After a weird and busy last couple of months I feel like things are settling down at bit. It seems as if everything always happens at once. Of course preparing for back to school the last month has been insane, I had a birthday in the middle, and oh yeah, I’m transitioning to work from home full time. But I will give myself a pat on the back, for remaining calm and letting the days play out and not get overwhelmed.

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Sunday: We all slept in because it’s summer and the kids like to stay up til 2 in the morning. And it doesn’t help they want us to stay up with them. But today after brunch is all about preparing for the first day of school tomorrow. Loading backpacks, signing forms and papers, and making sure they all have their schedules handy. Also I had plans to do a huge Sunday dinner by request of my son. Finally in early afternoon, we were done with back to school. I was able to get dinner done early, and be able to go out for a walk. The walk I needed to calm myself and clear my head. All while I’m thinking about what I have to do this week because this is my last week in office.

Monday: First day of school. As a tradition my husband and I always take off. It’s like our mental health day for parents. The kids are excited and we’re off to another year. After drop off and a quick appointment we went to our favorite coffee shop to have coffee and breakfast. The plans were to set up my computer and make sure my home office was ready for the following week. But, after breakfast we ended up binge watching some programs we recorded in peace. In the afternoon I did a quick grocery run, tidy up the house a bit, and enjoyed my time before they got out of school. After school was a bit busy with more forms to sign, my son had to work a couple of hours, and of course they were tired. Lastly, in the evening after a good workout we all were ready to turn in quite early.

Tuesday: Back to the office and I am wrapping things up to transition to work from home. I’m very anxious and excited to get started. Thank goodness it’s been quiet and slow so the transition is going perfect. After work and picking up the kids I decided to finish up my home desk, do a little work around the house, and then workout. My son had to work tonight so my evening isn’t over yet. However, after everything we were still able to turn in early. For some reason I haven’t been sleeping well or getting a good nights rest. So I’ve been ramping up on my night routine to get me calmed, relaxed, and clear mind for bed. Self Care: Sleep Routine

Wednesday: It’s bittersweet. This is my second to last day in the office. Drop off has been going really good in the mornings. It’s still quite a bit long lines, as expected the first week of school. After work I have a zoom meeting. A few hours later: my meeting went extremely well. I’m getting more excited about this transition and feel ready. We had dinner early, workout done, and ready for bed. Because as a family we all are adjusting to back school schedule we’re tired. I had to do a couple of errands and found some amazing fall decor that I’m ready to put up. I feel like it’s still too early but I’m so ready to decorate for fall.

Thursday: My last day at the office. Honestly I don’t know how I feel. I’m ready for the new adventure but a couple of agents I will miss talking too. I had a great gift waiting for me on my desk, we ordered lunch, and I left feeling whole. That was important for me. I know I will see them again and continue to have relationships. Later on in the day I got an urge to clean, move furniture around, and do some laundry before heading out for a walk. That fall decor was staring at me and I couldn’t help but begin to prep the house for fall. I’m still looking for a few pieces to have and once I find them I will decorate. There’s a switch in schedule due to my son work schedule because he wants to go the football game Friday night. Finally after a late night walk and my son getting home, I was able to head for bed.

Friday: I feel good this morning. I’m going to have some time to myself. After drop off I have to drop off my parking pass to my old office. Then I enjoyed breakfast, coffee, and watching Mally Cosmetics on QVC. In the meantime I tidied up the house, did a couple loads of laundry, published MENTAL HEALTH REMINDER: YOU CAN LOVE YOURSELF RIGHT NOW and had a moment. After that I headed to Walgreens and found some amazing skin care deals on clearance. Mentally and emotionally I feel great. This last month I’ve really been ramping up journaling my feelings so I don’t get overwhelmed. Praying. Drinking lots of water. Walking. Taking a quiet moment to collect thoughts, regroup, and center myself. I can’t express enough the importance of those acts of self care. Anyway, we’re headed out to the first football game tonight.

Saturday: Rest, daughters hair, and final desk set up is on the agenda for today. So I had a plan for today but it didn’t go as planned. I did however sleep in while my husband had an early appointment. Did one of my favorite things and cooked breakfast for my kids, a load of laundry, tidy up a bit before heading to do errands. Later in the afternoon I decided to give my hair a good deep condition before heading to the football fan appreciation night for my alma mater. A few hours later…As soon as we were walking to the stadium a huge down pour came. We ran back to the car and decided to grab a bite to eat. The rest of the evening I spent getting my desk ready for Monday, indulging in my new skincare, and a little laundry. I will cap the evening by reading a few chapters in one of my books.

Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!

P.S. Weekly blog is designed to show the realistic day in the life of a working mom balancing life, family, career, and wellness.


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