There have been several incidents over the last couple of weeks that had this question on my mind. What does it really mean to be kind? It literally cost nothing to be kind. We see this phrase #Be Kind everywhere we go, but it can be interpreted differently depending on who you talk to and where.

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The waiter at the restaurant serving and making sure everyone have a great meal with their family is only doing her job. It’s not her fault the restaurant is busy and it’s taking a little longer for the food to come out. Being mean, sarcastic, and rude to the waiter isn’t going to make the food come out any quicker. They are doing the best they can making sure the experience is the best.

Enjoy good conversation and uninterrupted quality time.

The young barista making that latte is probably in high school trying to making a little money while being screamed at about how long the lines are. At the coffee shop, orders are made fresh to order, they are specific orders, and have numerous channels of orders coming in. Walk ins, drive thru, curbside pickup, and online order pick ups. It’s not their fault the cafe is short staffed and the line is out the door. They are doing the best they can.

I love me a good coffee. However, I do want my barista to take their time to ensure it’s accurate, hot or cold, and ready to sip.

Yes, it’s Christmas time. We all have so much to do, purchase, and places to be. However, cutting others off, being rude to the cashier, or causing a scene because they are out of stock isn’t going to help the situation.

I literally had an order cancel on me this week after waiting for a week for it to be shipped out. After 3 phone calls they offered me a refund and said it won’t even arrive by Christmas. Thank you for my refund and your time. Absolutely no need to scream. It’s not the customer service fault shipping is having trouble.

Remember when we aren’t having a good day or moment, we want someone to extend us a little grace. Even if it wasn’t the holiday season, being nice takes nothing.

I’ve witnessed some not so nice interactions and it literally cost nothing to be kind. We never know what breaking point that cashier or barista is at. So often many show up to work fighting internal battles and demons. One wrong thing can trigger them and cause them spiral. 9 REMINDERS OF BASIC SELF LOVE TIPS

The more kind we are to others the better we’ll begin to feel. What was angering you, hurting you, or burdening you will begin to feel easier to navigate through. The mind opens up to see situations and circumstances in a different light. The ability to digest, understand, and overcome gets easier. The simplest gesture can go along way. The goal is to make others feel good not feel the same pain we’re feeling.

It takes nothing to be kind. Reset your expectations. Have a little more patience.
That is all I have right now. Have a good night, morning, or day whenever you read this. It was really on my mind all day to say. #BeKind


Be you so you can be free.


As I’ve embarked on my new journey there are some mental health reminders that I keep in the front of my mind. As we grow and go through different seasons of life, there are some gems that is picked up along the way. One of the best pieces of advice that I received years ago and definitely understand now, is you can learn from anyone and any situation. So often we used to think we can only learn from those that are of the church, our parents, teachers, doctors, politicians, and bosses. However, good or bad, right or wrong, or indifferent you can learn from it.

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Here are a couple of mental health reminders:

-Stop carrying bags that aren’t yours to carry. You have enough to worry about. Don’t own other peoples opinions, problems, or circumstances.

-Try to put yourself in others shoes. Don’t be too quick to come to a conclusion. We never know what causes that person to think or act how they do.

-Understand your feelings are valid as well as your experiences. On the other hand, just as yours is valid so is the next persons. No one can tell us what we think or feel is wrong. Nor can we deny another person feelings or thoughts.

-Don’t put yourself in an emotionally uncomfortable position. Going somewhere feeling like you’re going to be walking on eggs shells isn’t the best for your mental and emotional health. So often we say it’s only for dinner or for two hours. However, being emotionally uncomfortable can take a week or more to overcome.

-Take a moment or break. We aren’t robots. Eat the cake, drink the wine, go on vacation, buy the shoes, get dressed up, and sleep in.

-Leave what happened that day, on that day. Don’t carry what happened on Monday into Tuesday. It’s a new day for you to start over, be different, try something different, and start fresh.

-Just because someone looks ok, doesn’t mean they are ok. Just because they say they’re ok, doesn’t mean they are. If you’re not doing well, then say so. You don’t have to go into detail. Acknowledging we’re not doing well is the first step to getting better. 12 THINGS TO GET RID OF FOR A BETTER MENTAL HEALTH

-Be kind to yourself. The more kind you are to yourself the more kind you are to others. Even if you know someone who acts like they don’t need a hug, they do.

-If a situation or someone doesn’t feel right then don’t do it. Don’t ignore it. Energy is real. Don’t wish for something else. Accept what is presented to you and act accordingly.

-Find little things that make you happy or help you mentally and emotionally. It’s the little things that add up and make a huge difference.

Those are a couple of mental health reminders to get you through the end of the year, the holidays, and starting the new year. Focus on you, your peace, and happiness. Be well.


Be you so you can be free.


When I was younger my mom used to tell me “when you get older you’ll understand.” I think we all heard that growing up at some point. Because when we’re teenagers and in our 20’s we know everything right. Well it’s some things that I wished were spoken to me sooner or I’d known sooner. They seem so simple and basic, yet it would have helped eliminate much tension, stress, and anxiety.

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Things I Wish I Knew Sooner

-I will be ok and I will still live if no liked me
-It’s ok to say no to family and friends
-It’s ok to speak up, say how I feel, and express myself
-I am the only one in control of my life and career
-I control how my day goes
-Taking a break for myself and mental peace is essential
-Thoughts and attitude can change the course of your day and life
-Keeping my emotions intact and not reacting emotionally save heart ache
-I can start over as many times as I want
-I don’t have to be one thing, I can try and do everything that interest me
-Everything will work out
-No I could not have done more, I did what I was able to do with what I had
-You are suppose to enjoy life
-Sadness will come, bad days will happen, and I will get hurt
-I don’t need permission to feel how I feel
-Being different is good

Those are just a couple thoughts, feelings, and emotions I wish I knew sooner. Of course, when we get older and experience life certain things makes sense. Or, you’re more equipped mentally and emotionally to understand and process. Even now, that they are understood, doesn’t mean you may not have one of the above thoughts. That’s why life and happiness is a journey. HAPPINESS ISN’T A DESTINATION It’s how we handle the peaks and valleys of that journey. Don’t disturb your peace. Be patient, do what you can, and tomorrow is a new day to start fresh. Be well!!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


”Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.”- Brene Brown

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To be totally transparent I’ve struggled with setting and keeping boundaries. But as of lately, setting my boundaries have been the one thing that keeps me mentally sane. It sounds so harsh sometimes when we say to set boundaries, but the other side of that is someone using and taking advantage of you. I recently had a family member tell me they didn’t worry about anything because all they have to do is ask me for money if they need help. That triggered me so bad. The audacity to be comfortable to say, you’ll give me the money if I need it, just hit different. Setting boundaries doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Boundaries aren’t a bad thing. It’s you protecting your peace and space. Just because you have it, doesn’t mean you should give or obligated to give. Just because you have the time doesn’t mean you have to serve them in whatever way they ask. Boundaries eliminate others having easy access to you. You don’t have to make yourself available if you don’t want to. MENTAL NOTE OF THE DAY Lastly, when setting boundaries it doesn’t have to be in a nasty way. Simply saying you’re not available, and I’ll let you know when I am is good enough. And an explanation isn’t needed either. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


One of the best ways to dump a bad day is to journal about it before going to bed. Releasing and dumping all the bad from a day is great for you not to carry it over into the next. Also you will be able to have a good nights rest and sleep. Lastly, it will give you some insight on how to handle different emotions as they come again.

crop man showing diary with inscription in house

Journal Prompts For A Bad Day

  1. What went well today? Seems weird right? Well there is at least one thing that turned out good in that day, or any day for that matter. This gives you the opportunity to redirect your mind and focus. SELF CARE HABITS: 8 DAILY HABITS TO FEEL YOUR BEST
  2. What happened today that made me upset, cry, angry, sad, or hurt? Whatever happened or emotions you felt, explain them in great detail. This is your venting sessions. So let it all out.
  3. I responded or reacted to said emotions by doing…How did you handle the days events. Did you lash out at someone? Hold it in. Let it effect your work day. Explain.
  4. What did I learn? What did you learn from how you responded? What did you learn about the events that unfolded?
  5. How will I handle these emotions in the future? Are there any new triggers you learned about yourself?
  6. What do I need to let go of? Purge whatever it is you need to let go of. Do you need to forgive and move on.

Those are six journal prompts that always help me at the end of the day that I felt overwhelmed about. Try these journal prompts to help you get through your tough days or times. As always the purpose of the journaling is to get out the negative energy. One of the best ways to maintain a good mental and emotional balance, is to talk about your feelings, good or bad.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


We all are going to fall in life. But we all are going to get back up. That’s the name of the game. We won’t be able to avoid it. However, there are some reminders to keep in your file cabinet in the front of your mind. These 6 mental health reminders is what I tell myself when I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, and uneasy.

looking for a friend bear

It’s only temporary. No matter what you’re going through or what the “it” is, it isn’t going to last long or forever. Yes, because you’re going through a trial at the moment, it’s going to seem like a lifetime. But in actuality, the storm passes and we realize it too late. Tell yourself “this is only temporary”. I am stronger than anything trying to hold me back.

Perfection doesn’t exist. We’ll save ourselves some heart ache if we stop trying to be perfect. You know what, it’s mostly unconsciously and unintentionally. There is something lacking from our childhood or past that has us thinking we need to be perfect. Your flaws is what makes you, perfectly you. Just be you no matter what. HAPPY SUNDAY FUNDAY: JUST BE YOU

No one is ever positive 100% of the time. It’s impossible to be this jolly cheerful person 24/7. If you see someone like that, then you need to run. Because they are a ticking time bomb. Someone is going to upset you, frustrate you, get on your nerves, or make you sad. That is normal. You are human. The key is to know your triggers and how to manage them.

You are where you’re supposed to be. Yes, you may not like where you are in life, and working towards a goal. But appreciate where you are. You once asked for this position. Own it, grow in it, and learn from it before you move on to bigger and better.

These bad days are supposed to happen. They are here to teach us where we need to evolve, grow, learn, and continue on. It shows us what we’re lacking mentally and emotionally. On the other hand, it also shows where we thrive and what we’re good at. Listen to your emotions. The good and the bad.

You are not alone. Don’t ever think you are the only one who have bad days. Everyone has them. We all just manage them differently. Even those who walk around and act like nothing ever bothers them or everything is always together. It’s false. Being vulnerable and honest about your feelings and emotions is the true strength. 5 REASONS VULNERABILITY IS STRENGTH

Those are six mental health reminders I tell myself when my day isn’t going as bright as I like it. No one has it all figured out nor will they ever. Don’t compare yourself to others and they’re situation and circumstances. Live for you and learn from your bad days. We are going to have them. More than once. But keep those reminders handy to help you through them. Be well!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


Practicing self care is all the buzz right now. However, there are some unpopular opinions about self that may help someone out there who is struggling to get a handle on this thing called self care. As always, do what works for you. Engage in activity and self love practices that brings you joy and peace. I thought I’d share some unpopular opinions about self care.

woman holding a brown makeup kit
  • You don’t have to wake up at 5a.m. If you are a night person, then sleeping in may be what is best for you. As long as you get a good amount of sleep. As well as, be the most productive you, you can be. If you are a 7a.m. Person that is perfectly fine.
  • Along with waking up at 5a.m. You don’t have to exercise that early either. Me personally, I’m an evening workout person. It best suits me and I get the job done. The goal is to get in some kind of physical activity daily to ensure you’re taking care of that part of self care.
  • Donuts, chips, candy, ice cream, and cake you can have. You don’t have to deprive yourself of sweets. It’s called moderation. Enjoy life, and the sweets it has to offer. You know what you can handle and what you can’t. So the next time you’re on vacation enjoy all the food that is offered.
  • No one said you have to have 2-3 jobs to be successful or productive. If your one job is great and you love it, it takes care of you and your family then you are good. Juggling many jobs or side hustles isn’t for everyone. There is this thing called life you still have to enjoy.
  • Working a 9-5 is ok. Not everyone is an entrepreneur or wants to own their business. Don’t feel the pressures to create a business or become an entrepreneur. Make sure you love what you do and enjoy going to work everyday.
  • Journaling isn’t for everyone. Not everyone has the patience to sit down and write out their thoughts. Or feel the need to purge thoughts. It’s perfectly ok, if you don’t journal, have no interest, and isn’t your thing.
  • You don’t have to have a master plan or grand vision. Waking up and living life as the day come is amazing in itself. Actually, doing this will lead you to what really makes your heart flutter.
  • Having friends are a good thing. Knowing your boundaries and setting them is key. But we all need friends to get through life. The love, laughter, and sheer companionship both male and females need. Not one person on this earth can do life alone. Girlfriends…Why We Need Them
  • Social media can be a good thing. Not every aspect of social is media bad. Find what works for you and leave the rest. Moderation and filtering out the negative is key.

Those are just some unpopular opinions about self care and self love. Hopefully, this will help some not feel so pressured, confused, or overwhelmed when finding their routine. Remember to enjoy your one life. Go at your pace and enjoy the journey.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


”Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our troubles.”-Charlie Chaplin


The only thing that’s permanent is change. If we don’t learn to adapt and reset as our life evolve we will live in the past, and not live up to the life we should. You are stronger and tougher than any problem or situation you’re going through. Remember tough times don’t last, but tough people do. Yes, you get tired of being strong willed and pushing through, but you are built to outlast any obstacle or roadblock that comes your way. WELLNESS: EVEN THE STRONGEST NEEDS A BREAK At the end of every storm, a rainbow comes out. Then we pick up the pieces that lasted in the storm, leave behind what we don’t need or want, and move forward to the next destination in our journey. Through each challenge you may face, there is a piece of wisdom there. Pick up that piece of wisdom and move on to live the life you deserve. Enjoy the rest of you day!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


”Pay attention to what you’re saying about yourself. You’re going to become what you’re continually saying.”-Joel Osteen

the word thoughts on a pin board

Everything begins with the mind. The thoughts you think will eventually become your actions and reality. Be mindful of what you say aloud to yourself, in conversation, and in your head. Speak into existence all the goodness you want out of this thing called life. 5 REMINDERS ABOUT SELF LOVE Tell yourself you’re beautiful, smart, confident, a good person, parent, friend, worker. Also speak abundance into your life. Love, finances, relationship, opportunities, health, wealth, and healing. Don’t speak on the negative. Speak as if it’s already been done. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


Worrying is a major cause of stress and anxiety. Most of the time what we’re worried about isn’t even a ”thing”. Here are 6 things to stop worrying about that’s stopping you from being happy.

same shit different day neon sign
  1. Other’s Opinions
    Everyone has an opinion and that’s something we can’t stop. No matter what you say or do you can’t change someone else’s opinion. Trying to, will negatively effect your mental health and the relationship. What someone else’s opinion of you is, is none of your business. It has nothing to do with you. 5 REMINDERS ABOUT SELF LOVE
  2. The Past
    What has happened, happened. It can be changed or have a redo. Dwelling on it, replaying it over and over again, is stressing you out and robbing you of your happiness. Take the good from it, learn from the mistakes, and grow through it. Leave it in the past, it’s back there for a reason.
  3. The Future
    On the other hand, worrying about next month, next year, or 10 years from now is useless. That means you aren’t living in the moment and enjoying what you have now. Tomorrow isn’t promised. I know in the past, I’ve made plans, and when that time came, life happened and my plans went out the window. I’ve learned we can hope, pray, and prepare. But to worry is pointless.
  4. What Others Are Doing or What They Have
    Worrying about what others have, how much they have, where they are going, and what they are doing is taking time away from you. Focusing on what others have going on directly effects your mental health. You are in a constant state of comparing yourself and striving for something someone else have. It’s robbing you of your happiness and time.
  5. Failure
    Worrying about ”failing” is preventing you from living in your authentic self. The fear of failure stops you from starting your business, dating who you want, or moving where you want. The more you worry about failure the more you are going to focus on failing thus bringing your fears true. What we focus on is what we become. Focus on what you’re good at and ask for help in other areas.
  6. Mistakes
    Never be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes is how we learn. It’s actually the best education. Once you learn, what not to do you’ll become a master of that thing. Your confidence is instantly boosted. We all are going to make mistakes in life.

Those are just six things that we are worrying about that’s stopping us from being happy. Make a conscious effort to be present in the moment, be grateful for what you have now, and grow in the process. With each step you’ll find yourself being happier more each day.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.