So often we have this misconception that each day has to be filled with an event or something big happening. When in actuality, the simple days are the best days. As I’ve matured and go on this journey I love having a simple full productive day.

Expect To Have A Great Day

What Does That Look Like:

It starts off with me sleeping in with my husband. The both of us not getting up at 5a.m. and can lay there to watch the sun come through the window is peace, love, joy, and calmness. Hearing my kids gradually wakeup when they are ready instead of me waking them up to get ready for school I love hearing. To see their personalities and who likes to get up early and who likes to sleep in is amazing.

Next, it’s getting dressed in my comfortable lounge around house clothes, but still cute enough to go to the store. Having a moment getting showered, dressed, and ready for the day triggers the positive side of my brain. Doing my skincare routine and making sure I’m presentable and feel good about myself sets my mood.

After that, opening up blinds, curtains, and windows to let the natural sunlight and air come through. When you allow nature to come in, it opens your eyes, heart, and mind to a new spiritual realm. It makes you want to go out for a walk, lifts your spirits, and know darkness is only temporary. SELF CARE HABITS: 8 DAILY HABITS TO FEEL YOUR BEST

Fixing breakfast for my family and having the smell of coffee coming from the brewer makes me feel good and excites me. I love being a mom and wife. Taking care of my family is something I pride myself on. They are the air I breathe.

After everyone has had breakfast they break off and do whatever it is they heart desires. This is having a simple day that is the best. My daughter goes to draw and use her creativity. My sons and husband get in their time on the video game. While I, do laundry, edit blog post, post listings on Poshmark, do a quick tidy around the house, or go for a walk.

That may take a couple of hours and then my daughter and I will play in hair and makeup. She may want me to change her hairstyle while I go and play in new makeup I’ve purchased. Either way spending quality time with her is the best.

Well, now it’s early evening and we’re hungry. So we decide to go have dinner. Having dinner out is fun, great conversation with the kids, and good family time. The kids are talking without prompts and we’re all engaged because they aren’t distracted with their phones. After dinner we may go to the store and get ice cream or walk around because the kids just want to go buy ”something.”

Lastly, we go home unwind, shower, and wash the day off. Maybe watch some movie or find something to binge watch. Sometimes we get alone time because the kids are off doing their own thing and other times they may join us in whatever we watch.

The beauty of this simple day is that it was filled with love, family, gratitude, and variety. All while doing ”nothing” I was able to sleep in, spend time with my husband alone, have family time, get a little work done, and still have time to rest. I can’t ask for a better day.

Simple days are the best days. Don’t stress yourself out trying to ”make” the day fun or exciting. You are already fun and exciting. Focus on what you have and the small details and the best simple day will come to you. You don’t have to do anything extra to have a great day. When you wake up expect to have a great day no matter what.



Be you so you can be free.


Today is going to turn out just fine. No matter what happens today, it is going to turn out ok. This came to me this morning. I did my usual in Thanking God this morning, and I just started speaking on how today was going to work out just fine.

No matter if you are running late, today is going to turn out ok. Slow down, finish your routine, breath a moment and let the day come to you. What’s the worst that can happen because you’re late? The day isn’t over. You can recover from being late. You are still alive to finish this day that God has given you.

If you woke this morning or whenever you are reading this, and something didn’t go as planned, keep going. Just because you received a “No” doesn’t mean your life has ended. That means you need to stop and regroup, then proceed to the next plan of action. Don’t let one decision or a person get you so off track that you are going to mess up the rest of the day. Remember a “No” isn’t a final destination, it’s a redirection.

If you having trouble with finances, family, coworkers, or any other issue that is heavy on you today, it’s not the end. Today is still going to turn out ok. Leave the bad and pick up the good. Focus on what you can control and have a good day. Have an attitude of gratitude. In Everything…Give Thanks Finding something to be grateful for will always turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

We can’t let one thing or person ruin an entire 24hrs for us. That means we have given that thing total control and power over us. 3 THINGS YOU CAN CONTROL Feed what you need. Don’t feed into negativity. If you received a rejection, feed the next opportunity. Don’t click on or read anything negative today. Look for anything motivating and inspiring.

Today is going to turn out to be a great day!!!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


I always knew I was an introverted person. There are some facts about introverts that you should know. Due to so many misunderstandings, as introverts we are often interpreted incorrectly. Here are some facts that I thought I’d share.

As an introvert

-We actually do like people and socializing. Just so happen we prefer a small select few to socialize with.

-We are very observant.

-Some great qualities introverts possess are great listening skills, they have a great respect for self, and they allow themselves to freely think.

-We truly do enjoy being alone and spending time with ourselves. Matter of factly, that will be our first choice is to do something in solitude.

-If we open up to you, know that we truly do value the relationship and you are special to us.

-introverts like to process things in their head, in peace, and yes can be over thinkers.

-We absolutely don’t care for the small talk. A meaningful conversation with substance is more fulfilling.

-Chances of us having or wanting a lot of friends is very slim. We’d prefer a small circle of people to keep close.

-We aren’t shy, timid, or fearful. More on the reserved side.

-We aren’t stuck up or anti social.

-Most often introverts aren’t one to be attached to their phone. We just don’t see the need to constantly wonder what others are doing. Nor, do we care to post what we are doing.

-We won’t speak unless we have something to say. Not going to say anything just to fill the silence or be apart of a conversation.

-We enjoy going out, vacations, beach, walking, and being outdoorsy.

-There isn’t anything wrong with us we don’t need to be fixed.

-We aren’t rude.

-introverts are not depressed, have anxiety, or low self esteem.

-Asking us “why you so quiet” isn’t something we respond to very well.

I’ve totally embraced and love being an introvert. I am me and it feels good. Embrace and love who you are. Don’t let the outside world make you feel like there is something wrong with you because you aren’t doing what the mass majority is doing.

There are many facts about introverts that you should know. We are all think, feel, and respond differently to certain situations.

BE YOU!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.