Mindless scrolling will keep you broke. Consuming too much social media will keep you broke. The endless amount of content that people put out there and sell will have you thinking what you have is never enough, outdated, out of season, or just wrong. Please keep in mind they make a commission, receive products for free, and often times return product back to the store after posting.

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We live in a world where over consumption is keeping everyone broke trying to keep up with the latest of latest.

News flash, you don’t need a tiny home size closet. Having a wall of shoes that you probably only wear once is unrealistic. That is a waste of money. No one needs 30 pair of jeans. 20 white shirts. Please take the fashion inspiration and filter the rest. Also wear what you want. Who needs a new wardrobe every season? All it takes is investing in a few good pieces to create multiple outfits. Think about it, many of us grab the same pieces to wear to work, do errands, lounge around, and even during exercise.

Next, take it from me, a beauty junkie, there’s absolutely no reason anyone needs 10 foundations, 15 eyeshadow palettes, 40 lipsticks, and 20 bronzers. First of all, you’re never going to use any one product until it’s gone. Money wasted. The product does expire. And the rate these cosmetic companies are putting out new products it’s just useless, wasteful, and unnecessary. Many of your favorite gurus don’t even use the product after posting. Again having a closet just for makeup is unrealistic. Get you the basics you need and replenish as needed.

Talking about social media keeping you broke, who has the time and money to go on 4 lavish and exotic vacations every year. In the real world, a family barely takes one vacation a year. Don’t let social media think you’re not living life if you aren’t jet setting across the globe. Spoiler alert: some of them aren’t either. Much of what you see is FAKE!!!!! You can have a great life experiencing local festivities and activities.

Ok, this is the last one and it’s a doozy. Before you check out of your Amazon cart, ask yourself if it’s a need. I love watching “25 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed From Amazon”, but I don’t go buy them. I guarantee, if you look around your home, there are items purchased that aren’t being used. Just gadgets that seem cool, fun to look at, or great concept for a one time use. Everything should have a place and there’s a place for everything.

Social media can be a great tool for inspiration. But leave it there. Keep things in perspective. Be realistic. And while they are making a great living don’t you go broke buying everything they recommend because “it’s a must have.” ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA APPS DELETED

Ironically this will not only help your wallet, but your mental and emotional wellness also. A few years ago I began getting irritated by all the clothes that still had tags on them in the closet. Shoes, especially tennis shoes, that I forgot about because I had too many options or my lifestyle just didn’t provide me the opportunities to get a good wear out of all I had. It pains me to talk about the amount of half used makeup I threw out because I had too much or it was sitting for too long.

I took my own advice after looking around my home and seeing money laying around and wasted.

That’s when the lightbulb went off. The first step in getting to a great place mentally and emotionally is going bare. I began selling clothes and shoes that I didn’t wear. If I had’t worn it in a year I was selling it. If I forgot I had it, I sold it. Let’s get to know me and heal me without all this “stuff”. It’s an amazing feeling. No distractions, you making some money on the side, and learning to be comfortable as you are.

Don’t let social media keep broke or make you go broke. Use it for inspiration, ideas, and entertainment. But just like they do, use a filter and get rid of the excess. Be well!!!


Be you so you can be free.


I live a simple and basic life that I am happy with it. We live in a society where more is a standard of success. The more you work, says you’re more successful. Therefore, you’re more financially free, happy, and living your best life as they say. The more lavish your vacation is, the more successful you are. The list goes on.

Recently, I made the admission inadvertently that I live a simple, basic, and slow life. Whatever you want to call it. I also feel this is my gift that I give to others as well. When I engage with others I know they feel a sense a calm, relief, and can breathe a breath for a moment. When someone come around, they don’t feel like they have to be ”on”. They don’t have to prove what they have, what they know, how much money they have, how much they work, or how big their home is. I find it very refreshing and rewarding that I can provide that for someone.

So how do I live a basic or slow life? I’m am very comfortable with having less. Self Care: Declutter and Make Room for Growth I don’t need to have the latest trends in fashion. I am happy with my couple pairs of pants, which are basic in colors. Several pairs of black and grey pants. I love being able to create multiple outfits with the basic tops I pair with them. Once I find a shirt or pant I like, I will purchase it in several colors. Once I find the style to fit and it’s comfortable I’m not straying away. My wardrobe is pretty basic. I’ve never been one to want to be the center of attention anyway.

The next thing that made me realize I was living a basic life was not having the desire to go on this lavish vacation. Once again, my family was brainstorming on our next family vacation and everything they said was great but I just couldn’t understand why everyday had to be so filled with activity. On the other hand, my simple suggestions was shot down quickly. I would prefer to just be in a cottage in the country with nature and the water. That is an amazing vacation for me. Peace and tranquility. Maybe once I will be able to get out and enjoy the town I visit, but after that I can enjoy the quiet scenery with good food.

This may be a controversial one, but on my birthday I can just take the day off and do nothing. I’m grateful to see another day, however I’d rather spend it so I can remember it. I don’t even need to have a big gift on that day. Just food and spending time with people I love will make a great birthday for me.

Simple things like washing my face and doing my skincare routine makes me happy. Using a new body wash in the shower makes me feel good. Cleaning my home and making it smell good keeps me warm and fuzzy on the inside. Burning candles and binge watching housewives is living my best life for me.

This though came to me after I took notice that every Monday morning, my answer to my coworker when she says ”Ros what you do this weekend?” is nothing. I said she must think I am the most boring person. But I’m not bored or unhappy. I love being able to be in the moment, and remember days, events, and family gatherings. I didn’t like the feeling of going out and because it wasn’t about the event I didn’t enjoy myself or remember what went on.

It’s perfectly ok to enjoy being simple or basic. Our culture and society has us thinking that if you’re not doing the most, then you aren’t living. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. Slowing down and taking a moment to think, breathe, and live literally in the moment is great living. I enjoy my simple, basic, and slow life. I was one never to desire to have all the bells and whistles.

If you like the simple basic things in life don’t let anyone make you feel like you should be doing more. Or there is something wrong with you because you have no desire to be doing more. On the other hand, I’m not knocking anyone who loves the bells and whistles. I love those who have large personalities and can light up a room when they walk in. Whatever your heart desires, you deserve to have it all.


Be you so you can be free.


Before I share how minimalism reduced my stress, I need to make it clear, I AM NOT A MINIMALIST!!!!!!!! There are certain areas of my life and lifestyle that I scaled back on to help me reduce stress and get some peace.

I wasn’t trying to become a minimalist or adopt that lifestyle. My goal was to create some free time, space, and energy for myself. After much research and watching many YouTube videos on minimalism, eliminating options was the most common piece of advice I heard. Having too many options creates chaos and stress, and a waste of time. You spend so much energy trying to choose.

The first thing I scaled back on was clothes and shoes. As someone who works in an office, meets with clients, and work downtown I always felt I had to be dressed up. I used to stress over work outfits. Having too many work clothes and shoes would guarantee me being almost late in the mornings. Even if I sat my outfit out at night, I would change it in the morning. Since scaling back and getting essential pieces that I can mix and match, I have so much more time in the morning. Also I’m more comfortable with not just the clothes but in my presentation.

Secondly I got rid of a lot of makeup. I came to a realization that I didn’t need 20 eyeshadow palettes. Having several foundations to choose from, blush, bronzers, and lipstick was very time consuming. Because I had so much makeup, I felt the need to rotate it and use because I’ve spent my money on it. Right now I haven’t even been wearing makeup. Makeup Free For A Year And Loving It But when I do need to or want to wear it, I have the basics to enhance the features I want to enhance.

The next thing I minimized to reduce stress was clearing my phone. Deleting photos and apps that I don’t use or need helped. I came to realize when you have so many apps on your phone, subconsciously you will feel the need to be on the phone more than usual. At first I tried to change my notifications but I still wanted more freedom to scale back. Having only the most important at my fingertips is all I need. Especially social media apps, if you spending too much idle time on the phone, delete some social media apps.

Lastly, my lifestyle and how I live. Keeping my home clean, fresh, inviting is my focus. Having the right cleaning products to keep my home clean at ease helps me stay stress free. Getting rid of useless items and knick knacks reduced a lot of stress. Another lifestyle change was my workouts, they have become more simple. Therefore, I am motivated and inspired to get it done.

Those are just a few things I did to help reduce my stress. Sometimes looking into our everyday life, and seeing what we can do to help ourselves out will eliminate much anxiety. No one needs too many options of anything. If you’re thinking about it too much, then it’s time to let it go or scale back.

If you are feeling a little stressed, declutter from the inside out and see how much lighter you begin to feel.


Be you so you can be free.

Why Material Things Can’t Make Us Happy

Do you have a closet full of clothes with tags on them? Shoe boxes with shoes in them lined for days that you haven’t worn or worn only once? Makeup drawer overflowing, drawers won’t close because clothes is falling out of them, and more handbags than days, and you still aren’t fulfilled and living happily, thats because no matter how much material things we buy, it won’t make us happy.

First the gratification we receive from a new purchase is short lived. Hence, the reason we sometimes don’t use or wear the specific item. We’ve all heard of the term retail therapy. The shopping temporarily fulfills us to get our mind off what really has us bothered.

Unfortunately, there is always going to be something we want or think we have to buy. There is this fictional idea that we’ve created and trying to chase. Have you ever wanted something really bad and finally got it, but no sooner than you turned the corner you were looking for something else.

Most often when we purchase something new it isn’t for ourselves. The new clothes, shoes, home decor, furniture, or whatever else is purchased to get a reaction from others. We’re looking for their reaction to fulfill or validate the emptiness. New flash, people really don’t care about all the material things. In fact, most people don’t like being around someone always bragging and boasting.

The more material things we have, the more our homes are cluttered, the more “stuff” we have to maintain, and the more we are likely to become stressed. Another reason material things won’t make us happy, is because we can’t enjoy it all. The more that is purchased the more the reality becomes physical that we need to dig a little deeper and say “what do I really want?”

Save yourself time, money, frustration, and anger when the next time you get ready to purchase something ask yourself:

If it’s a need or want?

What purpose does it serve?

Everything has a place and there’s a place for everything, does it have a place?

Will it make me better?

Can I afford it?

This will begin the process of you making well thought out decisions that will lead you to self fulfillment and saving money. Create memories and experiences that you can hold on to and pass down.


Be you so you can be free.