This new position has tested me. I went from being licensed in one state to being licensed in 50 states. Is this an opportunity of a lifetime, absolutely, but that comes with a great deal of unknown. I’ve had to sit and be still while the administrative portion plays out. I was being tested and didn’t even know it.

I had a moment where my license weren’t ready in most states. Therefore, I couldn’t perform and do my job. What was I to do? Doubt, discouragement, and a lot of questioning took place. However, I had an light bulb moment. I was tasked to monitor and take notes of another agent. In that moment I realized, Roz you’re being tested.

At first I felt like I had nothing to offer, nothing to do, and it was a waste of my time. But then I turned that into this is going to give me a leg up. I get to watch and hear someone else go through their growing pains. Make notes for myself on what I would do and not do in certain situations.

Next I was able to do what I love to do outside of my corporate job, and that’s motivate. With each call and client I was able to give her positive feedback, encouragement, and pep talk to get her through it. After the second day, I realized what I wanted to do next in this position. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time bonding and cheering on someone.

By the third day, I had a meeting with my coach to give my six months plans. Within a year or so their goal is to have you promoted. Not having my license in and having to monitor another agent, I was able to figure out my next move within this company. QUICK MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATIONAL TIP

Even when you feel like you have nothing to give, the steps God have you taking you don’t see the point, stay the course. Pass the test. Do your best while you are still. It’s going to set you up for your next step in life. No matter where you are, be the best right there. Each step is necessary for you to progress, learn, and grow. Skipping steps or not giving your all will make the journey just that much more difficult.

You can do nothing and be productive. Offering support is being productive. Waiting patiently and excitedly is being productive. Don’t give up because the process isn’t playing out how you think it should. Or if you have a bump in road. Stay the course.


Be you so you can be free.


”Suffering is not holding you, you are holding suffering.”-Buddha

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We always say we’re stuck. But are we really stuck? Being in the state of “stuck” is a mindset. Most of the time we’re still holding on to the pain when it has long left us. It’s hard to admit, but the lingering pain and trauma from events that has occurred in our life, is due to our own doing. We’re holding it hostage when it’s time to heal and grow. MOTIVATIONAL AND INSPIRATIONAL: JUST LET IT GO Let go of the pain, hurt, and anger to free yourself. You deserve to be free of pain and live in peace. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


Just like everyone else, I have my moments. I juggle many responsibilities and roles so staying motivated and inspired is a daily priority for me. Not to mention, my main purpose of starting a blog is to let everyone else know they have everything they need to live their true self.REMEMBERING WHY I BLOG, Motivation

As a quick background, I went through a depression because I was living the life everyone else thought I should be living. I wanted to make everyone happy and proud but I wasn’t receiving the love and support needed to be “me”. After about a 3 year period of distancing myself, I began seeking encouragement and motivation constantly. What I quickly realized was, I had to keep my gas tank full.

My positive thoughts, energy, mood, vibe, goals, self care, and anything else was dependent on my gas tank. I knew I had to stay prayed up, read up, and full of gratitude to fight off any negative response of my choice to live for me. Always keeping my gas tank full, allows me to have an abundance to pull from whenever I need reinforcement, reassurance, and a reset.

For starters, I only seek positive and motivational content. So starting my day off with prayer before I get out of bed is essential. Before I even begin my day, telling God thank you and putting out in the universe how great the day is going to be sets the tone. Even on days I don’t feel good or have a busy schedule I make it a point to be grateful.

From there, as I get myself together, I put on something inspirational. Most of the time I go for a YouTube video. Some of my favorites are Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Eric Thomas, and Sarah Jakes Roberts. I ensure to fill my spirit with positivity, gratitude, and happiness. The goal is to have my gas tank filled so no matter what I may encounter through the day, it won’t stick to me. Now if I don’t watch a video, then I’ll opt for a gospel radio station.

Side Note: Music period always puts me in a good mood. At work, I will have music playing low at my desk. That is to drown out the negative talk from my coworkers, keep me in a good mood, and have my focus on something positive.

Next, while I’m riding in the car I’ll listen to more inspirational messages from YouTube or a podcast. Of, course music is always an option of mine as well. Throughout the day, I scroll Pinterest for millions of motivational quotes and passages. No matter what mood you are feeling you can read a quote or passage that will pick you back up.

Now if I’m in a mood, I quickly remind myself that it’s temporary. I ask myself “Ros why are you really hurt, or why did that comment bother you so much?” I’ve really got to a point where I’m honest with my feelings no matter how uncomfortable it is. I try to understand what made someone react, respond, or say whatever they did. OPEN YOUR MIND FOR UNDERSTANDING Knowing another’s story and pain allows me to have sympathy and empathy. But be clear, that doesn’t mean I give them the grace to do it again.

Protect Your Peace

I’ve really worked hard to get to know me. What I like, my expectations, my boundaries, my cutoffs, and I don’t make excuses or apologize for them. I also make it clear so there aren’t any misunderstandings or confusion. One of the biggest obstacles that help me is saying “NO”. I will no longer put myself in uncomfortable situations to make others happy or to keep the peace.

In the evening, I once again express gratitude. I made it through the day. Most often we have encounters throughout the day and we get stuck. If something happens to us at 11:20a.m. we get stuck there and the rest of our day is ruined. Nothing lasts forever and its not the end of the world if things don’t go how you planned.

Lastly, a little while ago, I made a commitment to remove complaining from my thoughts and brain. Only if we knew the negative ramifications of constantly complaining. Even if its something small, complaining is a cancer that grows and spreads to infect every other aspect of our life.

As long as I’m intentional with my choices through the day, I share the inspiration and motivation, and I make someone else feel good then I’ve done my job. But how to stay motivated and inspired, you have to make it a part of your daily being, habits, and lifestyle. Seek the good and it will come to you.

So the next time someone says something that hurt your feelings, someone cut you off, don’t respond emotionally look for something to remind you of your purpose. Those are distractions to get you off tract from your journey. How I stay motivated and inspired will be different from others and may change as I grow.


Be you so you can be free.


Get up and get to work. Ok, so you’ve lost your job. There was an misunderstanding and you had a huge falling out with your best friend. On top of all that, your kid is running a muck. Not to mention, you have broken up with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Or your marriage has fallen apart. The hot water heater has went out, the washer is broken, and you’ve had a flood in the basement. The only thing you are thinking is what the bleep else can go wrong.

Now that it seems the world literally has crashed upon you, you are ready to throw in the towel and give up. Oh no we not!!!!!!!! You’ve had a moment to scream, cry, and lay in the pit of darkness. But I know it won’t get better if you continue to lay in the darkness. You have to find the light. However, if you can’t find the light, create your light.

Get up and get to working on yourself. Clean yourself up mentally. Daily Self Care Habits To Boost Your Mental Health If someone isn’t on board with your vision for yourself mentally and emotionally, then you have to love them from a distance. Furthermore, as you walk toward your new light, you are going to have to leave people where they are stuck at. Everyone can’t go with you. You can’t pull someone who isn’t ready or who doesn’t want to go.

If its time for you to explore a new career path, then you need to do so. I know for me, when I get bored and unmotivated the tasks aren’t challenging. It’s time for me to move on to something that will challenge me and get me excited about working. If you wake up in the morning and dread going to work, then you aren’t being fulfilled.

No matter what you’re carrying on your shoulders, drop it and move on. Have your moment and mourn the loss of it. But after that, its time to get up and get to work.No one can change your life but you. If you continue to sit in the dark, its only going to effect you.

Don’t worry about who did what. Or what someone did that helped you get into a situation. We must take personal responsibility. Own and admit to the role we played in our downfall. Once we take ownership, we take back authority and control. Leaving the responsibility in someone else’s hands, leaves us handicapped in taking action towards getting our life back.

I know it hurt like no other pain you’ve felt. I know you feel empty, lost, and saying I have nothing to even begin. But guess what, you do. Your will to live, get better, and grow is all you need. Once you make up in your mind, this is not the end for me, you’ll find what you need to pull yourself out.

Get up and get to work. You can do it. Remember its not what happens to you, but how you handle it.


Be you so you can be free.


On this Monday morning, I wanted to bring you a quick motivational tip. Play the hand you are dealt. Come to a place where you are able to handle whatever hand is dealt to you. I had made plans (more like an outline of the coming week and month) this weekend and was ready to rock and roll, but about son became sick. I was up all night due to his belly ache. (No he doesn’t have the virus. He got sick from some pizza we ordered.)

Anyway, that completely threw a wrench in my plans. But I was able to look at the positive and say, I’ll be able to work from home full time today. God knows I’ve been wanting to put work into my blog and other ventures. So, he gave me another day off to do so. Even though I told my boss at work I’d be there. Thank God he understands, I still have school aged children.

But the point is to take what’s given to you and make it work for you. Don’t let it completely spoil your day, week, or month. Whatever your needs are God has already taken care of. Those cards that are dealt to you, play them and play them well. It’s not always going to turn out how we want. But it will be for the best. Don’t waste time worrying about what was on the calendar. Rearrange it and move forward.

I’m truly enjoying sitting here encouraging one person. I know I’m not the only one who had a wrench thrown into their plans. I can get things done either way. No matter if I’m at the office or my home office. I’m grateful either way. 3 THINGS YOU CAN CONTROL

So go about your day or week. Play that hand you were dealt and win with it. God gave you those cards to play, so they are a winning hand. I’m going to continue to enjoy my day while my son rests. That’s all I have for this quick Monday morning motivational tip.

Have a great day, week, month, or whenever you are reading this!!!!!!!!!❤️


Be you so you can be free.

Monday morning check in

It’s the top of the week and it’s time to check ourselves. Monday morning check in is when you set into motion your goals for the week. On Monday morning, its good to give yourself a road map of what you want to accomplish this week.

Starting off with your mental health goals. Is there anything stressing you? Have you been constantly replaying a situation or scenario that has taken place? Are there any relationships that are fragile that has your anxiety up? Think about your mental status and be honest with yourself. Make a decision to tackle one thing head on this week. We can’t tackle every obstacle at once. But with every step and stride we will conquer and over come.

That goes for your professional life as well. Many times we are stressed about work and it carry over into our personal life. What is it that you want to leave behind that happened at work last week? How do you want to approach your work week? It’s always good to leave last week in the past. Make a decision that you aren’t going to let your coworkers trigger you. What is on your calendar that has you stressed at work. How can you conquer that?

We just had a holiday, Mother’s Day. So we ate pretty good and probably had some drinks as well. Which is what you’re supposed to do, have a good time and enjoy yourself. Now its time to get back to the grind. It’s Monday, now lets get that work out in. Have you been keeping up with your fitness goals or do as much physical activity as you can? Set some exercise goals this week. Get back at it. We all know how important exercise and physical activity is for our mental and emotional health. Take a stroll to clear your head and refocus.

Next, your spiritual health. This Monday morning make it a point to center and ground yourself. Fill yourself up for the week with positive messages, reading, inspirations, and happiness. The more we ground ourselves and deepen our Faith the more we are able to push through a speed bump. God didn’t say we wouldn’t have difficulties, but he has given us the strength to move through. Remember we must move through to get the lesson and wisdom. If we attempt to avoid or move around we will miss the lesson and the blessing. SELF CARE: WHAT’S YOUR MOTIVATION

Lastly our emotional health. Positive thoughts, energy, and affirmations are a requirement to keep us sane. The love we show ourselves must be so heavy that no one can get to our flesh. Get in the habit of creating yourself a safe space. We have to constantly check our surroundings and who we share the same space with. Making sure we have good people with good intentions are essential to your emotional wellbeing.

It’s Monday morning check in. How are you feeling about the week ahead? What are your plans for the week? Time is flying by and we must make sure we are in tune and check ourselves regularly. This is going to be a great week. No one is going to push my buttons or get me out of character. They will not have that power over me. I’m going to go in with a positive attitude even when the circumstances aren’t positive. I will seek the positive in every situation. However, there is a lesson to be learned no matter what the out come may be. If things doesn’t work out how I want them to or envision, I know to keep pressing forward.

Talk yourself up. Give yourself a pep talk every morning. Until it becomes habit. Eventually you’ll get to a comfortable place in your being.

Happy Monday everyone and have a great week!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


**It is very easy for us to get discouraged and second guess certain decisions when we hit a bump in the road or face a set back. No matter what we must keep going and push ourselves. Whatever it is that you’re facing in your business, education, family, work, or finances its only temporary. Please know that when we make a decision to become a better version of ourselves thats when we really know who is in our corner cheering for us. As well as those who are sitting back watching waiting for us to fall. When you begin to face criticism, setbacks, and obstacles know that, that is a sign you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to. They wouldn’t fight you if you had nothing to lose and nothing to offer. Keep Going!!!!!

**However, during this time it is perfectly normal to question if you should have went back to school, started that business, or began a wellness journey to better yourself. You now question if its all worth it. On one hand you may begin to compare your process with someone else. No matter what keep going and push through. Next you may begin to feel like the whole world is against you. The support you thought you’d receive is far minimal than expected, and the feeling of being in over your head is all normal. But the key is to push through those thoughts and use the rejection, criticism, and obstacles as motivation. Tough times don’t last. You will get through. Keep going!!!!!!

**Push yourself through obstacles and challenges. No matter how high that mountain is in front of you or how deep you are in the water push through. You’re going to be challenged and want to give up, but Keep Going!!!!!!

**You’ve made it this far. Don’t waste the time, money, and resources you’ve put into it thus far. Keep going and fulfill whatever it is that’s in your heart. You’ve got what it takes. The hard part was getting over that fear and starting. Keep Going!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


As a mom of two teenagers I’m constantly trying to figure out ways to encourage, inspire, and motivate them. So I use our morning car ride to drop “mommy gems”. Today’s mommy gem was “you control your own destiny”. Especially for teens it’s important to remind them of the ole saying, “always be a leader, never a follower.” Remember they are teenagers so I have to be quick and to the point. I thought I share todays gem as we all can use it no matter our age.

Today’s Mommy Gem:

“Never let anyone pressure you into doing something you don’t want to. When I say anyone, that goes for teacher, coach, friend, family, and anyone who is in an adult leadership role over you. If it doesn’t feel right in your heart, mind, spirit, or soul then don’t do it. Never let someone else make you feel a certain way because you’re not doing what they think you should. You control your own destiny. God created you the way He wanted you and He has given you what you needed to live the life He set forth. Therefore, no one else can control you unless you allow them. In the same token, no one can take what God has placed in you and for you. An Open Letter To Anyone You are enough

Also when you make your decision to stand in who you are don’t feel bad if you find yourself out there on a limb alone sometimes. No one else can push us better than we push ourselves. That’s when we find our greatest strength. So go have a great day and be great.”

As I was driving I thought someone out there need to hear this, this morning. Go be great today. Be the person God created you to be with no regrets. You control your own destiny in life.


Be you so you can be free.