We’ve all heard the term “you can’t run on an empty cup”. There are several ways we can fill our cup to ensure the overall health of our wellness. Here are 8 ways I fill my cup for myself before pouring into others.

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“Take time to do what makes your soul happy.”

-Binge watch a show you’ve recorded, been wanting to watch, or just heard so much about. I find when I make it point to sit down and watch TV, and the show is good, I get me in a good couch potato moment. Because the show is so good I can’t stop watching it. Thus I’ve had some much needed relaxing time for my body and brain not thinking about work, chores, kids activities, or anything else.

-Put the phone down. I’ve been filling my cup with this wellness tip very much lately. First I’m lazy. I don’t like holding the phone, talking on it too long, nor do I have the desire to text a whole dissertation. Because I’ve deleted my social media ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA APPS DELETED it’s enabled me to become more creative in other areas. Challenge yourself to put the phone down. If you can’t, find something productive to read or watch a motivational video. It helps so much for your mental health.

-Have a private dance party session. So I get these in after I work out or clean up. I have my ear buds in and while I’m stretching or doing a cool down I make sure to dance and sing so loud as if I’m actually in a club. This allows my alter ego to let lose. Get funny and do things that you definitely will not have the confidence to do outside.

-Indulge in your favorite meal. Don’t deprive yourself because you need to watch your diet due to medical reasons or trying to remain physically fit. Every once in a while treat yourself to your favorite meal. You deserve it and earned it with all your hard work.

-Get some fresh air. Get outside. It doesn’t just have to be a walk. You can garden if that is your pass time of choice. Talk to a neighbor. Go walk the dog. Stand on the porch for a few minutes. Fresh air is one of the best ways to clear your mind and get an instant refresh.

-Have some me time. Take care of you. Pamper yourself. Clean your car. Change your home around. Get some new photos or decor up to recharge. Me time isn’t always about mani and pedi, facials, and going to the salon. Although that is important. But when I take my car to the car wash I have me time. Trying a new recipe and really working hard for it to come out great is me time as well. Do something that makes you feel free.

”Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul.”

-Have a good conversation with yourself. Talk to you about how you’re feeling. What has you upset or feeling anxious. How did you handle a situation you wish you could have done differently. Talk to yourself aloud and be honest with yourself. Only you know how you feel and what you really desire and think. THE ONLY PERSON YOU OWE IS…YOU

-Watch a motivational video or Ted Talk. I did not realize how much these videos open my eyes to a new perspective, idea, or communication. In addition to teaching me about myself and what my bad habits are. What I’ve done to hurt others or said. Even though we may have the best intentions, sometimes it doesn’t come out right or it isn’t the best timing. While cooking and cleaning I love to get in a good motivational video.

Those are 8 wellness tips I use to fill my cup before I pour into others. We can’t be of service to others and ourselves if we aren’t doing the work. Filling your own cup First, set an example. Sometimes we don’t have to say anything. Just by you practicing better habits and becoming a better you, will inspire someone else. YOU INSPIRE SOMEONE OUT THERE Be well!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”-Eleanor Roosevelt

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This is a quote I saw a while ago that has stuck with me when realizing where certain people stand in my life. As I grow and work on myself I notice, watch, and learn how other people treat others. Also how they talk or speak to themselves, about themselves, about others, and who they like to talk about. I’ve come to learn how someone treat a person they “love” or like is a great indication as to how they’ll treat you. MOTIVATIONAL HEALING: LEARN YOUR SOURCE OF ANGER I guess you can say I character watch. It show a lot about ones character and who they are. The type of people they hang around, what they talk about, what they like to watch on TV, do they stand up for themselves or others are all things that tells you more about someone before you even engage with them. Pay attention to the non verbal cues. If you are at a place in life where you need to reevaluate some relationships or afraid to put space in some relationships take a look at how they treat others. Do you want more of the same or something different? Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


”Don’t let the storm in your heart overshadow the sunshine in your soul.”-c.r. Elliott

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You are not your circumstances. Don’t own anything that isn’t you. Furthermore, don’t accept, participate, and own the labels others attempt to put on you. I have been guilty of this most of my life. The labels my family put on me I subconsciously accepted and owned. You have the right to live the life you want to live. Not the life others think you should live. Remember that you are not a victim you are a survivor. Isolated events that has taken place in your life doesn’t define your story. You are the author and finisher of your story. Don’t ever dim your light for someone else’s comfort. Shine bright and blind them. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


”I have not failed. I’ve just found 100,000 ways that won’t work.”- Thomas A. Edison

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I came across this quote at just the right time last week. You know I’ve been in training for this new position and it’s quite intense in the beginning as always. But per usual, we all can be excited and confident, but still have a little hint of “what have I gotten myself into” moment. Then this quote popped on my computer. It was a great reminder that I needed to tell myself failure is in not trying. As long as you are trying, giving your best, and following your heart, you can’t and won’t fail. You just learned what isn’t for you and what won’t work for you. All the while, pulling away a great teaching moment for yourself and wisdom to put in your file cabinet. No matter how long it takes, how many times it takes, or the road to get there you ARE NOT a failure. KEEP GOING AND PUSH YOURSELF Keep trying, keep going, keep pushing through the doubt, and keep telling yourself how good you are. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


The best season is here and there’s so much to do. Fall season is my favorite time of the year. The weather, outdoor activities, cool crisp air, and of course, decor are just a few things to name as to why I love this season. We are just over 10 days into the month of September and there is still time to kick off 🏈 your fall season. Below are 7 things to do before the end of September.

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  1. Pumpkin Spice it up. The best part of fall is the latte’s. Pumpkin spice, apple cider 🍺, or pumpkin pie latte is all around us. Treat yourself to a latte one morning before work, on your lunch break, a cool Saturday morning, or on that Friday night football game. Get creative and enjoy a great staple of fall season.
  2. Sweater it up. Sweater weather is the best season. Another great reason to love fall. This is the time you get to show off your cool, cozy, sweater style. You can refresh your wardrobe and purchase a new sweater. Gift a sweater to someone. Or be frugal and thrift. No matter what, get into season with a great comfy sweater.
  3. Soup or Chili for comfort. 🍜 What else do we love about fall, those Chili cook off contests. You want to warm up with a nice bowl of chili to watch your new favorite fall shows. Get creative and try some new recipes. There are some amazing Chili recipes out there. On the other hand, a great pot of homemade soup never fails. I grew up on my grandparents and parents making a good pot of vegetable or chicken noodle soup on Sunday. Both Chili and soup is a great way to comfort you soul, while being good for the soul. Lastly, it may provide a great amount of leftovers depending on your family size.
  4. Bake some goodies. 🧁 Cookies, cake, pie, and cobbler all screams fall. After that bowl of chili or soup having a nice piece of pie tops it off. Any of the above mentioned desserts pairs well with your latte as well. Another great part about fall is indulging in all the food, beverages, and desserts. You can still enjoy a good slice of cake and maintain a healthy balanced diet.
  5. Plan your Halloween 🎃 day, night, or weekend. Begin searching all the events that is taking place in your area. You’ll be surprised at the amount of festival, bashes, and parties that are being held in your area. Most importantly there are going to be many that are free. I have older teens that enjoyed some of the events I found in my area last year. It’s more about enjoying the experience, people, food, and fun.
  6. Decorate. 🍁 Give your home a little fall makeover. I know everyone isn’t into having seasonal decor. But rearrange you home. Get some cinnamon, apple cider, or pumpkin scents in the home. If it’s one piece or a whole season of decor get into it. Create a fall visual to your liking to get you into the spirit.
  7. Enjoy the crisp air. 🍂The one thing we need to top off everything is the cool weather out. It will take some of us to get there longer than others. But, I’m beginning to see the change of weather in the morning when I do drop off. The cool weather makes the latte that much more comforting. The chili or soup soothes the soul just right. That sweater wraps around our bodies like a blanket. And the colors in the decor becomes brighter.

If you haven’t already began to enjoy the upcoming fall season. Try one or more of the above to get you into the spirit. SPRING SELF CARE TIPS YOU CAN DO NOW Even if it’s not your “thing” trying something new charges your mental, emotional, and visual spectrum. In result, you’ll step out of your comfort zone and boost your self love, self care, wellness, and positive lifestyle habits.

Enjoy your Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


Sometimes doing something so out of the box is what you need to get you out of your comfort zone. Here are some fun journal questions to have fun with especially if you’re feeling down, stressed, or need to spice it up.

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Fun and Stress Free journal Prompts

  1. What’s the longest you’ve gone without taking a shower?
  2. If you could have one super power, what would it be? Why?
  3. Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
  4. What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you in public?
  5. If you could trade places with anyone for 24hours, who would it be? Why? What would you do?
  6. If you hit the lottery, what would be the first thing you do? Why?
  7. When was the last time you told a fib?
  8. What is the craziest thing you did for love?
  9. What is the first thing you see when you look at someone? Why?
  10. Are you a coffee or tea person? What’s your favorite flavor?

Those are some funny and interesting journal prompts to get your mind away from whatever Stress you’re going through. JUST TAKE ONE DAY AND BE WORRY FREE Yes, some prompts may be a little embarrassing but remember you’re the only one that is going to see your journal. So let lose and have fun. You owe it to yourself to Free your mind. Happy writing!!!!!!!


Be you so you could be Free.


”Only in the darkness can you see stars.”- Martin Luther King Jr.

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The toughest moments in life provides the greatest lessons of life. The stronger the storm, the brighter, tougher, wiser, richer, smarter, and braver you become. Why? You’ve been tested, and you survived. Therefore, your ability to stand off anything becomes more manageable the more wisdom you gain. Learn in the darkest of times. Grow in those times. Heal through the pain. Most of the time when we’re at our lowest point we’re stuck. We can’t seem to make any decisions or move forward. The situation or circumstances has to play out. Therefore, while you’re idle, you have all the time you need to reflect, make plans, and heal. Once you’re in a storm once you won’t be in that same storm again. Yes, another one will occur, but it won’t be exactly like the last. Embrace the darkness. Just like when we sleep at night our bodies and mind are recharging. There is good that can come out of darkness. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


You can begin to love yourself right now, as you are, as God created you. There isn’t anything you’re lacking to stop you from loving, appreciating, and being the best version of you. Whatever you are feeling or going through it’s only temporary. That doesn’t define you, your life, and where you’re headed.

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You can love the body in you’re in right now. Even if you aren’t as confident as you would like to be. Appreciate where you are right now and love the curves, cellulite, wrinkles, dark spots, and imperfections. So when you do reach your ideal weight, get a good nights rest, and reach the point you are confident, then you can appreciate how far you’ve come. Embrace and enjoy the journey.

Whatever amount of dollars you have right now, you can love yourself. You don’t need more to feel better, look better, or love on yourself. love the small home you’re in now. That apartment, room, or wherever you live. The vehicle you have love it. Appreciate it. loving on yourself and for yourself starts with gratitude. 10 DAILY SIMPLE SELF CARE ACTIVITIES THAT WORK

The way you were created is perfect. Therefore, you don’t need to lose weight, get a bigger bottom, smaller waist, million followers, luxury vacation, long hair, short hair, spouse, children, jewelry, and everything else superficial to love who you are right now. You are equipped with everything you need to fall in love with yourself as is. You are perfect just the way you are.

Make a choice and decision to put your best foot forward so you can present the current you confidently as is. When we live in the “when I get this…” we’re not enjoying the now. In actuality, where we are and what we have now, is actually what we hoped and prayed for long ago. Accept the now to appreciate the future. If we don’t accept, acknowledge, and appreciate the small gifts then we’ll never be able to appreciate the large gifts that’s waiting on us.

Starting today and this weekend love all of you as you are. Keep pouring love into you. The more you pour into you the more it pours to others. Have a great weekend.


Be you so you can be free.


”The final stage of healing is using what happened to you to help other people.”-Gloria Steinem

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The greatest gift we can give someone is our story. So often we’re afraid to speak our truth out of fear, shame, guilt, and embarrassment. All the while, if we live in our truth and who we are, we will not only heal ourselves but others as well. Letting someone know they aren’t the only one going through a storm is music to their ears. Girlfriends…Why We Need Them Giving them peace and comfort to release frustrations, have an ear to listen, or just an outlet to be themselves is free to give with a priceless payoff. No matter how small you think your storm is, share it with someone you think it will help. Not only will it help them up you’ll have endless healing as well. healing as a community invites confidence, motivation, and encouragement. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


Most of the time we’re overwhelmed because we’re busy trying to fulfill other commitments to family, friends, and coworkers. Show up for yourself like you show up for others in your life. We feel obligated because they’re our children, spouse, boss, parent, sibling, or friend. Not in a million years do we want others to feel like we don’t want to be bothered or we don’t have time for them. But giving your all to everyone else in life, only leaves you with crumbs to feed yourself. You deserve more than that.

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To show up for yourself first, take moment to feed oneself (literally and figuratively), and not being available is perfectly ok to do. If you don’t feed you first, how are you going to feed and pour into others. What do you have to offer them? Surely, not your best. You not even giving you your best self. And, guess what, it’s not even selfish to show up for you.

Will some in your life get angry, upset, or their feelings hurt, maybe. But they’ll get over it. Think about this, is it not selfish for someone to expect you to put them first over your own self? But on the other hand, that’s where communication comes in. Just give someone a call and say “hey I’m not really my best so can I come see you tomorrow?” Or, I got done with dinner late, I’ll call you tomorrow.

Sometimes we’re not able to communicate on the fly. After you’ve had your moment, you can call and say, “you know I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately sorry I missed your call.”

Either way you’ve communicated that you had needs for yourself to take care of. Most of the time we’re stressed and drained because we are trying to making everyone else feel whole. We’re not even whole and trying to make someone else whole. SELF LOVE: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

The next time you feel like you’re stretched thin, and can’t get any help, everyone is pulling at your leg, take time for yourself. However they are expecting you to show up for them, reverse and show up for yourself. You deserve it. Your overall wellbeing is depending on you.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.