One of the things I’ve really been trying to do is appreciate the “small” wins in my life. Happiness doesn’t come from some grand gesture or thing. It’s built in your daily habits. Those small things that you do without thinking or look over is apart of the bigger happiness in your life. Here are my 5 wins this week.

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Wins of the Week

  1. Earlier in the week we did a family trip to the store and got all the school supplies the kids needed. Typically I would wait until the last minute or just pick them up a little at a time. But I wanted to do something different and take them along and let them check the stuff off the list themselves. JUST TAKE ONE DAY AND BE WORRY FREE As a bonus I was able to already have 2 backpacks ordered, still waiting on my oldest son to tell us what he wants to do.
  2. Had a really good conversation with a childhood friend. She’s an assistant principal and I always like to check in on her to see how she’s doing as she prepares for the upcoming year. It’s been mentally challenging the last couple of years for her and we actually help each other get through the year. Also it was great catching up and picking up where we left off since the last time we talked. Great friendships are so needed right now.
  3. Began publishing my “Mental Note Of The Day”. MENTAL NOTE OF THE DAY I’ve always wanted to do this but I didn’t know if anyone would want to read it. One of the best ways I get through my day is to indulge in quotes, scriptures, and passages. Then I take those small tokens and apply it to my current life situations. It helps me put things in perspective and give me inspiration to get through each day. They are little nuggets of motivation that takes one minute to read but provide an endless supply of comfort.
  4. Had a day to go out to dinner. My youngest son had been asking us to go out to eat. So finally, we all had a day to where we were available. After not going out for a while, it was very refreshing to hang out with the kids and see where their head is before school begins. As my kids get older, I know I won’t have too many more times they’ll want to hang out. My husband and I take the chances as they come.
  5. This week I gave myself permission to just be. The last couple of weeks, I’ve been experiencing some heart palpitations more than normal. I decided at the beginning of the week to focus on my diet, exercise, and not have a care for anything or anyone. I didn’t think I was stressing but I wanted to focus on what I can do that’s in my control. After eating clean for the week, still exercising, going to bed a little earlier, and just not worrying about what others need, think, or feel I’ve had little to no palpitations.

Those were my 5 wins of the week. I was able to have some quality family time. Was productive in getting some things done off my list. In addition to having accomplished tasks for my blog, my hobby, and its for me. Good conversation and focused on my mental and physical health. Not every week will you be able to hit every aspect of self care. But, hitting one prong of self care is a win.

Not every week will I have 5 wins. Some weeks, I may get so overwhelmed to where I only get one or three. Either way, a win is a win. Celebrate your wins. In your next journal session talk about your win or wins of the week or day.

Be well on you journey.


Be you so you can be free.

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