I saw this video where this girl discussed her pleasure and joy in having a Starbucks drink. How do you find joy in the little things. This young woman explained after having less than $2 in her bank account for a week, she decided on payday to get her a drink at Starbucks. Her Caption: “After surviving a week with $1.23 in my bank I decided to treat myself to a starbies drink.” As she took big gulps you can see the exhale and relief the drink was providing. As she sat in her car, gazing out the window, you can feel her joy and pleasure with the zen moment she was having.

shallow focus photo of coffee in a starbucks cup

5 Little Things I Enjoy

-Sheet Mask
-Going For A Walk
-Watching Football with my husband
-Listening to music
-Having a good cup of coffee

She had a mixed response. Some went the route of saying purchasing that coffee is the reason why she only had a dollar and change. She’s keeping herself broke while buying those kind of drinks. They have lots of calories anyway. While others understood her point, finding joy in the most simple things in life can bring you peace and comfort. It wasn’t about the money. After having an intense emotional rollercoaster of a week, she needed something to pickup herself up. She found it in a drink. It could have been found in something else worse.

But isn’t that what self care is about. When tough times approach you, how do you self soothe. What is the one thing you can do that gives you that instant boost of energy, courage, and motivation to tackle on the next week. The truth is we all have our vices. 10 DAILY SIMPLE SELF CARE ACTIVITIES THAT WORK

So often we look for the big house, Paris vacation, nice car, large diamonds, large closets, and more stuff to bring us joy and peace. When, if we paused for a moment it’s the most simple pleasures in life that brings the greatest amount joy. Finding joy in the smallest things will give you meaning, purpose, encouragement, inspiration, joy, happiness, confidence, and self worth.

Finding joy in the simple things allows you to experience the happiness guilt free. It doesn’t have any attachments. We’re in the month of November. Gratitude is the attitude. What are some simple things in life that brings you joy and happiness?


Be you so you can be free.

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