After the last couple weeks being completely quiet and uneventful, I’m back to a full schedule this week. We completely enjoyed not having anything going on except work. Even that has been extremely slow.

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Sunday: Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!! We decided this year to enjoy the local festivities and get out. After taking my oldest son to work we’re headed downtown to the fourth of July celebration. It’s basically a festival with games, food, soundstages, live music, rides, and more. Also this evening we’ll stay for the parade. Although it is scorching out, we are very excited to do something different. A few hours later….we are sprinting to the shower because we all are hot sweaty and sticky. My mom even joined us out and it was a great time. After showering we relaxed and stayed in for the night.

Monday: Happy Fourth of July (again). Today is the actual holiday and we’re going to head back out downtown again so my oldest son can enjoy himself. Unfortunately, it’s too hot for mom so she’ll stay back until this evening when we go see the fireworks show. The kids enjoyed rides, funnel cake, nachos, lemonade and all the vendors. Surprisingly today, was a little different. There were much more vendors, games, and rides out today. As we were walking, we found a kid zone area with a petting zoo. We all enjoyed ourselves once again and glad we decided to come out. Later on we went to shower, grab some dinner, and head out to meet mom for the fireworks show.

Tuesday: Back to work. But first, I have to make a stop and drop off some packages to the post office. To my surprise work was quiet and slow. The temps out are approaching 110 and the plan is to stay inside where it’s cool. Tried going to the pool, but even the pool water is warm. After work, I had time to publish HOW TO PAMPER YOURSELF AT HOME ON A BUDGET. In addition to finishing up a couple loads of laundry, fixing a quick dinner, and tidying up a bit. Later on I decided to go ahead and workout. The rest of the evening we spent relaxing and making brownies until my son got off at 11p.m.

Wednesday: My aunt is coming to visit us again for a while. WEEKLY BLOG: NEW PERFUME, DETOX, & VISIT FROM AUNT So today I’ll have a quick day at work until it’s time to pick her up from the airport. It’s perfect timing because I don’t have much on my schedule at work. Few hours later…we are at my moms catching up. The kids did their weekly chores and clean up at their granny house. Next, we decided to make a store run and then I went home to clean, do laundry, change linen, and deep condition my hair. With it being so hot out I have to do it a couple times a week now. Finally, I was able to head off to bed.

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Thursday: I’m feeling blah this morning. I didn’t sleep good at all last night. I know I went to bed late after cleaning and working. But, I thought that would tire me out and put me to sleep. None the less, I’m ready for the day. After work this evening we have a parent meeting for my son who was nominated to be a safety kid for next school year. Later on after an hour and half meeting we went for ice cream. The meeting was very informative, exciting, and fun for the kids. This safety kids thing is much more than I thought it was, but I’m excited for my son.

Friday: I’m anxious this morning because I have a meeting and I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a while. I know work is going to be great because it’s only 2 of us all day and we’ve been slow all week. Well…my meeting went better than great. I’m really excited for this new opportunity and I’m happy with how I presented myself. Later on in the evening we went to this event downtown called the ”Ice Cream Splash”. It was another good evening of live music, all you can eat ice cream, games, and prizes for the kids. 5 SIMPLE AND EASY HEALTHY TIPS FOR SUMMER It was even better because the weather was bearable.

Saturday: It’s a very chill morning. A little gloomy out, but I decided to get up early and run a couple of errands. My son has to work this afternoon into evening so we’re going to stay close to home and relax. I have a couple things on my to do list and get ready for another week. WEEKEND SELF CARE TO DO LIST Also a couple of task to complete for this new venture I’m going to start and then I think I’m done for the day. Later in the evening, I was able to do some work, write post, from all the notes I took earlier in the week at work.

Have a great week!!!!


P.S. Weekly blog is designed to show the realistic daily life of working mom, balancing life, family, and herself.

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