The holidays are stressful for most. For many maintaining the simple basis of self care is essential for survival. I had to learn this coming from a large family. No matter if we were hosting or if I was traveling I didn’t seem to have anytime for myself or to just simply breathe. Here are 3 simple self care tips anyone can do for the holidays.


Take your time. Make sure you have gathered yourself mentally before heading out the door. When I travel to see my family I tend to get in this anxious rush because they are calling non stop asking where I’m at and how far do I have to go. I would rush and pack, load the car, and hit the road. On the other hand, if they were visiting me, I get a million calls and text as to when I’m getting off of work. Therefore, I would alway feel rushed to get to where everyone is.

To solve that I no longer give a specific time. I let them know when I have started traveling and tell them I’ll call with an update. Occupy yourself or do something to keep busy to calm down. I clean and tidy the house so I return to a stress free home. I’ll do laundry or clean the bathrooms to keep me occupied mentally and physically. That way I know I’ve taken care of my home, given time to myself, and I will arrive when I’m ready.


After a long evening and day with family, a night time wind down is a must. My preference is to do it in silence or with some soft jazz music. A long shower or bath is a must. Brush teeth and wash face to cleanse the day away. Before getting into bed have a moment of silence or meditate to center your mind. Collect your thoughts and breathe. Self Care Mental Health Tips

This ensures you go to bed with a clear mind and heart. You won’t wake up heavy. Furthermore, you won’t wake up with a feeling a anxiousness. Look at your nightly wind down as a reset for each day. Once again, this allows you to have some alone time with yourself.


Yes, its the holidays and you want to always be camera ready. But don’t make yourself miserable wearing an outfit that isn’t fit to last hours. Make sure you are comfortable physically and emotionally. Worrying about how you’re going to adjust to last the night will make the night go sour. Make sure you’re prepared if you are one to always be cold. On the other hand, if you’re the one always having hot flashes prepare for that as well.

We all eat well during holiday season make sure you’re able to enjoy great food with family and friends by wearing clothes that are comfortable.

These are just a few holiday self care tips that I do to keep me comfortable physically and emotionally. It has worked for me and I thought I’d share. The number one key is to make sure you find time for yourself. And if you can do so while getting some house work done or a workout in that is always a plus.


Be you so you can be free.