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Trying to lose weight and going on a diet is probably one of the biggest challenges many of us face. It seems like we’re on a roller coaster. We’ve all probably tried every diet and exercise program there is. But truth be told, the… Continue Reading “3 NON FOOD REASONS YOUR DIET ISN’T WORKING”

DIY Cucumber Lemon Water GREAT REFRESHER

So we know how important it is to drink water throughout the day as well as the benefits of drinking the proper amount of water daily. Try this recipe for DIY cucumber lemon water. However, there are many of us who don’t like the… Continue Reading “DIY Cucumber Lemon Water GREAT REFRESHER”

Walking for Health…Mental and Physical

Yes, walking is my favorite exercise. Walking for mental and emotional health is best free therapy. I can literally walk everyday and not get tired or bored. Not only do I walk to keep my heart healthy, maintain my weight, and for energy, but… Continue Reading “Walking for Health…Mental and Physical”


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