So really quick, this wasn’t a planned post but getting over fear feels amazing. Fear is a waste of time. And I want everyone to take a leap and go for it.

Recently, I had been making goals for the next year. Nothing too extravagant, but I wanted to add another stream of income. Years ago, I found myself being an personal assistant to a broker and absolutely fell in love with that job. I flourished, the office thrived, and I learned a lot about myself. That position taught me so much about business, time management, multitasking, problem solving, and so many other things.

Fast forward to this year, I created a profile on Uprwork just to have fun. Really quick, Upwork is a place for Freelancers to land gigs. I thought it would be fun to do mini tasks, help others out, polish some skills, learn some new skills, all while making a little extra money. Now I had the profile for a while. I would log in, look at potential clients, and talk myself out of it.

For the last couple of days, I’ve had this urge to kick things into gear, challenge myself, and get things started before the new year. So today while I’m at work, I decided to jump all in, and logged into Upwork, and submitted proposals for potential clients. I didn’t think nothing of it. I thought I’d get looked over, and nothing would come of it.

Well within literally 10 minutes, I had offers and contracts to accept or deny. The disbelief was hard to mask. I began to silently panic sitting at my desk. I literally said “what have I done.” It was exciting but I started second guessing my talents and abilities. Saying things like what if they aren’t satisfied and they give me a bad review. Fear is a waste of time.

Either way, I accepted the contract, calmed myself down, and prayed because I was so filled with gratitude. I was grateful for the opportunities and finally having the guts to go for it. For a milisecond, I was mad at myself, like, why have I waited for so long.

I came home, completed the first task, submitted it, and they loved it. 👏🏾That gave me so much confidence I just started submitting proposals to all jobs I had saved but never had the guts to go forward with.

All that to say, you can have everything you want, when you throw fear out the window. Fear is paralyzing, makes you second guess, and is a waste of time. The first thing I said was ”and I’ve been scared for nothing.” Is it scary stepping out on a limb, absolutely. But we must take that step no matter how small it is, to get closer to our goals. KEEP GOING AND PUSH YOURSELF

Whatever it is, that you have been wanting to do, just do it. You never know how it will turn out if you always postponing, talking yourself out of it, and pushing it away. As I encourage myself to keep going, I encourage you to do the same.

The feeling of conquering fear, is liberating. You feel like you’ve lost weight. Conquering fear is an instant confidence booster. You feel good about yourself and have motivation to keep going. Fear is a waste of time.


Be you so you can be free.

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