There have been several incidents over the last couple of weeks that had this question on my mind. What does it really mean to be kind? It literally cost nothing to be kind. We see this phrase #Be Kind everywhere we go, but it can be interpreted differently depending on who you talk to and where.

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The waiter at the restaurant serving and making sure everyone have a great meal with their family is only doing her job. It’s not her fault the restaurant is busy and it’s taking a little longer for the food to come out. Being mean, sarcastic, and rude to the waiter isn’t going to make the food come out any quicker. They are doing the best they can making sure the experience is the best.

Enjoy good conversation and uninterrupted quality time.

The young barista making that latte is probably in high school trying to making a little money while being screamed at about how long the lines are. At the coffee shop, orders are made fresh to order, they are specific orders, and have numerous channels of orders coming in. Walk ins, drive thru, curbside pickup, and online order pick ups. It’s not their fault the cafe is short staffed and the line is out the door. They are doing the best they can.

I love me a good coffee. However, I do want my barista to take their time to ensure it’s accurate, hot or cold, and ready to sip.

Yes, it’s Christmas time. We all have so much to do, purchase, and places to be. However, cutting others off, being rude to the cashier, or causing a scene because they are out of stock isn’t going to help the situation.

I literally had an order cancel on me this week after waiting for a week for it to be shipped out. After 3 phone calls they offered me a refund and said it won’t even arrive by Christmas. Thank you for my refund and your time. Absolutely no need to scream. It’s not the customer service fault shipping is having trouble.

Remember when we aren’t having a good day or moment, we want someone to extend us a little grace. Even if it wasn’t the holiday season, being nice takes nothing.

I’ve witnessed some not so nice interactions and it literally cost nothing to be kind. We never know what breaking point that cashier or barista is at. So often many show up to work fighting internal battles and demons. One wrong thing can trigger them and cause them spiral. 9 REMINDERS OF BASIC SELF LOVE TIPS

The more kind we are to others the better we’ll begin to feel. What was angering you, hurting you, or burdening you will begin to feel easier to navigate through. The mind opens up to see situations and circumstances in a different light. The ability to digest, understand, and overcome gets easier. The simplest gesture can go along way. The goal is to make others feel good not feel the same pain we’re feeling.

It takes nothing to be kind. Reset your expectations. Have a little more patience.
That is all I have right now. Have a good night, morning, or day whenever you read this. It was really on my mind all day to say. #BeKind


Be you so you can be free.

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