I used to think eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle was expensive. But I found some simple smoothie recipes all 5 ingredients or less to help maintain my lifestyle. Starting your fitness journey or creating a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO START YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY Here are 3 smoothie recipes I use to ensure I’m getting the vitamins and nutrients I need, plus greens and veggies on a daily, and hydration.

smoothie with fruit
  1. Pineapple, Spinach, and Avocado Smoothie
    1 Cup of Coconut Water (https://amzn.to/3axP8Yp)
    1 Avocado
    1 Cup of Spinach (or a handful)
    1/2 Cup of Frozen Pineapple
    1 Scoop of Protein Power (https://amzn.to/3uytJ8w)
  2. Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie
    1 Cup of Coconut Water (https://amzn.to/3axP8Yp)
    1/2 Cup of Frozen Pineapple
    1/2 Cup of Frozen Strawberries
    1 Avocado
    1 Scoop of Protein Powder (https://amzn.to/3uytJ8w)
  3. Berry Banana Smoothie
    1 Bottle of Premier Protein-Vanilla Flavor (https://amzn.to/3NTNZYT)
    1 Banana
    1/2 Cup of Frozen Mixed Berries

Each of these smoothies are simple and quick to blend up. Coconut water is great for hydration and provides flavor. You can opt to substitute with a flavored coconut water or use regular water. Also avocado and spinach is great because they provide great nutrients but are tasteless. I alternate bananas and avocados to give me some substance to the smoothies.

These are just 3 smoothie ideas with 5 ingredients or less you can try to jump start your routine or mix it up. It’s good to play around with flavors, ingredients, and recipes to avoid boredom. Remember don’t think too hard about it, have fun with the flavors and recipes, and keep the ingredients to a minimum. Also, it will save you time, money, and stress. The end result, you having a great balanced healthy lifestyle.



Be you so you can be free.


One of the best ways to get out of a rut is to remember how blessed you are, express gratitude, and take inventory of what you already have. The best way to do this is to make a list. Start off with the small things that makes you happy. The tangible physical things, to get you going.

It’s the little things that makes you happy. We’ve all said this at some point or heard it many times in life. Why? Because it’s true. It’s not that trip to Disney that makes you happy. It’s the little memories, moments, and experiences that add up from the trip that makes it special.

Take a moment to look around and list all the small things that make you happy. Nothing can be too small. The little things that helps you get through the day, that make you laugh, feel comfortable, feel good about yourself, and you can’t stop grabbing or doing.

Here are 10 little things that makes me happy:

  1. My leopard print phone case (https://amzn.to/3ba272E)
  2. My leopard print pen I write with at work (https://amzn.to/3MXVP3m)
  3. My reusable Starbucks cup (https://amzn.to/3b78zYf)
  4. Coffee mug I drink out of every morning
  5. Dove Glow Body Wash (https://amzn.to/3xqQWtO)
  6. Dr. Teals Coconut Toner (https://amzn.to/3mYKk0Z)
  7. My daily walk
  8. Rose Quartz Beaded Bracelet (https://amzn.to/3mTuAfJ)
  9. Listening to music
  10. Watching TV with my husband

Those are 10 little things I use everyday that make me happy or I do that makes me happy. I wanted to do something a little different than the usual. KEY TO HAPPINESS: DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO Drinking water, waking up, seeing the sun shine, going to work, having a job, having a car, having food to eat, family and friends that love me, and so on. It’s a no brainer that all those makes us happy and helps our mental wellness. But it’s good to recognize and appreciate what we have in other areas that makes us happy as well.

So often we always want more or look to have more. But our happiness is right in our face if we look. It’s those small things that we don’t even blink an eye at that gives us happiness. The little things that you grab without thinking or you do without thinking on a daily.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


This week the only thing on my mind is to detox my body and cleanse it out. I decided to eat Gumbo, it just didn’t sit well with my body. Water, lots of it, fish and veggies was the only thing on my diet this week.

Sunday: Woke up early to a very nice sunshine coming through the window. Instantly puts me in a good mood and ready to have a great day. The only thing on the agenda was braiding my daughters hair. She has very long and thick hair. It usually takes me two and half hours to do. The day started with breakfast as usual, no cafe coffee run. We opted to make our own at home. Then, of course, I dump a load of laundry in the washer. Next, about mid afternoon, I started my daughters hair which took me to early evening. Because my back usually hurts quite a bit when I finish her hair, I relax the rest of the time. So dinner (Gumbo) was already done and all I had to do was reheat it. I showered and binged watch ”Our Kind of People” the rest of the night.

Monday: So I woke up to a horrible stomach ache. This wasn’t your usual stomach ache that says you need to go to the bathroom. I was literally bent over holding my stomach at 5a.m. I tried to walk around, drink water, and go to the bathroom but it wasn’t getting any better. I pushed through and started my morning routine in getting the kids up and breakfast started. I wasn’t going to call in so I just pushed through. Very slow and quiet day at the office so I left early and went to the store to get everything I needed for a cleanse. Water, veggies, fish, and nighttime tea was the only thing on the menu for me all week. Later in the evening, I went for a walk and relaxed. To help me stay on track I’ve been using this water bottle https://amzn.to/3aVi78F that my daughter picked out to keep me motivated.

Tuesday: Still feeling a little blah, but making it. The water keeps me in the bathroom, but it feels good to flush my system out. DIY Cucumber Lemon Water GREAT REFRESHER After thinking about it, I think the Gumbo had too much salt in it. My body just didn’t react well. I usually keep a low sodium diet. Thank goodness the office was quiet and I was able to catch up on some work. We are preparing for my aunt to visit us for a while on Saturday. The evening we spent relaxing getting ready for a short day tomorrow.

Wednesday: Short day for all of us. The kids have a half day so I naturally will as well. I’m feeling better but sticking to my cleanse and low calorie diet. After getting home early, I decided to do a quick mid week cleanup. As a family of five, it gets cluttered quickly with everyone going to school and working. Once again, we are preparing for snow days ahead at the end of the week. So now, we’re all on stand by because we don’t know the expectations. Later in the evening, I enjoyed a workout, working on some contracts, and proposals.

Thursday: Snowing as we awake. But the kids still have school. However, by mid afternoon it tapered off. It was a very quiet day at the office. I was able to get a lot of notes, ideas, and proposals done. The snow is expected to pick up in the evening and continue on to the night. I decided to do a store run just in case we get snowed in again. As of the evening around 7p.m. the snow began but to our knowledge school wasn’t cancelled. So we went on with our evening as if everyone had to get up in the morning.

Friday: I am feeling much better. Received a call at 5:30a.m. from the school saying the day was cancelled. Of course the kids were happy, but I still had to make it to the office. Thankfully, we didn’t get what was expected. I was able to drive to work with no problem and had a quiet successful day at the office. My husband decided to leave work to stay home with the kids. It was still kind of cold, so we decided to stay in for the night.

Saturday: My new perfume is expected to arrive. I ordered me a new perfume (Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty) because I just wanted to and my Tom Ford Velvet Orchid finally ran out. At the moment perfume, is one of my favorite self care things I do to make myself feel good. The morning started great with breakfast. I am finally feeling like myself. Relaxed and watched tournaments of basketball because March Madness is approaching. Then I had this itch to clean. But first, I went to the store and stocked up on supplies and new oil diffusers. My aunt finally made it and it’s always fun when she visits. Later on we went out to dinner and then had ice cream again.

Have a great week everyone!!!!

P.S. Weekly blog is designed to show the realistic life of a working mom, balancing life, family, and myself.


Be you so you can be free.


The one thing I know as I’ve grown is that I can’t skip breakfast. My body tells me, you need to eat. Here are some simple and quick breakfast ideas I alternate to ensure I start my day off right.

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, scientist, or doctor. I simply do what my body tells me to do. Seek professional advice from a professional if you are having any health or diet issues.

  1. 2 Slices of Turkey Bacon and 2 Fried Eggs
    Simply place two pieces of bacon on baking sheet and place in the oven. I usually cook the bacon for about 10-15 minutes to get them a little crispy. While the bacon is cooking in the oven, I fry my eggs. To do so I spray a little non stick spray, crack the eggs in the pan, and sprinkle a little Miss Dash Salt Free Seasoning. Cook on each side for about 3-4 minutes. Usually the bacon and eggs are done around the same time.
    **Sometimes I would add a little shredded cheese on top of the eggs when I’m finish.
  2. 2 Fried Eggs
    Sometimes I don’t want any bacon. So I’ll fry me two eggs and top it with cheese and bacon bits. Either way I’m getting a quick breakfast that’s healthy and filled with protein.
    **When I’m feeling fancy, I’ll spread avocado on top of the eggs. Then add the shredded cheese, bacon bits, and a little pico de gallo.
  3. Bowl of Protein Oatmeal
    I always keep a box of Quaker Protein Cranberry Almond oatmeal handy. One packet is 10g of protein. Depending on preference and time I mix it with hot water or sugar free almond milk. To add flavor I’ll mix in some fruit. Sliced apples, strawberries, or blueberries most of the time. This packet of oatmeal always keeps me full until lunch time.
  4. Breakfast Smoothie.
    If I’m really in a rush, I’ll make me a quick smoothie. Usually a hand full of spinach or 1 cup, blended with mixed frozen fruit, banana, 1 scoop of vanilla protiein powder, and a liquid of my choice. Sometimes I use coconut water or sugar free vanilla almond milk. I take this smoothie with me out the door and literally sip on it for hours at my desk. This keeps me full and at the same time getting in some good vitamins.
    **A great substitue I use for added thickness is an avocado.
  5. Two Good Healthy Snack. HEALTHY SNACK WITH “TWO GOOD”
    Two good yogurt with a drizzle of honey and dried cranberries takes 2 minutes to prepare. You can have a protein filled quick breakfast in less than 5 minutes. Or, of course a full healthy snack with two good. HEALTHY SNACK WITH “TWO GOOD”

The above is just a couple of realistic breakfast ideas that are quick and simple to get your day started. With each option I always have my DIY NON DAIRY ICED COFFEE. I like to keep my breakfast light, protein filled, and quick. Again I’m not a specialist. I only specialize in me.


Be you so you can be free.


I finally found me a healthy snack with my “Two Good” yogurt. One of my favorite snacks is a DIY yogurt parfait. I’ve probably tried every yogurt on the market. But when I decided to give “Two Good” a try, I’m hooked.

Two good yogurt is great for a quick breakfast, snack, or I use it as a meal replacement, because of its 12g of protein. One cup is only 80 calories but with 2g of sugar and 3g of carbs. Perfect for our low carb and low sugar eaters. Two good yogurt comes in a array of flavors. Also you can find it at any grocery store.

Now yes, you heard me say I use it as a meal replacement. My healthy snack with two good yogurt consists of adding honey granola, dried cranberries, and a little drizzle of honey. The added cranberries and honey gives it a little more flavor and texture. A bowl of this coupled with my DIY Non Dairy Iced Coffee is perfect for a morning or lunch snack.

My Recipe is as follows:

-1 Cup of Two Good Yogurt (Flavor of your Choice)
-Hand Full of Dried Cranberries or Raisins
-Peeled and Cut Apple (Or any fruit of your choice, adding fruit is optional)
-1/2 Cup of Granola (Any Granola of your Choice)
-Drizzle of Honey

**Please note you can adjust the portion size to your liking. Most of the time I go off how hungry I am or my urge to indulge.


First scoop the cup of yogurt into a bowl. Then place your hand full of dried cranberries into yogurt. Next, dump your peeled apple or fruit of choice in bowl. Finally, add your honey granola and drizzle your honey.

Mix or stir to your liking and enjoy. The total prep time is 10 minutes. This is a great snack for all year round. Because this healthy snack is packed with good vitamins and nutrients its filling enough to replace as a small meal. DIY Cucumber Lemon Water GREAT REFRESHER

The endless opportunities you can create with this snack is awesome. Experiment with different flavors of yogurts, fruits, and other add ins. Snacks like this one is why I love DIY. You can create to your taste or what your diet needs are. A twist on any dish adds great variety and gives you a break from your routine.

If you needing to figure out ways to incorporate a small healthy snack or meal replacement give this DIY parfait a try. Experiment and have fun. The entire family can enjoy this snack and boredom from eating the same thing is gone.


Be you so you can be.