We are a week into February and some may be feeling a little down on themselves. You made all these new years resolutions and they haven’t turned out exactly how you thought. Don’t give up, reset and keep going. KEEP GOING AND PUSH YOURSELF

I know there are many folks out there who set goals on January 1. Unfortunately, circumstances didn’t allow you to stay on track. For some reason finances got in the way of your goals. One slip up of getting off the diet and now you back to eating whatever you want. The weather prevented you from getting to the gym for a couple of days and now you feel like what’s the point of even going back.

Well all of those may be true. But you have the power to reset, adjust, and recharge. Don’t give up on your goals because life happen. Life is going to happen. You have to make a decision and choice to not let life get in your way. Don’t give up, reset and recharge to give yourself a chance.

Make the money saving goal a little smaller until you can save what you initially set out. Instead of setting a 20lb weight loss goal, reset it to 10lbs until you get back in gear. Ok, so what you ate that burger and fries, make it a point to play in the garden to get your eating habits back on track.

No matter what your resolution goals were, or how far you fell off. You can get back on track. Don’t give up on your goals. You can do this. We all fall off the wagon. That is being human. But what’s even more courageous, is not staying down.

Reset this month. Get your journal out and purge all your thoughts. Purge that guilt of eating fast food. Purge that shame of making excuses for not exercising. You spent the money, it’s not coming back, so free yourself of regret.

Next, go to the grocery store and get what you need to eat this week to stay on your good eating habits. Set your workout clothes out at night. Make a budget for you this week or do a little money challenge. Challenge yourself and do a no spend challenge this week.

Remember you can do it. Whatever that it is. Don’t give up. Reset and recharge.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


It’s only Wednesday and I’ve had my fair share of the emotional roll coaster. My everyday corporate job has sent me for a ride each day already, and there are some friendly reminders I tell myself when I’m emotionally spent. I thought I’d share some of my friendly reminders just in case you need to pull them out one day to use.

But first, let me give you a quick background. The owner of my establishment is known in the community very well, as well as the family, they’ve been pillars in the community for several generations now. However, the business is important but keeping a good image tends to take precedence due to said individual holding local political office.

Now that we have that out the way. Several times I have been placed in compromising positions to either do what is right or basically bend the rules to ensure said person stays in good standing with certain community members. It’s an ever changing goal post. Also the rules, parameters, and guidelines seem to shift depending on the “who”.

With that being said, there are others in the office that is willing to jeopardize and risk losing their credentials because it’s the boss. Which, of course puts me in a very uncomfortable and compromising position. Because of that, I learned early on to keep it strictly professional. I set my boundaries and don’t bend for an inch.

This is where my friendly reminders that I tell myself when in emotional despair come into play. First I remind myself that I am an asset and have something to offer. Due to my position, I continue to work hard and exceed expectations. I know I am a great and hard worker. I know I’m good at my job and is essential to the business running.

Disclaimer: It took me a while to say the above without feeling like I was tooting my horn. There isn’t anything wrong with you knowing your worth or value. After all, I worked hard to get where I am and I value the work I do. You can say it with confidence and humility.

My next friendly reminder, is to know my license and credentials I studied and worked hard for is mine. I consistently take continueing education courses to ensure I’m as qualified as possible. I will not and can not let anyone take that away from me. People have put their trust in me, and that is something I must honor.

Thirdly, my friendly reminder I tell myself when in emotional despair is their political ambitions has nothing to do with me and isn’t my business. What someone else’s goals and desires are, is for them. It’s not even for me to understand. With that, I can encourage and support you going after your dreams without compromising myself.

After telling myself what they do isn’t my business, I knew I had to make my boundaries clear. Having a conversation and making it clear that I have no desire to integrate myself in personal affairs was essential. Also making it clear that my license and credentials are important to me. Reminding one that I was brought on to do certain duties, fulfill a role, and be professional.It’s my duty to ensure the integrity of it and that is what I intend to do, always.

Finally, I stick to my duties and not venture off. I’ve learned in certain situations when you begin to venture off and do things out of kindness or because you want to be a team player, it isn’t appreciated as such. Soon others begin to think you’re obligated or they begin to take advantage.

These are some very simple, but yet needed friendly reminders I tell myself that we all can use some time or another. What I know is, even in a professional setting it is important to create boundaries. Also, as we do in our private lives, ensuring we take care of our mental and emotional wellbeing in the office. This is an essential so we don’t bring it home to our families. What happens at work should stay at work. Lastly, don’t second guess yourself or settle because you feel like you have to take whatever is thrown at you. Yes, that is your job and that’s how you take care of your family, but you can respectfully stand up for yourself.

Welp, thats all for my midweek ramble. I’m feeling lighter and better. If you have any friendly reminders or suggestions please feel free to let me know. Have a great rest of your week!!!!!

Until next time…..


Be you so you can be free.

Create Plans, Systems, and Habits For The New Year

It’s that time of year where people are talking about their new year’s resolutions. Instead of resolutions create plans, systems, and habits for the new year. I’ve never like this idea or really been able to answer the question “what’s your New Years resolution?”

Instead of a New Years resolution I think its more important and/or effective to create a lifestyle with systems and daily habits. Have a plan for your life in year. Break that plan down into half year goals, seasonal or quarterly goals, and then monthly goals. If needed you can even break it down into weekly goals until it has become habit. Setting goals, making plans, and listing somethings you’d like to accomplish in a year is more realistic and obtainable.

So often when we set resolutions they barely last a month or even a week sometimes. That’s because it hasn’t been thoroughly thought out, made with intention, and done at the spare of the moment.

Before creating a system or change you must ask yourself what is my end goal here? How long will it take me to reach my end game? What do I need in the process? If I have to make a detour what is my course of action to get back on track? What do I need to put into place to begin? What are the steps of this goal?

To make anything sustainable we have to be patient, persistent, and consistent. Yes there will be road blocks but we will overcome them. The systems set by our daily habits will allow us to get back into to gear when something happens. Life is going to continue but its how we push through that makes us strong.When we push through obstacles that gives us the confidence and motivation to continue on with our goals. Now we won’t give up or lose sight on what we sought out to achieve.

When you have an outline of your goal you’re able to track progress. You can adjust the goal if necessary. Increase or decrease your course of action, add or delete some steps in the process, and have a visual.

For example, if you have a weight loss goal, make a plan to lose 5lbs in the first month or two. Because you have a goal you know you have to eat a balanced diet and exercise to achieve that goal. Look at your work week, schedule of things to do with the kids or family in the week, and figure when it will be best to work out for at least 30 minutes 4 times a week. Anyone can say “I want to get fit” but what does that mean without a plan and goals behind it.

Along with setting goals and creating an action plan, having a system in place will assist you in achieving the goals you want. Having systems in place with daily habits that are pushing you toward your goal allows you to remain present in the moment. The systems of daily habits become the lifestyle change you are striving for. You can’t have one without the other. Create plans, systems, and habits to set you up for success this year.

Back to the weight loss example, you will need a system of when and how often I need to go to the grocery store to ensure I have what I need before, during, and after workout. Along with what will my daily meals and snacks look like. Waking up to making sure you don’t skip breakfast is a great daily habit to begin with. What am I going to have for lunch, what is my snack for the day, or what is the plan for dinner.

No matter what it is, you want to accomplish, create a plan for it. Vacation, remodeling the home, purchasing a new car, or whatever make an intentional plan. I know it may seem like a lot or it can be overwhelming in the beginning but once it becomes habit and who you are it won’t phase you one bit. Living the life you envisioned, deserve, and sought for is the best reward.

We have to make it a lifestyle and part of who we are. It has to be about us, for us, and by us otherwise it’s just empty words of hopes of what we’d like to do and accomplish.


Be you so you can be free.

Happy New Year!!!!!🎆🎊🎈

WE MADE IT EVERYBODY!!!!!! You really should give yourself a pat on the back. And you thought you weren’t going to make it this year. My friend you are a survivor and you really should be proud of yourself.

Please know you are already equipped with everything you need to begin this new year of 2021. Make yourself a priority, stay positive, and enjoy what’s waiting for you on the other side of 2020.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!! Stay safe, stay warm, and be well my friends. See you next year.

Happy New Year


Be you so you can be free.

Do You Have A Vision For Your Life

When we go on vacation, its planned out from the time we leave til the time we return. It starts off as conversations with spouses, family, and friends trying to choose a destination. Next we find a hotel, resort, or house to rent for the stay and book it. Reservations and deposits are put down. Flights are booked. Overtime we begin making payments, saving money, and of course putting in vacation time at work. As the vacation time nears we go on a diet, plan daily outfits, make sure we have those bikinis loaded, mani, pedis, hair done, tanned, and by this time mentally we are already on vacay.

But do we have that same vision for our life?

Well guess what, we can plan our life the same way. So often we have dreams, aspirations, goals, and visions for ourselves that seem so far fetched that we think they are unattainable. Self Care IS SETTING PERSONAL GOALS Whatever you envision for your life you can achieve. Just like that vacation that costs thousands of dollars that you have to plan for in advance. We can create a plan for our life and future.

What do you want? Where do you see yourself living? Where do you see yourself working? What business you want to start? Where do you want to raise your family? Those are visions that we have for ourselves. Because our visions may seem so out of reach we push the back. But what God places in us never goes away. If your dreams or vision scares you, then you ought to go chase them.

Begin planning your life vision with what you already have. With each small step towards our goal, it gets us closer. Just like you have a picture in mind of what you want your outfit to look like, you have that same picture of your life. Piece by piece put that photo together. As we do when we plan a vacation, we have to prepare for the “what if’s “. All that means is we have to be prepared for a flight with a stop and layover, then we can keep going .

Your’re tougher, stronger, wiser, and more courageous than you think!!!


Be you so you can be free.