“You’ve done what the Lord has asked us all to do. What someone does with your gift or what intentions they had isn’t for you to worry about.” Once again I perked up at my desk. When my antennas go up my mind, spirit, and heart is open to receive.

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Monday morning I had an email that read “I’ll have to explain it to you in person.” Come to find out a couple approached a lady that came to visit church Sunday morning. At the end of service they approached and welcomed her. Upon approaching, we’re going to call her “Tina”, they noticed she didn’t look well. So they asked if they could help her with anything.

Tina only communicated through a notepad, had 4 large bags with her, and it was cold and rainy out. After limited communication, the couple decided to place her in a hotel for a couple of nights until she could get to a shelter. Well after some thought they had buyers remorse and felt like they had been scammed. 10 MENTAL HEALTH REMINDERS

Meeting with them and hearing Tina was dressed in beautiful trench coat, high heals, hair done, she wasn’t wet when she came in, didn’t have body odor, and her bags of stuff was nicely clean and organize they felt like they were scammed. This couple wasn’t asking for their money back, I think they just wanted to vent their frustration. Get some confirmation of their feelings and simply process the events.

In the meeting the Pastor explained you did what our boss, God, told us to do. We opened the doors of the church. We gave them coffee and a bite to eat. Placed them in a room for comfort. You did the right thing and what you were supposed to do. Thus, your spirits and conscious is free, clear, and open to receive blessings. What another person does with our gifts, generosity, and kindness isn’t for us to deal with. That is their payday.

I needed this because I had been battling myself on how to proceed with certain relationships in my family. I’ve felt duped and bamboozled by my aunt. Betrayed by my brother of him directing his anger at me. Hearing that message gave me confirmation on continuing to do the right thing. Throughout the week I read twice on different media, don’t stop doing the right things, just because the wrong people didn’t appreciate or receive it.

Is it hard. YES!!!! But be good to yourself and others. Don’t worry about their payday. As long as you make sure you get paid when it’s time. Being good to others is good for the soul.


Be you so you can be free.


So I thought I’d pop on here real quick and remind everyone self care doesn’t absolve you of pain, hurt, anger, frustration, insecurities, and more. It gives you a foundation, balance, and practical ways to address and adapt to life as it comes. Practicing self care will evolve as you grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Your needs, wants, desires, likes, dis likes, level of tolerance, and so on will forever change. Remember your self care is for you.

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What do you need on a daily to feel encouraged, supported, loved, and free to be you? Listen to your body when you’re feeling uneasy. YOUR MIND AND BODY GIVES YOU ALL THE ANSWERS YOU NEED How can you tap into yourself to soothe, heal, and grow through the distress. When feeling “Un”, what is it that has triggered you? Unloved, unattractive, unwanted, unappreciated, unhelpful, unworthy, unproductive, untrustworthy, unbalanced, and any un feeling you may encounter.

”Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.”- Mark Black

Self love and self care is prioritizing you so you can be at your best in the midst of happiness and sadness. Loving you is giving yourself permission to evolve, grow, heal, be better, do better, and live your life not live how others think you should. Practicing self care provides emotional riches for you to pull from in times of need and even in joy. Remember when you have a great day, moment, or event; celebrate it!!!!

In this time before the holiday season begin, give yourself time and permission to take care of you. It’s going to look different from time to time. And that is normal and ok. It will feel awkward and uncomfortable. It supposed to. At times you’re going to feel alone and lonely. That is normal and supposed to happen. Thoughts of confusion, feeling misunderstood, and giving up will creep in, that is normal. Remember your why.

Self care is a journey. You’re unlearning, to relearn. Challenging every thing you thought was right or what was taught. Going against the grain. Give yourself permission. Patience. Time. Enjoy your day!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


”Everyone always asks if you have a career, are married or own a house; as if life was some kind of grocery list. But nobody ever asks if you’re happy.”- Heath Ledger

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And this is why so many people are sad, stressed, and depressed. They are in fear of not checking off this list. The feeling of being unsuccessful, losing out on life, and not living according to how society think you should be living. The truth is you can have the spouse, house, kids, dog, career, and be the most unhappy person. So for those who feel like they are missing out or aren’t where they think they should be, you’re exactly where you need to be. Your life path is yours. 10 FUN JOURNAL PROMPTS TO GET YOUR MIND OFF YOUR PROBLEMS Comparing ourselves to others based on what we see on the outside will kill our confidence faster than lightening. Draw inspiration from those who are peaceful to be around, finds joy in the small things, provides comfort in happy and sad times. What no one tells you is when you are truly at peace with who you are, it is the most spiritual, powerful, freeing, and human experience you can have. Find your peace within. Without the riches. Without the partner. Without the house. Without the career. Once you have that richness in yourself, everything else will flow. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.