One easy and instant way to relieve stress is to stop trying so hard. Simply take it day by day, do what you can and forget the rest. I tell my kids that every morning, ”do your best and forget the rest.” You’re not going to be good at everything. We don’t know everything. And that is perfectly ok.

Many times the reason one may feel overwhelmed is they are trying to do everything at once. If you can only get two things done today then you’ve accomplished something. Be proud of that. Don’t beat yourself up because you had five things on your list today, but the universe had other plans for you. It was only meant for you to get two things done today.

I will say that is one thing I’ve learned and mastered. THE LONGER YOU WORRY, THE MORE TIME WASTED Not worrying about what didn’t happen, what didn’t go right, and what else is left to do. Don’t strive to be perfect, appear to be perfect, or to have it all together. Attempting that will, only stress you to have a face full of wrinkles and dark circles. Do what you can and what’s in your realm of abilities. Everything else will work out.

As of late, I’ve had this saying. ”Only answer the question that is asked.” Literally and figuritavely. Don’t give out or give up more than what is asked. Sometimes giving more, sends you down a path you didnt want to go on. Unwanted expectations from others tend to make us feel obligated. They take advantage of your kindness. It may result in them using your words, information, or vulnerabilty against you. We can’t be everything to everyone. That goes for personal life, relationships, and at work.

Do what you can and forget the rest. Throw the guilt, shame, and apologies out. If you are feeling overwhelmed, weighed down, or drowning let some things go. If you aren’t able to fulfill a request, then say it. Don’t twist yourself into a pretzel to do something for someone that couldn’t do it themselves. If you don’t know how to do something that is ok as well. And if you need to ask for help, please do. You’ll make your life a little easier.

Now have a great day. Do something nice for yourself. Give someone a compliment. Lastly, express gratitude.


Be you so you can be free.

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