Whatever “it” is, just let it go. Don’t worry about what they said about you. Let go of what happened at work. Don’t be mad if someone didn’t call you back. Let go of the anger and hurt of not being invited. Just let that stuff go. It’s too heavy, it prevents you from laughing, and focusing on something good.

Just Be You

If you feel wronged, let it go. You can’t change what happen. So often we take things personally, and it literally has nothing to do with us. Remember people project their pain and hurt onto you. They want and need someone else to feel as hurt as they do. Just let it go. The More You Grow…

Let it go and don’t let anyone stop you from enjoying yourself. When we spend time trying to figure out why someone said what they said. Or why they left you out. Did you deserve to be treated so unfairly. You are questioning yourself and trying to figure what you did to make them do what they did. You are internalizing something that has nothing to do with you. That is infectious and grows like a cancer.

Shed the confusion, wondering, and questioning. It’s going to put you in a place of darkness. Once you are in this place of darkness for a while, it will become increasingly hard to get out of.

So, if anything happened this week or today, let it go. Don’t hold on to yesterday’s trash or any other days trash. Get rid of it, before it starts to stink up your mind, spirit, and body. If you still have no answers then you probably won’t get any. And if you do, it most likely, wont make things better. Let it go. Furthermore, it had nothing to do with you. Make a mental note and set some boundaries.


Be you so you can be free.

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