Just because you can handle the pressure and weight everyone places on you doesn’t mean you have to take it. The toughest and strongest of them all even needs a break. I know first hand how it feels to not want to let family and friends down, because they are counting on you. But no one ever stops to think if you’re weighed down. Do you need any help? Has anyone reached out to make sure you are ok. Or has someone said, “let me take that off your plate for you.” Nope.

It almost feels like after a while, it is expected of you. Because you either handle it so well or you’re really good at hiding the stress. Either way it doesn’t make it right. I had to learn to accept that just because I handle it, I don’t have to take on that load. It is difficult to tell someone to keep that load to yourself knowing you can help or assist them greatly.

But if you don’t give yourself a break, no one else will. We all know you are strong and you can handle what is thrown at you more easy than others. It won’t be a sign of weakness if you were to say, not today. I need to do this for me. Eventually they will get the hint.

Also as being mentally and emotionally strong, it is important to communicate your feelings. That is a downfall of being mentally tough. People know you can handle it, so they don’t think anything phases you. And because they have no idea how tired you are, they think you are made of steel.

So if you are the one people go to, give yourself a break. You are still going to be strong. Setting limits and taking a break is exercising great strength. STRENGTH If you know someone who carries the weight of the world on their shoulders reach out to them. Check up on them from time to time. It will be greatly appreciate it.


Be you so you can be free.