fear of rejection. That one thing that keeps your heart fluttering will lead you down your path of true happiness.
  4. Create Memories.
    Have fun and let lose. It’s ok to poke fun of yourself, not be serious, and laugh. Take pictures, document, and create memories. It doesn’t have to be on a holiday, it could be any day of the year. Give yourself something to look back on.
  5. Reinvent Yourself.
    You don’t have to stay the same or do the same thing. You are supposed to grow and evolve. Change your look, the way you dress, redecorate you home, and work station. A new perspective instantly boosts confidence, self esteem, and happiness.
  6. Learn From the Setback.
    Don’t run from rejection, setbacks, and mistakes. SETBACKS, REJECTIONS, AND STUMBLING BLOCKS ARE NECESSARY FOR GROWTH Those moments are when we’re supposed to be open minded the most. Each ”negative” is teaching us an essential piece of wisdom needed to move forward. Embrace them and grow through them.
  7. Invest in Yourself.
    You are the constant in your life. Invest in yourself often. Be the best you and invest in your appearance. So when you go out, to wherever, you look good and feel good. Invest in your career, home, family, life, and health. You matter as well as your happiness.
  8. Be comfortable now.
    Yes we want more, and want to grow. But be comfortable with what you have now. Accept, love, and cherish the now so when greater come you’re able to value it like you should. When it’s time for us to have more, that blessing will come. Until then, show God you’re grateful for what he has given you so far.
  9. Give Back.
    No matter what your family situation is, give back. Whatever your financial situations is, give back. If you’re not feeling great, give back. The love, compassion, empathy, time, and money we give can save someone’s life. In return when we show support our mood and spirits are filled with gratitude. In result, more happiness.
  10. Enjoy family and friends.
    Unfortunately, there are people who still think they can live in this world alone. Even when the relationships aren’t the best, take the good and leave the rest. We all need community support.

Those are 10 things that makes us live more happier. Start here, be consistent, and watch your happiness grow. Enjoy the journey and healing process.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


Being vulnerable is like disease to some. However, what we all shall know is being vulnerable takes strength, courage, and confidence. Not only does it help release any negative energy, but it encourages others to do the same.

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  1. You Become Your Most Authentic Self
    When you show vulnerability in any sense, you are being honest with your truest self. In that moment or moments you’ve chose you. The decision to choose self eliminates the disease to please. It shows character, self awareness, and comfort.
  2. Promotes Compassion and Sympathy
    Because of your self awareness, the ability to process and feel emotions are easier. Even the negative emotions that come, they don’t startle you like before. In turn, your awareness and understanding for others become greater and more clear. We have the ability to feel for others, show love, understanding, and compassion. EMOTIONAL HEALING: OPEN YOUR MIND FOR UNDERSTANDING
  3. Step To The Front
    Being vulnerable give us the strength to be proactive instead of reactive. We step into situations and grow through them. The need or want to run from them or ignore them is no longer. Our confidence and awareness gives us inner strength and power to conquer and not let problems consume us. Vulnerability allows us freedom to exercise good mental and emotional wellness.
  4. Exercise Muscles
    Vulnerability requires us to take risks. Therefore, our muscles of courage, confidence, and self esteem are being exercised. With each wave, we get stronger, wiser, and better. We heal and grow through. Taking the risk builds stamina, get out our comfort zone, and expand our emotional horizon.
  5. Build Relationships
    When you choose to be vulnerable it give others confidence in you and their relationship with you. It builds trust, compassion, and communication. The more communication the better our relationships become. The better communication we have the more fulfilling our lives will be.

Those are 5 reasons showing vulnerability is strength. It takes a huge leap of faith to begin. But once you do, it will get easier each time. Do yourself a favor and let your guard down just a little bit. You’ll feel free, lighter, and better instantly.

Be Well!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.