So I saw this post scrolling on Pinterest and it totally resonated with me so of course I had to read it. “Why I kept my blog a secret?” It seems like something you would want to shout to the world. Well not so much. And I’m not just talking about family. I still don’t discuss my blog with friends or coworkers.

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For me, one of the main reasons I kept it a secret was because my family thought I was wasting my time. It didn’t make me rich as soon as I clicked ”publish”. Because everyone else in my family was talking about starting their restaurants, t-shirt businesses, and makeup brand no one was interested in learning what a blog was. When I brought up my blog they completely ignored me and dismissed me.

Next, I kept my blog a secret because I just wanted to post and write what I wanted, how I wanted to express my feelings and thoughts. I literally thought, I could come on here write, and still be invisible. My goal was to be able to write, post, and publish without fear. Sometimes families can be more judgmental than friends or coworkers.

Another reason I kept my blog a secret was because I didn’t want to offend anyone. While I still want to love, respect, and protect my family, part of my journey is knowing where some of my thoughts, views, feelings, and emotions stem from. I didn’t want anyone to feel like I was pointing the fingers or blame. Sometimes people don’t understand or want to accept your experience of them.

Finally, I kept it a secret because I would get unwanted comments, suggestions, and advice on the topics I should write about. When I did bring up the idea of mental health, healing, and protecting your peace I knew by the comments and reactions they weren’t where I was emotionally. I got the hint to let it go and never push someone to look deeper internally. This was my journey, my truth, and my healing that I was sorting through. All while trying to help and motivate others.

I did end up telling like 3 people. But only one ended up being a family member. I’ve never been the type to like the spotlight, focus, and attention on me. Seems weird I know, to have a blog and be an introvert. FACTS ABOUT INTROVERTS YOU SHOULD KNOW But that’s the point, it’s my corner of the internet to motivate, encourage and inspire.

This journey for the last 2 years has taught me the importance to motivate and encourage yourself more than you can get from others.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


As I jump in to create the life I want to live, I like everyone else, have fears, hesitations, and questions. But as I do get the courage and take risks, it becomes easier each time. That led me to a little food for thought. I always ask myself, if you don’t take the risk, then what’s the alternative?

The answer is simple. Either I take the risk and follow my heart. Follow the dreams and desires that is burning inside me. And, lastly, do what God tells me to do. On the other hand, I can continue to sit, make excuses, and wonder about all the what ifs.

We never know what’s on the other side of fear. If we take a risk and stumble, so what. We’re still alive to take what we learned and try something new. Even when we stumble, there is a lesson there. It’s how we get to the path we’re trying to get to.

If we don’t take action for what we desire, then we will never get to the life we truly desire to live. No one else can live our life for us. MENTAL HEALTH: YOU ALREADY HAVE BEEN VALIDATED

When I first began my blog, I was terrified. I went back and forth so many times. But one day, I literally said forget it, and jumped on my IPAD and downloaded wordpress. I mean, this was something that had been burning inside me for years. It wasn’t going away. What was my alternative? Always wondering or questioning how far I could be. Every time I hear a quote or someone speak it would spark something in me. Then I’d have to supress it. Worrying about what people would say won’t make the blog happen.

I had this crazy idea of wanting multiple streams of income and being a freelancer was always something I knew I could succeed at. Thinking about the what ifs, didn’t add money to my bank account. The what ifs didn’t postpone my desire to become a freelancer. Time didn’t stop and wait on me. Until one day, I said forget it, I’m going to do it.

Is it a learning process and experience? Absolutely!!!!!!! What’s your alternative? There isn’t a such thing as the perfect time. We will never have everything lined up perfectly how we want. Trying to get all your ducks in a row will only have you saying the same thing next year.

Sometimes we just have to follow what’s in our hearts and let God do the rest. I promise He won’t leave you. If he led you to it, then He’ll bring you through it. Trust God and trust yourself.

So if you find yourself frozen with fear, ask yourself ”what’s the alternative?” What would happen if you don’t do it? Will it go away? Postponing living for you isn’t going to make the time go by faster. Nor will it stop the desires of your heart.

Whatever it is that you want to do start it today. Fill out the application. Create you an account. Post your first item or listing to sell. Call and inquire about what you need to do that project. Contact your bank to see what options are available to you. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!

What’s the alternative?

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


After tracking my first week, I felt pretty good. Setting my intentions and goals in the beginning and writing things down daily really made me hold myself accountable. We hear so many say write things down, its the best way to filter your thoughts amongst other things.

The one thing I will say is from week to week, I’ve learned to keep things realistic and attainable. What may seem like a small goal or intention is actually an accomplishment. Even sitting down thinking about what I wanted to accomplish this week was very therapeutic. It’s a great way to give yourself an outline or guide. WEEKLY BLOG: RECIPES, REST,& ROUTINE

This week my intentions were to hone in on some financial goals and set things up. We have some plans for this spring and summer so making sure we set ourselves up for success we had to begin now. Also this week marks the one year anniversary of my mother in laws passing and my husband wasn’t doing too good. I knew it was going to be a little rough leading up to the day so I was trying to prepare for that. Lastly, my daughters birthday is next week, and we had been waiting on her to tell us what she wanted to do. Finally she gave us a some hints and ideas.

Sunday: Happened to be a very chill day. We are a sports family, so of course football is always a highlight. My husband and I opted not to do date night out, instead have it inside. We have been really focused on us and our next phase as our kids are teens. There had begun to be chatter about him feeling down dealing with the one year mark. Helping a loved one through grief is very difficult, eye opening for myself, and therapeutic. We both made the commitment to feel every emotion that comes.

Monday: Was back to business as usual. But of course I had the Monday blues. You know? When you have to get yourself back into the mindset of the everyday commute, going to the office, activities, what’s for dinner, and everything else. As my husband asks everyday, ”what’s on the agenda for today.” We made progress in finding my daughter birthday gift. I was super stoked about having dinner ready at a decent time. Without question, we had to watch the National Championship game.

Tuesday: Finally was able to make head way in our financial plans and what we wanted to do. Still trying to cope with grief and give my husband his space. The kids and I are trying to keep him talking, entertained, and help him remember the good times. At the end of the day, he was actually better than he thought. That’s the key, just let the day come to you. Don’t try to anticipate or control how you’re going to respond.

Wednesday: Was a great hump day. Accomplished getting another contract as a freelancer. Really been enjoying my late night time with my daughter. We now have this ritual after both of us shower for the night we spend time together. Of course doing my usual mid week cleaning and laundry because that’s never ending.

Thursday: Really began focusing on pausing for a moment. Things can be so chaotic and you just going like a hamster on the wheel. Me settling in and stopping everything for a moment is a great way for me center myself. Today I had my moment at work. It’s been very quiet and you feel like you need to be doing something. I’m trying to plan things for my new contract, still working on my daughters birthday, and oh prepare to be shut in this weekend because of an expected snow storm. I found myself being very anxious. So I closed out of everything on my computer, put my phone down, and just looked out the window at the sun. Soaked in the quietness, prayed, and gathered myself.

Friday: It was a little busy, but accomplished. Went to the grocery store for the long weekend my kids will have. It was crazy busy like Christmas eve out there because of the anticipation of the snow storm. Had a very quiet week at the office, but grateful for the down time. I knew we wanted to have a chill day in as the kids were tired, and everyone just wanted to relax.

Saturday: Was an amazing cold snow day. We actually woke up early to watch to pretty snow fall and had coffee. It was a great way to start the weekend. I finally finalized my contract and began working on that project. We found the perfect gift for my daughter and made her dinner reservations to the restaurant she wanted. Of course, we are a sports family so we enjoyed football. We ended the night binge watching ”The Secret Life of Zoo”, it is very interesting to see how animals relate.

Well that was my week. I enjoyed it very much. At the beginning of the year I wanted to set weekly intentions. These last two weeks I have enjoyed and not once felt like I was overwhelmed or couldn’t get something done. These weekly intentions allow me to maintain some balance. Life is a roller coaster and its all about how you respond and handle those highs and lows.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


Just like everyone else I had plans to get back into routine and start the new year off ”right.” So I thought I’d start doing a weekly blog roundup to track my progress to hold myself accountable. One of the things I wanted to begin doing is expressing or verbalizing the positive. After a conversation this week, I wanted to challenge myself.

If we think about it, it is easier to point out what we don’t like about ourselves. But if someone asked you what are three things you like about yourself, you’d have to think. So instead of saying what’s bad for mental health lets talk about and do what’s best for mental health.

Starting the week off Sunday into Monday I was under the weather, really bad. No I don’t have C****. But my throat was raspy and I began to lose my voice. Thank God I was off on Monday to recoup. So I began drinking tea and kind of relaxing. I knew I’d be able to relax because the kids started school back Monday.

On Sunday I did my weekly weekend routine SELF CARE HABITS: 6 WEEKEND HABITS FOR A GOOD WEEK and cleanup. Also I began working out again, because over the holiday I didn’t get to workout as much. In my mind, I was thinking I could workout and sweat this mucus out.

On to Monday, I took the kids to school and literally laid down until it was time to pick them up. I had all these plans on what I wanted to get done but my throat and sinuses had other plans. It ended up being a good thing because I laid down the entire time. Normally I would be up cleaning and working from home on my own projects. But I’m proud of myself for doing nothing.

Tuesday I made plans to perfect my baked sweet potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes. I accomplished my goal. They turned out really well. I was still feeling under the weather but pushing through. Had a really good day at the office after being off a couple of days.

Wednesday I did my midweek cleanup. As a family of 5, laundry, dishes, and clutter happens fast with everyone going to school and work everyday. I’m still a little hoarse and coughing but nothing to severe. All this time I haven’t had any other symptoms. The working out hard and sweating seems to help greatly. Also accomplished some goals on some other work I’ve been trying to do.

On to Thursday I had to refresh my manicure for some reason my polish began to chip. Usually when I do my manicure on Sunday it will last for about 10 days. I took another day of rest. After working out for several days I like to give my body a break. Also going everyday it’s good to just sit and be. I made a pasta dish that didn’t take long and relaxed the rest of the evening.

The weekend finally arrived and Friday was much better for me. I felt much better but not quite 100% yet. My work week wrapped up quietly by surprise. After the holiday season and being off, I was expecting a busy week. But it turned out to be the complete opposite. I really don’t have much plans for the rest of the weekend. Rest and relaxing will be the priority.

Saturday was a bitterly cold day. We all slept in as there wasn’t much going on. I had a couple of errands to run but nothing too major. I’m not quite a 100% but close to it. Still have a little congestion but its taking its course. My husband and I didn’t get to do our weekly date night because he had to handle some business for work. I don’t know maybe we’ll do it tomorrow. Either way I am happy with this week.

**My goals were to begin taking breaks. I have so much I want to do that any free time I get, I feel like I have to be doing something. I’m proud of myself for doing that.

**Also at the first of the year I made a decision to give my hair a break from heat styling. So I’ve been wearing my curls and been loving it again. I want to take this break and focus on health instead of aesthetic. My hair isn’t damaged, right now it’s the best thing to do for my lifestyle. I’m proud of myself for doing that.

**Lastly I love my manicure. I have perfected it to the point some think I go to the salon. It’s a great time for me to do something for me and have time to myself.

P.S. Another moment I’m proud of is I had a very rude and demanding client that took up an hour of my time and not once did I let them change my mood.

What are three things you did great this week? What are three things that made you proud of yourself this week?

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


After watching a video with Sarah Jakes Roberts talk about remembering her why, I thought I’d answer my own question of remembering why I blog? Remembering why I blog was a great moment of reflection for me. When I began, I knew why in my head but to verbally speak it and make it make sense was different. But that is the beauty in the dreams that God places in us. We know and understand why we do what we do or what we want to do. However, that isn’t for everyone else.

Remembering My Why

First I’ve had this vision or dream for over five years now. To be honest with you all, it was out of pure fear as to why I didn’t start my own blog. I would write for others first as a hobby, then to gain experience, and finally as a form of expression. All the while, I knew deep down I still wasn’t completely satisfied. Alas, after much thought, prayer, and trials I decided to create my own.

Think about your trials and tribulations. That will give you answers and insight of remembering your why.

My first reason as to Why I Blog, was to motivate, encourage, and inspire. As an adult woman, wife, and mother of three I have experienced life and I was the type to hold things in. I never let anyone know I was feeling sad, anxious, depressed, or unfulfilled. Dealing with things on my own and internally was my mojo.

Even the thought of wanting to go back to school or make a career change I kept to myself. I was at a place where the slightest criticism or remark would make me question and sometimes change my mind. The biggest brick on my shoulders was my mommy guilt. Anything that took time away from me being available to my kids, I felt like I couldn’t do.

Remember when one area of your life is out of sync all areas are out of sync. I had this vision of what I wanted my life to be and how I wanted to live. The only options was for me to make it happen. My internal peace and happiness is beneficial to my marriage, kids, family and friends. I knew if I wanted to be that strong individual that everyone depends on then I had to be strong for myself.

I began to make decisions and choices without anyone knowing. Letting another’s opinion about my desires suede me in any way. In contrast, the thought of sparing their feelings was no longer an option. Also, understanding my dreams are mine and no one else has to understand them was essential to my healing process. Trusting and believing in myself was also the number one essential.

Why I Blog

Remembering why I blog is easy for me. I know for a fact there are many women and men who experience the same type of emotions. Putting it into words can be difficult. Expressing your concerns can be difficult. Not getting the support needed or understanding can be a blow to your mental and emotional health. If I can in any way say “hey I’ve been there and if I can escape you can too”. At then end of the day, if I only touch or inspire one person then I have done what God has asked me to do.

Putting yourself out there is very hard and vulnerable. But I do know, I want to grow and be the best version of myself. So that means I have to be vulnerable and embrace uncertainty. When you’re uncomfortable you’re growing. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable as I heard Steve Harvey say. I am someone who embraces changes and loves to take risks. So keeping those thoughts in the front of mind allows me to rely on my faith, capabilities, and desire to know there is someone out there who is depending on me to show a little vulnerability.

Another reason I blog, is for my mental health. Me attempting to motivate and encourage others helps me. So often we suffer in silence because we think we the only one going through something. Not realizing if we had the courage to speak up, we all could be healed. There is truly strength in numbers. In my years, I learned holding things in aren’t good for your emotional wellbeing. Therefore, I need to release it. What better way to release it, get it off my mind and help someone in the process. My number one thing I tell so many is “you are not alone.

In a circle of friends or family, if everyone has their cup full, then there is plenty to drink from. Now, if one or two people only have something in their cup, then dehydration is going to set in. So why not make sure my cup is running over so I can help someone else begin to fill theirs. Notice I said help. We can’t completely take the cup from them. We can assist and we all can fill our cups together.

Lastly, in remembering why I blog, I noticed how happy, energized, and full I felt when I would talk to a coworker, friend, or family member out of sadness. When I would try to build someone up, encourage them to go after their dreams, or tell them they are worthy, I was the most happy myself. I knew that was my WHY. How I felt on the inside was all the confirmation I needed.

Remember your why. Why do you do what you do. When things aren’t seeming to pan out how you thought, don’t give up. Remember why you started. Always staying true to your why, will lead you down a path of fullness.


Be you so you can be free.