We have to be very careful at easing our foot off the gas pedal. Don’t lose focus on yourself and drift off into another lane. When we lose focus and drift off, accidents happen, we hit a bump in the road, end up going down the wrong street, and stuck between trucks that hinders our vision front and back. In result, we have lost time and now playing catchup trying to get back on track.

happiness is a piece of cake close up photography

Keep your focus on why you started in the first place. Anytime you get a little tired, take a break and regroup yourself. Don’t lose focus on why you started that new course, financial savings goal, relationship, healing journey, or whatever else you’ve begun for yourself. Take a moment and list all the milestones you’ve reached so far. The lessons you learned thus far. Make a list of 3 goals going forward. 7 SELF REFLECTION JOURNAL PROMPTS Journal your thoughts and experiences on how your journey is going. Regrouping and reassessing will give you clarity and motivation to keep going.

Don’t lose your focus yourself and keep going even when you feel like nothing is happening. Even when you don’t see physical results or change happening, every little step you take is progress. If we saw results, activity, or change every time we took a step then we’ll have nothing to look forward to. That is the idea of hope and faith. Believing in the things not seen or heard. When feeling a little discouraged pray, meditate, and center yourself. Remind yourself that you are here for a purpose, a vision was placed in you to fulfill, and you have everything needed to complete the assignment.

When you get bored and lose your focus it’s time to get creative. Switch things up, try something new, and renew your focus. As we grow, what worked for us will no longer work. The more we heal the more we grow. Therefore, the need for new and exciting is broadened. Creativity allows for endless space to grow.

Are you tired of all this self care talk? Don’t want to hear about routines, habits, and caring for yourself? Guess what, we have to stay in our lane so we don’t veer off. That’s why self care, routines, and creating habits are a constant must. Focusing on you, being the most healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally, will allow you to withstand whatever is going on in the world. Keeping your focus on you is motivation for others to focus on themselves. It inspires everyone to be whole thus having a healthy community of support.

Staying committed to yourself is the best self care you can do for yourself. The relationship you have with you, will be the best one you have and the strongest. You owe it to yourself.

Keep your focus. Empty out the negative. Focus on the positive. Believe in your own strength.

Have a great week!!!!!!


Be free so you can be you.


We’ve all had those moments of feeling anxious. Sometimes we don’t realize it, until after the fact that we were in a frenzy. When your heart start to pound, your hands get sweaty, your body becomes unsettled, or you just have a sense that something isn’t right you’re probably feeling a little anxious.

upset black woman on bed in house

Often times we think it takes huge measures to calm down. In actuality, it’s your small self care practices that will help ease your anxiousness. Here are some things I do when feeling a little anxious.

  • Exercise/Go for a walk
  • Clean
  • Listen to music
  • Call a friend or family member. If the first person doesn’t pickup, I keep calling until someone does.
  • Go to a quiet room, close the door, and sit
  • Pray/Meditate
  • Journal
  • Fix a dish or meal I’ve always wanted to try
  • Read
  • Watch an inspiring video
  • Read motivational quotes on Pinterest
  • Talk to my husband
  • Drink a cup of coffee or tea
  • Find a program to watch
  • Pause, take a break, and do nothing
  • Give myself a pep talk
  • Take a hot shower or bath

The key to calming myself when anxious is to focus on myself. Do things to get my mind occupied, figure out why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling, and to move past it. Most importantly it doesn’t last forever. Relying on your self care activities and do the things that makes you feel you is key to overcoming your anxiousness. SIMPLE SELF CARE MORNING ROUTINE WHEN FEELING BLUE

Even if you have a moment of anxiousness at work, doing certain self care practices will help calm yourself down. Several practices from the list can be done at home, work, vacation, or anywhere you may begin to feel your blood pressure rising.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore those feelings. It’s important to acknowledge them. Understand the why, and grow through it. We can’t stop them from happening but we can manage it well if we keep our self awareness high.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


“I can’t afford to lose my job or take time off work to seek mental health treatment is there anything I can do”

YES!!!!! Your mental health and self care is free. Just because you have a strict schedule, job, or boss doesn’t mean you can’t practice self care. Having a lack of resources at your finger tips won’t hinder you from developing good self care habits. You’ve taken the first step in acknowledging you need and want a better care for yourself. Right now you have an abundance of resources it’s just how you use them.

planners and papers

first, you can pretend like you do have a therapist and journal. Journaling For Mental Health, TRY IT This is free of cost, free for your spirit and the first step to acknowledging your honest true feelings and emotions. To journal you can purchase a notebook for less than a dollar. If you want to throw in some extra couple bucks, purchase some affirmation stickers to decorate it for less than $3. (This is what my daughter did, and her notebook is so pretty and tailored to her.) Now you have a personalized journal that gives you positive affirmations and thoughts to repeat before opening and pouring your heart out. Once you have a journal begin with what sparked you to want a better mental health. 7 HEALING JOURNAL PROMPTS FOR A PEACEFUL WEEK What are the triggers, event, or persons behind your emotions?

As you begin to heal and grow, you can opt to save for a really good journal that will help you develop all around wellness. Try this beautiful journal that’s less than $10 to get you started when you’ve saved enough to purchase it.

Next, you can use your phone that’s at your finger tips to get daily motivation. Make a decision and choice to ONLY seek positive content. Once you only click or search positive content the algarithm will then flood your feed with that content. It has worked for me and I can truly say it helps to not even see a negative title or headline. YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram has some amazing quotes, scriptures, passages, reminders, and hope to keep you fueled thoughout the day. Also begin to distance yourself or limit your interactions with those who aren’t feeding you like you want to be fed. Your motivation and encouragement doesn’t just have to come from digital. That one person that only calls, text, or have a negative story isn’t good for your mental health. Delete social media if you have too. ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA APPS DELETED

Thirdly, focus on you. Wake up a little early. Make sure you look good and feel good about your appearance before heading out. Focus on your physical health. Do some walking, gardening, hiking, biking, or any activity to keep your body moving. Exercise and sweat out some toxins. Schedule in your activity. Create a schedule for the week, month, and day. Have an outline of what you have to do. This ensures you aren’t overwhelmed, you can make time for yourself, and still being productive at work and at home. The schedule is free because you can create it on your phone. Schedule your meals, activity, laundry, cleaning day, and this will give you something to hold yourself accountable. If you can use resources at work, email it to yourself and print it. The schedule is also a good way for you to begin to create boundaries and say NO!!!!!! Saying no and creating boundaries is free.

beads cross prayer rosary

The fourth thing you can do to get a handle on your mental health is seek a spiritual community. Having a community of people to share, pray, and worship is the best way to filter out the bad and keep the good. If you choose to worship on Sunday in person that is great, but you can also do so using the phone you already have. The first I thing I do every morning is have time with God. In the form of music, a sermon on youtube, or me having my own prayer session. Get rooted in faith and hope.

The fifth is to use your time wisely. While you’re on break at work you can journal, listen to a podcast, read a book, or watch a quick motivational video. Opt to have lunch alone so you can get what you need without judgement, interruptions, or criticism. If you are cooking dinner, listen to a sermon on youtube. Find an inspiration channel that feeds your soul. When I clean and do laundry I put my earbuds in and let the universe speak to me. You are moving and getting Exercise, while feeding your mind with positive energy, and getting things done on your list. All of this is free and good for your mental health. You’ve developed habits.

The sixth free thing you can do for your mental health is develop routines. A good morning routine to get your day started. This will ensure you are in a good headspace to conquer the day. Even when things seem to go sour, you’ll have tools and motivation in your spiritual bank to pull from. Next a good night routine to wind yourself down. How was your day? What didn’t you like that you can work on? What was good about the day? Release it to make room for a clear slate the next day. MID WEEK MENTAL HEALTH REMINDERS

Lastly, give yourself permission to feel. You will have good days and some bad days until your habits become second nature. But continue to push through and work through it. Each bump in the road is a teaching moment. Don’t ignore them. Listen to them and ask yourself why am I reacting this way or feeling this way. The good news is because you did this on your own without seeking a paid counselor the reward in understanding and growth will be just that much greater.

Happy Healing.


Be you so you can be free.


What does self love mean to you? The truth is we all have different ideas of what self love is, should be, or can be. Here are 5 reminders we all can use when exercising self love.

    Neither one of us is perfect. Nor, will we ever be. To the end of time we all will have flaws. The key to self love is knowing we were made in the perfect image of God. We are enough no matter what the flaw is. Embracing the good in you increases your confidence and boosts your self esteem. However, embracing the perfect imperfections allows a great sense of self awareness. Knowing where you lack in something or need assistance gives you power to seek help, assistance, and get better. In return, will also increase your confidence. TUESDAY TIP: LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES
  2. self love IS A MUSCLE
    Unfortunately, we can’t just wake up one day and say I have self love. It’s a muscle we have to exercise daily. This self love muscle will need intentional care, actions, and recovery. As we age, grow, and heal we will have to exercise the muscle accordingly. Our ability to evolve and have self awareness will depend on how strong our muscle is. There isn’t a destination for self love. It’s the journey that makes the love grow stronger and stronger.
    When exercising self love, we have to be mindful of our expectations, GOALS, and reality. We can always dream, hope, and wish. But living in reality and setting realistic expectations will allow us to achieve the love for ourselves. Not looking to be perfect or seeking perfection will help stay on track. Accepting, embracing, and acknowledging each step before we move forward is key to achieving self love. Completing a level before moving forward will make for an enjoyable journey.
    If you BELIEVE you can, then you will. What we tell ourselves is important to the journey of self love. If our mindset is lack, then we will operate in lack. If we think we deserve abundance then we will make abundance decisions and choices. Think highly of yourself, BELIEVE in your abilities, and know you deserve the love first. Once you do, then everyone else will follow suit. We teach people how to treat us.
    Because self love isn’t a destination, there isn’t a such thing as perfection, and it’s ever evolving grace will be needed. You will have good days and bad days. There will be times you feel love, inspired, and motivated. Other times, you may feel alone, no one understand, and nothing is happening. Give yourself the grace to feel. Once you feel, adapt, adjust, and continue to love yourself. Healing and growth is a process.

Keep these 5 self love reminders handy when going through your journey. Your journey is unique to you and no one else has to understand.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


Look around no more!!! You have to be your own cheerleader. Whatever affirmations or reassurance you’re needing right now, give it to yourself. The things you are needing to hear or want to hear, tell it to yourself.

If you’re at work, go to the bathroom, look yourself in the mirror, and cheer yourself up. Take a 15 minute break, step away from the desk, and give yourself a pep talk. If you can, go for a quick walk and come back to work. We have to be our own cheerleader.

Talk to yourself out loud. Remind you, how great you are. The hard work you’re doing is going to pay off, keep going. WELLNESS: EVEN THE STRONGEST NEEDS A BREAK You are a good mom. You are a good dad. Pray, do a 5 minute meditation, and sing yourself some praises. Pump yourself up.

If you’re at home and not feeling well, go step on your porch and breathe in some nature. Tell yourself you’re going to be healed, relationships are going to be restored, the financial setback has turned around, and you’ve done a great job. You aren’t tired. You’ve just exhausted all the energy that was allotted to you today.

You have to be your own cheerleader even when the circumstances are good. When you get a promotion, jump for joy, scream, and toot your own horn. You worked hard. Whatever accomplishment you’ve achieved or been recognized for, celebrate it. And don’t wait for someone else to start the celebration. If you’ve saved for a specific goal and that goal has been reached, celebrate that.

What we want from others we have to be able to give to ourselves. Then we’d be able to celebrate someone else genuinely, happily, and unselfishly. We have to be our own cheerleader.

When we seek praise or affirmations from outside first, it makes us subconsciously rely on others validation to make us feel like we’re enough. That will lead us down a path of self destruction. Someone else’s validation or reassurance doesn’t add or decrease our worth. However, does it feel good when we get noticed, absolutely. Anyone who tell you differently is a lie. Do we want others to recognize our hard work, absolutely. But that shouldn’t be what we base our worth off of.

If you’re feeling in a little slump, no matter where you are, get up and cheer yourself up. Pat yourself on the back. Guess what, it’s an accomplishment just to acknowledge you’re not feeling that well. No matter how small something may seem, praise yourself for it and keep stepping forward. Have a great rest of your day!!!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.

The More You Grow…Part II

We’re constantly evolving and growing. The more you grow and learn about yourself the better life you can have. Certain aspects of life are important to you and meaningful than before. So I’d thought I update a previous post from earlier. The More You Grow…

The More You Grow

First as your grow having a life insurance policy is IMPORTANT!!!!! This isn’t something we want to think about when we’re younger or even think is important. Well its very important for everyone, even the children in the family. Making sure your family is ok in the event of something happening will eliminate unwanted stress. You can go online and get a quote, and guess what its not even expensive. The only thing that’s guaranteed for all of us is death.

Next, maintaining your home and cars. I was very guilty of this when I was younger. Routine maintenance and checkups on your vehicles saves you money in the long run, keeps your return on your investment high, and provides a sense of security. Maintenance on your home is more essential to you mentally and emotionally. Home is where you go to rest, relax, and release. It’s the place you feel most comfortable. So to ensure it’s updated, maintained, and inviting, allows you to focus on yourself.

Keeping regular doctor and dental visits are primary health care habits. We can do everything right and if we don’t get checked out something can go wrong. However, thinking preventive will keep you inspired to stay ahead. Making sure we’re the most healthy is essential to self care.

Along with physical health having a good spiritual foundation is the one ingredient that can’t be missed. Having a sense of gratitude and knowing that there is a higher power, provides the hope and faith needed to know everything is going to be alright no matter what. Whatever you believe and how ever you believe is up to you, your business, and is for you alone.

black typewriter machine typing on white printer paper

As you become more seasoned, you know the importance of having a great understanding of your finances. Where they are, what you want, where you need to improve, and have a clear plan on how you’re going to get there. You no longer fly by the seat of your pants.

By this time you’ve lived and know the importance of having a great work life balance. So many of us in our early years work work work, and missed out on family time and milestones that we can’t get back. Furthermore, most of us don’t even enjoy the fruits of our labor. Now you know that taking time to breath, pat yourself on the back, and enjoy family and friends is priceless.

As we grow the relationships in our life is essential to our well being. Knowing what we need from each one and how we can reciprocate the love is clear. This is for your romantic, friendships, coworkers, family, and anyone else in your life. Long gone are the days of having 20 best friends. We keep a couple and throw the rest away.

When it comes to holidays, you really don’t need a gift. As long as you are around family and friends, good food, love, and laughter you are content and happy.

Avoiding people, places, and situations is essential to your mental health and you now know that. You no longer view it as running or punking out. Not putting yourself in uncomfortable situations or circumstances is smart and wise.

These are just some things I’ve picked up along the way and thought I’d share. Someone may feel the same way and not know what exactly is happening. It means you’re growing my love and becoming more aware of who you are. Don’t be afraid or run from it, embrace it because it’s going to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

The one thing that is constant is change. And while we’re on this journey of life, we’re going to forever grow. Let’s grow in the right direction.


Be you so you can be free.


This is going to be a short week for work and school. Because of Easter Sunday coming, I’m off work on Friday and the kids get out of school. We’re trying to figure out ways to spruce things up and do something different.

Sunday: Great morning with sunshine coming through just how I like it. It’s finally nice to have temps back into spring like weather. After breakfast I finished the final edits and published WEEKLY BLOG: BACK TO SCHOOL, LOTS OF CATCHING UP, SONIC MOVIE. I finished some notes and planned more post. I think we plan to enjoy the day before the work week begin. I’m focusing on me this afternoon, doing my hair and nails. The only thing on my agenda is to workout. Later in the evening I was able to have some ”me” time and relax.

Monday: Great start to a rainy morning. My plan for today is to work while I’m at work. I have some goals in mind that I’m trying to reach. After drop off, I had a little motivation so I published HAPPINESS ISN’T A DESTINATION. Work was very quiet and peaceful today. Later on in the evening I was still battling a headache that just wouldn’t go away. So I decided to cook dinner and turn in early. I understand when my body and mind says to sit down, that I will do. Tomorrow will be another long day because we have an event to go to in the evening.

Tuesday: Morning allergies is getting to my son again. But he was able to get up and get off to school ok. Office was kind of slow, but we’re in our final stages of transitioning another agent so it makes it better. Had plans to do some errands after work due to an event we’re supposed to go to. Yup, it’s Tuesday so we always go to my moms to set out her trash. Needless to say we’re in a pinch because we have less than an hour. After the event we stop by the store and headed home. I was in a mood and did a late night cleaning session. Afterwards, I did my night routine and headed off to bed.

Wednesday: Very gloomy morning. We’re under tornado and hail storm warning. I hate this weather. I don’t know what’s worse, snow and ice or rain and thunder. After drop off and before heading to the office there are some packages I need to drop at the post office. I plan to do some notes, proposals, and listings today. After dinner, in the evening I was debating on some contracts to accept, doing some research, and other work. Headed off to bed feeling very productive and sticking to my plan.

Thursday: Very emotional morning. There are some childhood emotional traumas that I’ve been tackling. It’s very hard, scary, and gut wrenching. However, I know I need to address this. After dropping the kids off, I literally took a moment for myself before heading to the office. Well, that didn’t go well. Maybe 20minutes into arriving I was still not doing well. I had to quickly gather my things and tell them I had to leave. I just had to let it out. I was literally crying as if I heard some tragic news. I came home jumped under the blanket and let myself go. I realized I needed to give myself permission to let it out. Afterwards I knew I had to collect myself in time to pick up the kids. I journaled and let every emotion out. I prayed. Then gave myself a quick ”girl get your ish together.” Later in the evening after dinner I got in a good workout and put myself to bed.

Friday: Good Friday!!!!!!! I am off today. The kids have a half day of school. My plans are to have coffee, enjoy a program, and handle a couple of task while I’m at home alone. I’m feeling a lot better today and ready to get into gear. Late afternoon I have an spa appointment and we’ll probably go have dinner out. The kids said they didn’t want to do too much. In my time alone, I was able to post ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA APPS DELETED. (No my emotional breakdown isn’t related to me deleting my social media apps.) Get some mail shredded and a couple loads of laundry. The weather wasn’t too friendly out, so we enjoyed our evening in.

Saturday: Cold brisk morning. Couldn’t sleep in too much. There were plenty errands to take care of before tomorrow, Easter Sunday. I decided to do a quick workout as soon as I got up. My son and husband went to the barber shop and then errands of their own. After working out we finished up errands before heading to game night. The kids wanted to have family game night at my moms. She and my aunt, who’s here visiting, WEEKLY BLOG: NEW PERFUME, DETOX, & VISIT FROM AUNT cooked and planned a great evening. Later after all my Easter Sunday prep was done, we headed over. family game night was fun and lasted very late.

Have a great week everyone!!!!!

Weekly blog is designed to show the realistic life of a working mom, while balancing life, family, and myself.


Be you so you can be free.


As we now know, self care isn’t just manis, pedis, and masks. You can practice self care everyday anytime of day. TGIF: SELF CARE IS ALL AROUND YOU Here are 5 quick self care tips to refresh and recharge when you need a pick me up.

  1. Make Your Bed
    I know this seems simple. But making your bed everyday is a quick way to make your room feel tidy. You can leave everything as is, but with a made bed, you’ll feel a sense of productivity. It will give you a clean fresh slate at the start of the day. You’ll feel less stressed and thus, boosts your mood. The best thing to do, is make your bed as soon as you get up.
  2. Clean Your Purse
    This is somethings that always gets me in a recharged mood. Throw away old receipts. Get rid of that lose change and start that money jar. Money Jar Saving Method for easy saving Toss old candy and wrappers that’s been thrown in your purse. Bonus Tip: A great way to boost mood and increase confidence is to switch out your purses. I know some women do this daily while others like myself do so seasonally. Either way, it’s a great way to improve overall happiness.
  3. Take Your Vitamins
    We all would love to say we eat 3 healthy meals a day as well as snacks. But that’s just not the case for many. Taking a daily vitamin is a great to boost your immune support and give your body the extra nutrients needed. Set a time and get into a habit where you do it at the same time everyday.
  4. Clean Your Car Out
    As a mom of 3, I would love to say my car is spotless. But that has never been the case since I started having children. Every so often I’ll go out while it’s nice and the sun is shining, and simply throw away any trash, papers from school, water bottles, and anything else my kids left behind. I wipe and dust the inside. Of course, every so often I’ll take it to the car wash and vacuum it out.
  5. Delete, Uninstall, and Clear Phone
    If you really want to give yourself a mental recharge, go through your phone and delete any apps that you don’t use. Or if you’d like a challenge delete an app you spend too much time on. Get rid of all those random photos and videos thats taking up storage. Clear any files or downloads. Delete old contacts, conversations, and numbers that doesn’t serve you.

If you’re feeling like you’ve fell into a slump and need a recharge try these 5 self care tips. Any one of the tips can be done any time and any day of the week. Give you a chance by recharging and refreshing your mind.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


I wanted to give everyone a quick mental note going into the new year, mistakes are good for you. Learn from your mistakes and never be shamed because you did make a mistake. We often beat ourselves up when we make a mistake. For some it’s very difficult to admit they made a mistake. In the mean time, others won’t even admit they actually do make mistakes. There isn’t anything wrong with making mistakes.

You Are Perfect The Way You Are

The honest to God truth is, we all are going to make mistakes over and over again. It’s all about how we grow and learn from them. Mistakes is how we learn what not to do. Whenever you make a mistake, and learn the correct way to do something, you’ll never make that mistake again. MENTAL HEALTH WELLNESS TIP: ONE STEP AT A TIME

In some situations in life, the only way to move forward is to make that one mistake that will teach us the who, what, where, why, and how.

As we approach the new year, I want the thought of being perfect to leave your mind. Embrace whatever mishaps happened. Figure out how you can learn and grow from them, and leave it as an after thought.

The humility, courage, and confidence you gain from admitting ”I made a mistake” is a power no one can take from you. When we deny, deflect, or dismiss we actually hurt ourselves. We give our power away. Admitting you made a mistake shows character, strength, courage, and humility.

Right now many people are gearing up for the ”new them”. One way to sit in who you are is to acknowledge the mistake that made you a better person today. It could be choosing the wrong partner, career choice, job, move, or conversation. Never regret the decisions or choices. Instead learn from them.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


There have been a few changes I’ve noticed about myself. At first I wasn’t really paying attention but then I know I’ve grown because of certain lifestyle habits.

The first thing I noticed of how I’ve grown is I have to have desert right after eating. Also the sheer desire to even have dessert is unusual for me. I never really been a sweet eater. But my tastes buds are changing. I used to give people the side eye when they’d eat desert right after a meal, but I’ve come to enjoy dessert more right after. Now when I say dessert, I am talking about a slice of cake or pie. After breakfast a warm cinnamon roll is so good. In turn, chips and candy I have no desire for. My tastebuds have clearly matured.

The next one I noticed is I’ve become more focused, stressed, and obsessive about making sure my home is comfortable and inviting. Of course I used to clean all the time, but I focus more on energy, aroma, and comfort. I enjoy being home and it should be the place where my family feels most peaceful. On a daily I try to create an environment of peace and calm. Furthermore, when people come over I want them to experience a sense of peace for a moment.

Another way I’ve grown and is shocking for me, is I will purchase “just because” flowers. I never really was a flower person, but as of late having some fresh colorful flowers in the house is natural happiness. The colors creates a visual sense of joy. The scent is calming and adds fresh aroma to the house. And the smile they bring to your face every time you walk pass is contagious. Purchasing yourself some flowers just because is a quick way to boost your mood, spirit, and self esteem.

The older I get it seems the more my scalp gets dry. I’ve had to completely switch my hair routine because the dryness is out of control. I’ve always had dry skin, but never really scalp dryness. I can remember the days my mom and grandmother used complain about their scalp. Now here I am grabbing all the moisture I can get.

Lastly I know I’ve grown because smooth jazz is my preferred music of choice. Outside of gospel and a podcast I really can relax and enjoy smooth jazz. Listening to it in the car, at my office, while I’m cooking, and at night has become very relaxing to me. The days I used to dread riding in the car with my elders and listening jazz, has now become my kids. It’s amazing how the tide turns.

Well that is just a few things I have noticed lately. As a part of my self care, I intentionally make it a point to be in tuned to my being. I want to be consciously aware of my body, mental, and emotional being. I enjoy being able recognize the differences and how I grow and mature. Life is a journey.LIFE…We Only Get One We are forever going to evolve. I don’t want to regret not enjoying the process and being in the moment.

Growth is a process.


Be you so you can be free.