This is my first week working from home full time. I’m ready to get the administrative part out of the way and begin actual work. I know there is a process and I’m going to let it play out. Also we don’t have much on the calendar this week as far as events and activities. Therefore, we’re going to use this week to catch up and relax.

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Sunday: Finishing up the weekend and the first week of school has been great. I didn’t get to do my daughters hair yesterday so we’re doing it today. After sleeping in and doing my weekend check list. WEEKEND SELF CARE TO DO LIST I decided to head out and run a couple of errands with my daughter. As she gets older I’m being more intentional about spending quality time with her, even though she doesn’t want to. After 2 places she’s ready to head back home. Later in the evening I did some cleaning, laundry, and decided to relax. We ended up watching a program with my daughter before winding down for the night.

Monday: First day of my new schedule. I’m not nervous, or anxious. Just ready to get back to doing my normal work. Morning drop off went ok and I was able to head back and get logged in. I did however, still prepare and get dressed as if I was physically going into the office. It was important for me not to “get out of work mode”. Furthermore, if I need to turn on my camera, I’m ready. In addition to that, on lunch hour, I went for a quick 20 minute walk. Just as if I was still working downtown. After getting off I was able to finish dinner, and then of course go back outside for a good walk. The kids are still getting used to waking up early so they are ready for bed earlier than usual.

Tuesday: Still feeling good about this transition. However, my son’s allergies are flaring up and he just can’t take it. Trying to remedy him and help him breathe is always a challenge. So far another great day of working from home. Continued to go out for lunch and get fresh air. The evening has been pretty calm so far. With my oldest son off to work, youngest son allergies flaring up, and my daughter dealing with cramps everyone has retreated to bed. Although my youngest son is having trouble breathing no matter what we do. I have a feeling as to how this night is going to go.

Wednesday: My son didn’t have a good night and he ended up staying home. My husband also took off today since he’s helping me with the drop off and pick up until I get this work from home transition done. So far it’s going good and I haven’t had any technical issues. I’ve been taking advantage of being at home and getting house work done on breaks. Also at lunch I’ll go out and walk to get some fresh air and get away from my desk. The kids are settling into school and getting back into routine pretty good so far. Keeping up with the many activities, emails, and calendar is the priority right now. After work I finished up some house work, dinner, and went back out for a walk. It’s hump day and we all are ready to retire to bed early.

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Thursday: Typical work day and school day. The mornings have been going great. So far none of the kids are fighting me not to get up. I’m getting caught up on some procedural things at work so the next 2 days are going to pretty light. This weekend we aren’t planning on attending any activities. We’re going to use the long weekend to catch up on rest and relaxation. I of course have been transitioning the house to fall. I have plans to do some window cleaning, move furniture around, and clean out closets. After work is a quick grocery run, walk outside, and heading to bed.

Friday: OMG the rain and storm this morning is too much. I don’t like driving in the rain when it’s like this. Thankfully I was able to get drop off done and head home for work. This will be another smooth day before heading into next week with meetings and jam packed schedule. Later… The kids are home and don’t want to do anything but relax and that is perfectly ok with us. After work I took the day off and turned in early.

Saturday: Great morning to sleep in. I got some house work done before heading out to do some errands. After dropping my son off at work we took the younger 2 to the new Starbucks here and sat outside on the patio. It was good to get the kids out and see where their minds are and have some conversation with them. The weather was perfect and breezy sitting under the umbrella table out there. Later in the evening I worked out and did some calendar planning. Did some finishing touches on my work desk and turned in when my son got home.

Have a great week everyone!!!!!!

P.S. Weekly blog is designed to show the realistic daily life of a mom balancing life, career, family, and her wellness.


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After a weird and busy last couple of months I feel like things are settling down at bit. It seems as if everything always happens at once. Of course preparing for back to school the last month has been insane, I had a birthday in the middle, and oh yeah, I’m transitioning to work from home full time. But I will give myself a pat on the back, for remaining calm and letting the days play out and not get overwhelmed.

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Sunday: We all slept in because it’s summer and the kids like to stay up til 2 in the morning. And it doesn’t help they want us to stay up with them. But today after brunch is all about preparing for the first day of school tomorrow. Loading backpacks, signing forms and papers, and making sure they all have their schedules handy. Also I had plans to do a huge Sunday dinner by request of my son. Finally in early afternoon, we were done with back to school. I was able to get dinner done early, and be able to go out for a walk. The walk I needed to calm myself and clear my head. All while I’m thinking about what I have to do this week because this is my last week in office.

Monday: First day of school. As a tradition my husband and I always take off. It’s like our mental health day for parents. The kids are excited and we’re off to another year. After drop off and a quick appointment we went to our favorite coffee shop to have coffee and breakfast. The plans were to set up my computer and make sure my home office was ready for the following week. But, after breakfast we ended up binge watching some programs we recorded in peace. In the afternoon I did a quick grocery run, tidy up the house a bit, and enjoyed my time before they got out of school. After school was a bit busy with more forms to sign, my son had to work a couple of hours, and of course they were tired. Lastly, in the evening after a good workout we all were ready to turn in quite early.

Tuesday: Back to the office and I am wrapping things up to transition to work from home. I’m very anxious and excited to get started. Thank goodness it’s been quiet and slow so the transition is going perfect. After work and picking up the kids I decided to finish up my home desk, do a little work around the house, and then workout. My son had to work tonight so my evening isn’t over yet. However, after everything we were still able to turn in early. For some reason I haven’t been sleeping well or getting a good nights rest. So I’ve been ramping up on my night routine to get me calmed, relaxed, and clear mind for bed. Self Care: Sleep Routine

Wednesday: It’s bittersweet. This is my second to last day in the office. Drop off has been going really good in the mornings. It’s still quite a bit long lines, as expected the first week of school. After work I have a zoom meeting. A few hours later: my meeting went extremely well. I’m getting more excited about this transition and feel ready. We had dinner early, workout done, and ready for bed. Because as a family we all are adjusting to back school schedule we’re tired. I had to do a couple of errands and found some amazing fall decor that I’m ready to put up. I feel like it’s still too early but I’m so ready to decorate for fall.

Thursday: My last day at the office. Honestly I don’t know how I feel. I’m ready for the new adventure but a couple of agents I will miss talking too. I had a great gift waiting for me on my desk, we ordered lunch, and I left feeling whole. That was important for me. I know I will see them again and continue to have relationships. Later on in the day I got an urge to clean, move furniture around, and do some laundry before heading out for a walk. That fall decor was staring at me and I couldn’t help but begin to prep the house for fall. I’m still looking for a few pieces to have and once I find them I will decorate. There’s a switch in schedule due to my son work schedule because he wants to go the football game Friday night. Finally after a late night walk and my son getting home, I was able to head for bed.

Friday: I feel good this morning. I’m going to have some time to myself. After drop off I have to drop off my parking pass to my old office. Then I enjoyed breakfast, coffee, and watching Mally Cosmetics on QVC. In the meantime I tidied up the house, did a couple loads of laundry, published MENTAL HEALTH REMINDER: YOU CAN LOVE YOURSELF RIGHT NOW and had a moment. After that I headed to Walgreens and found some amazing skin care deals on clearance. Mentally and emotionally I feel great. This last month I’ve really been ramping up journaling my feelings so I don’t get overwhelmed. Praying. Drinking lots of water. Walking. Taking a quiet moment to collect thoughts, regroup, and center myself. I can’t express enough the importance of those acts of self care. Anyway, we’re headed out to the first football game tonight.

Saturday: Rest, daughters hair, and final desk set up is on the agenda for today. So I had a plan for today but it didn’t go as planned. I did however sleep in while my husband had an early appointment. Did one of my favorite things and cooked breakfast for my kids, a load of laundry, tidy up a bit before heading to do errands. Later in the afternoon I decided to give my hair a good deep condition before heading to the football fan appreciation night for my alma mater. A few hours later…As soon as we were walking to the stadium a huge down pour came. We ran back to the car and decided to grab a bite to eat. The rest of the evening I spent getting my desk ready for Monday, indulging in my new skincare, and a little laundry. I will cap the evening by reading a few chapters in one of my books.

Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!

P.S. Weekly blog is designed to show the realistic day in the life of a working mom balancing life, family, career, and wellness.


Be you so you can be free.


This week we are focused on staying cool and adjusting to schedules. My son work schedule has ramped up and making sure the other kids have someone with them, has been our priority.

Sunday: After a week of not much going on, today started very calm. I’ve been caught up on household duties. Therefore, I decided to finish up some of the things that was on my to do list. WEEKEND SELF CARE TO DO LIST Also took a chance to just sit and chill. During the week from the time I wake up at 5a.m. I’m going until I go to bed. Because it’s so hot out the kids didn’t want to do anything so we stayed in the cool air. Right now we’re adjusting to my oldest son working and our daily routine shifting a bit. Lastly, I’m trying to get the kids input on some Father’s Day ideas.

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Monday: Great morning. It’s a little rainy out and very humid. We are in the triple digits this week and I know we won’t be out much. The one thing I do love about this weather is I can go out and walk and get a good sweat in. That is the best feeling. Currently not too excited to head to the office, we been very slow. I’d rather spend time at home working on other things. But anyway, it was good to have some good conversation, get notes done, and get out the house. It’s extremely hot and humid out, which means I get to get in a good walk, sweat, and release. The rest of the evening we stayed in the cool air conditioned and relax.

Tuesday: We are adjusting to my son going to work and making sure someone else is here with my other kids. It’s been a struggle but it hasn’t turned out as bad as I thought. My son is really liking his job and has picked up well. I don’t have much on my to do list at work today. But I will take the time to do some research. Later in the evening I strolled the ailses of several stores looking for something for father’s day. Once agian I am completely stumped and have no idea what I’m going to do. Afterward, I decided to relax myself and get a good walk in before turning in.

Wednesday: These triple digits are draining. Your skin just feels like its crawling off. But heading into the office I know there isn’t much going on and I plan to do some other work to keep me busy. When we get off, my son has to go to the DMV and I’m so not ready for this. It’s hard to believe I have a kid old enough to work and drive. But the hubs and I enjoyed taking him around showing him how things go and what needs to be done when heading into this phase of life. Also it was good for my younger two to see the process. Later on in the evening I decided to go out for a walk and get some sun, watch the deer, and rabbits enjoy nature with me.

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Thursday: Morning is going great. Adjusting to different schedules and watching my son get ready for work with me is surreal. We literally had a conversation the other day about how we have a 16 year old who is working, getting a check in his name, and making his own way. But as usual, office has been really slow so I’m trying to use it as time to do some leg work on other opportunities. We haven’t been really planning much because it’s so hot out and no one wants to do anything. There is a festival this weekend we may head to.

Friday: I am so glad the week is over. Nothing too much is planned for the weekend. Because my son is working the evening on Sunday (Father’s Day). We might just do brunch and then spend the day at my moms. There are a couple activities going on locally tomorrow that I may take the other kids too. If it isn’t too hot and they want to go. Spent the evening doing my daughters hair and then cleaning. I was able to get some edits done and published 10 LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY.

Saturday: We had a chill sleep in kind of morning. There is a festival that we’re going to head out to after my son goes to work. After an afternoon clean up, laundry, and doing my daughters hair we headed out to the festival. It was also near a water park so the kids were able to have some fun even though it was extremely hot out. The music, games, food trucks, and activities were very nice and fun. We all enjoyed ourselves. Afterward we headed for a quick bite to eat, slushies, and ice cream. Finally we were home to shower and relax. Being in the sun and heat can drain you.

Have a great week everyone!!!!

P.S. Weekly blog is designed to show the realistic day in the life of a working mom balancing herself, family,life, and career.


Be you so you can be free.


We made it another week. It’s the weekend and we can’t forget to prioritize our selves. No matter how big or small, get your weekend self care checklist ready. SELF CARE HABITS: 6 WEEKEND HABITS FOR A GOOD WEEK

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My Self Care To Do List:

  1. Deep condition my hair. https://amzn.to/39b1GnU
  2. Give my hands and feet some TLC. Mani and pedi time.
  3. Go for a walk at the nature center.
  4. Binge Watch Season 2 of ”Love Is Blind” on Netflix.
  5. Sleep In. I give myself at least one day to sleep in.
  6. Clean out my fridge.
  7. Journal out my feelings and thoughts. https://amzn.to/3MzZc08
  8. Grocery shop and cut my fruit.
  9. Relax.
  10. Drink lots of water. https://amzn.to/3aUlqwJ
  11. Try not to get on my phone much.
  12. Write and edit.
  13. Spend time with my husband and kids.
  14. Take a hot bath.
  15. Light my new candle. https://amzn.to/3O6GLRJ

Those are my 15 self care activities for this weekend. It’s a combination of taking care of my mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Before the day ends make sure you get your list together.

Have a great weekend!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.